Valley Station, KY

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Valley Station
ValleyStation thumb.png
Isometric view of Valley Station
Type Town
Population Unknown
Established Unknown
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map12672x5718

Valley Station is in the southern outskirts of Louisville in the state of Kentucky, in an area known as Knox Country, and based on the real-life Valley Station, KY. Valley Station is located east on the Ohio River, north east most of Knox Country and south of Louisville. Dixie Hwy (Route 31W) runs through west section of Valley Station. The Crossroads Mall can also be found near Valley Station.

Main article: Crossroads Mall

Businesses and Landmarks

Food & Drink

Business Type Coordinates
Burgers Fast Food 12545x5267
Cafe (Muldraugh) Cafe 13093x5450
Churus R Us Ice Cream Parlor 13655x5780
Pile O’ Crepe Restaurant 13601x5756
Restaurant Restaurant 12743x5712
Sweet Eats! Restaurant 3646x5669
The Straight Shooter Bar 13006x5263
Yummmers Restaurant 13572x5757

Hair & Beauty

Business Type Coordinates
Silken Belles Hair Salon 13618x5668


Business Type Coordinates
Guns-a-BlazINN Hotel/Motel 13007x5323
Knox Creek Hunting Lodge Lodge 13102x5302


Business Type Coordinates
Dock Dock 12481x5298
Park Park 13825x5654

Retail & Stores

Business Type Coordinates
Beer + Liquor Retail Store 12718x5062
Dressed To The 90s Clothing Store 13685x5669
Food Market Grocery Store 12570x5729
Grocery Store Grocery Store 12627x5326
Morris’ Bait Shop Fishing Shop 12538x5288
Worm Of Books Book Store 13605x5670
Zippee Mart Convenience Store 13655x5767


Business Type Coordinates
Cemetery Cemetery 14567x4974
Eternal Light Chapel Church 14548x4975
Fun-2-3 Childcare Daycare 13587x5669
J. Tinsley Elementary School Elementary School 12858x4856
Knox Bank Bank 13655x5743
Rest Stop Rest Stop 12733x5772
Sacred Flame Church Church 12854x4955


Business Type Coordinates
Gas 2 Go Filling Station 13734x5658
Ruby Gas Filling Station 12743x5046


Business Type Coordinates
Construction Site Residential/Industrial 14098x5419
McCoy Logging Co. Industrial/Trailer 14252x5739


Business Type Coordinates
Drag Strip Drag Strip 12870x6358
Junk Baron Junk Yard 12582x5387
StarEPlex Cinema Theater 13605x5885
Storage Lot Storage 12960x4878
Warehouse Warehouse 12622x4714
Valu In$urance Office 13666x5671

Crossroads Mall

Business Type Coordinates
Awl Work and Sew Play Store 13924x5830
Bakery Bakery 13924x5830
Book Naked Book Store 13924x5830
Cally's Gifts Gift Shop 13924x5830
Carton & Sydney Law Services Office 13924x5830
Clothing Store Clothing Store 13924x5830
Department Store Department Store 13924x5830
Electronics Store Storage 13924x5830
Restaurant Fast Food 13924x5830
Furniture Store Furniture Store 13924x5830
General Store General Store 13924x5830
Gift Shop Gift Shop 13924x5830
Groovy Chic Hair Salon 13924x5830
Hair Salon Hair Salon 13924x5830
Hardware Store Hardware Store 13924x5830
Hugo Plush Clothing Store 13924x5830
I Love Wok & Rolls Restaurant 13924x5830
Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Parlor 13924x5830
Jolly Good Fish & Chips Restaurant 13924x5830
Lola Limon Clothing Store 13924x5830
Mama McFudgington’s Bakery/Restaurant 13924x5830
Music Store Music Store 13924x5830
Optima Eyes Eyewear Store 13924x5830
Palm Travel Office 13924x5830
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13924x5830
Pharmahug Pharmacy 13924x5830
Restaurant Restaurant 13924x5830
Sausy Clothing Store 13924x5830
Seahorse Coffee Cafe 13924x5830
Seat Yourself Furniture Furniture Store 13924x5830
Sheba Jewellers Jeweler Store 13924x5830
Shoed For the Stars Shoe Store 13924x5830
Spiffo's Fast Food 13924x5830
Taco del Pancho Restaurant 13924x5830
Time 4 Sport Sport Shop 13924x5830
Toyz Toy Store 13924x5830
Zippee Market Convenience Store 13924x5830


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