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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about vehicles as an overview. For a guide on how service them, see Mechanics.

Vehicles are transportation modes in Knox Country used for movement and item storage. Typically found in parking spaces, driveways, or as part of roadside accidents, their condition can vary. While some may simply need a battery replacement or fuel, others might have a heavily damaged engine requiring extensive repairs. Various tools and specific recipe magazines are needed for part replacements, depending on the vehicle type and the part in question.

Vehicles persist in the world and neither despawn nor respawn under normal conditions, barring admin actions or improper game exits. The development team has hinted, notably on the Project Zomboid Discord, at future features where vehicles can ignite and explode, potentially turning into burnt wreckage like some naturally spawning models.


Vehicles have three distinct types, each requiring matching parts. A Recipe magazines is essential for adding, removing, or repairing these parts unless the player is an Mechanic or has the Amateur Mechanic trait.
Note: Amateur Mechanics still need the sport vehicle magazine for sport vehicles.

  • Standard

MagazineMechanic1.png Laines Auto Manual

  • Heavy-Duty

MagazineMechanic2.png Laines Auto Manual

  • Sport

MagazineMechanic3.png Laines Auto Manual

There are currently 14 different vehicle models available, as well as two types of trailers. However, there are multiple variants of some vehicles, such as the Fossoil Chevalier D6, and the Police Chevalier Nyala. Vehicles belonging to a certain profession will have relevant items spawn inside. For example, an Ambulance may contain medical supplies.

Available vehicles

Vehicle General Body Variants
Manufacturer Model Vehicle
Weight Engine
Seats Doors Trunk
Total storage
(seats +trunk)

Chevalier Cerise Wagon

Chevalier Cerise Wagon Standard 1200 420 70 70 40 4 4 60 120 5 Wood Siding
Chevalier Cossette.png

Chevalier Cossette

Chevalier Cossette Sport 1035 570 120 80 46 2 2 30 50 5
Chevalier D6 Variants.gif

Chevalier D6

Chevalier D6 Heavy-Duty 1300 400
70 55 80 2 2 80 100 10 Fire
McCoy Logging Co.
Park Ranger
Chevalier Dart.png

Chevalier Dart

Chevalier Dart Standard 935 360 70 60 27 4 2 40 100 3
Chevalier Nyala Variants.gif

Chevalier Nyala

Chevalier Nyala Standard 1100 400
40 90 4 4 55 115 5 Police Cruiser
Park Ranger
Taxi (Yellow)
Taxi (Green)
Chevalier Primani.png

Chevalier Primani

Chevalier Primani Sport 1100 500 90 90 40 4 4 45 105 5

Chevalier Step Van

Chevalier Step Van Heavy-Duty 1440 370
70 60 50 2 3 160 180 10 Mail Van
Kentucky Herald
Scarlet Oak Distillery

Dash Bulldriver

Dash Bulldriver Heavy-Duty 1370
80 60 2 2 130 150 10 Fire Dept.
McCoy Logging Co.
Park Ranger

Dash Elite

Dash Elite Sport 1100 500 90 90 40 4 4 45 105 5

Dash Rancher

Dash Rancher Standard 1150 440 90 90 45 2 2 40 60 5
Franklin All-Terrain.png

Franklin All-Terrain

Franklin All-Terrain Heavy-Duty 1330 470 90 95 50 4 4 85 145 10

Franklin Valuline

Franklin Valuline Heavy-Duty 1000
50 2 (6) 3 (5) 50-130 150 10 6-Seater
Radio Van
3N Radio Van
Fossoil Van
McCoy Logging Co.
Spiffo's Van
Knox Distillery
Lectro Max
Mass GenFac
Masterson Horizon.png

Masterson Horizon

Masterson Horizon Standard 950 360 90 90 27 4 2 40 100 3

Mercia Lang 4000

Mercia Lang 4000 Sport 1190 520 105 90 40 2 2 45 65 5


Generic Trailer Standard 266
-- 70 1 -- -- -- 100 100 -- Cover

Advert Trailer

Generic Advert Trailer Standard 272 -- 70 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- Valu Insurance
Vote Fairweather
Sky Blue Banking
Marple & Christie Legal
Ready Prep Surplus
93.2 LBMW Radio
Juke Box Bowling

Planned vehicles

image of armored car
Planned "Vehicle enhancements" from the Beeverdoid thusdoid blog post


Vehicle controls in Project Zomboid are customizable via the game options. Below are the default key-bindings:

V: Access the vehicle's radial menu. From inside, this includes ignition, radio, and headlights. From outside, manage doors, the trunk, and more.

Vehicle Radial Menu
Vehicle Radial Menu Exterior
  • N: Start or turn off the engine. Using W while inside a turned-off vehicle will also ignite the engine.
  • E: Enter or leave the vehicle. Ensure you're at the driver’s side for quick exits.
  • F: Toggle headlights on/off.
  • Q: Honk the horn.
  • O: Access the heater controls.
  • U: Open the Vehicle Mechanics menu.

Remember, the above keys are default settings and can be modified to suit individual preferences.

Car keys

If you see this, you have the car's key.

Car keys work with just one vehicle. They let you:

  • Start the engine
  • Open doors
  • Get into the trunk

Where car keys can be found:

  • Parking lots: near the car on the ground.
  • Nearby buildings: in boxes or drawers inside close houses or shops.
  • In the vehicle: in the ignition or glove box.
  • On the body of a nearby zombie: usually associated with an event, such as a firefighter spawning a key to a fire truck.

When the player is close to a car and have its key, a key picture shows up over your character. This means the player can use and drive that car.


If the player can't find a car's key, you can still start it by hot-wiring. For this, a player needs:


How to Hot-wire:

  1. Get inside the car (driver seat).
  2. Open the radial menu.
  3. Look for "Hotwire Engine" (this replaces "Start Engine").
  4. The usual ways to start the car (like clicking the ignition or pressing W) won't work without a key.

When you hot-wire a car:

  • The ignition icon on the dashboard changes. Dashboard Key Hotwire.png
  • The player see the key picture up over their character.

Note: Be careful in a multiplayer game. Any player can access a hot-wired car.

If doors are locked, you can:

  • Break the window.
  • Remove the window through the car's mechanics menu.

Trying and failing to hot-wire:

  • Doesn't break the car or your tools.
  • Can make noise and draw attention.
  • Remember, cars in better shape are trickier to hot-wire.


Displays the current status of the vehicle. Some icons can be activated by clicking with the left mouse button

Indicator colors
  • Grey: Off
  • Green: Working or on.
  • Orange: Starting, damaged, or with low charge.
  • Red: Broken or off.

1. Enginetrouble light.png Engine Status: Shows if the engine is off, starting, or on.

  • Dashboard Engine Off.png: The engine is off (not ignited).
  • Dashboard Engine Igniting.png: The engine is currently in the process of ignition.
  • Dashboard Engine Ignited.png: The engine is on (ignited).
  • Dashboard Engine Broken.png: The engine is broken or not present in the car.

2. Battery light.png Battery: Represents the battery's health.

  • Dashboard Battery Off.png: The battery is off, no info is given.
  • Dashboard Battery On.png: The battery is charged and functional.
  • Dashboard Battery NoCharge.png: The battery is discharged or not present in the car.

3. Doorslocked light.png Door Locks: Used to lock or unlock doors.

  • Dashboard Door Unlocked.png: The car doors are unlocked and can be opened without car keys.
  • Dashboard Door Locked.png: The car doors are locked and can only be opened using car keys.

4. Headlights light.png Headlights: Turns lights on or off.

  • Dashboard Headlights Off.png: The headlights are off.
  • Dashboard Headlights On.png: The headlights are on.
  • Dashboard Headlights Broken.png: The headlights are broken, damaged or not present in the car.

5. Heating light.png Heater/AC: Controls the heating or air conditioner.

  • Dashboard Heater Off.png: The heater is off.
  • Dashboard Heater On.png: The heater is on.

6. Trunk light.png Trunk Lock: Locks or unlocks the trunk.

  • Dashboard Trunk Unlocked.png: The trunk is unlocked and can be opened without car keys.
  • Dashboard Trunk Locked.png: The trunk is locked and can only be opened using car keys.

7. Ignition light.png Ignition: This is where the car key goes. It's safe to leave the key here; it won't drain the battery.

  • Dashboard Key Empty.png: The car key is not inserted into the key slot, therefore the engine is not ignited and is off.
  • Dashboard Key NotIgnited.png: The car key is inserted into the key slot, but is not turned, therefore the engine is not ignited and is off.
  • Dashboard Key Ignited.png: The car key is inserted into the key slot and turned, therefore the engine is ignited and is on.
  • Dashboard Key Hotwire.png: The car key is not present, but the vehicle has been hot-wired. There is no way to tell if the engine is ignited or not by looking at the key slot in this state.

8. Fuel Gauge: Gauge that measures the current amount of fuel in the gas tank.

  • Dashboard Pump Gas Fuel.png: The gas tank has fuel.
  • Dashboard Pump Gas NoFuel.png: The gas tank has little to no fuel.

9. Gearshift Position

  • Displays the current gear the vehicle is in.
  • P+Parking (engine off)
  • N+Neutral / Idle (engine on)
  • R+Reverse driving
  • 1+Gear shift position
  • 2+Gear shift position
  • 3+Gear shift position (partially accessible with Trait sundaydriver.pngSunday Driver trait)
  • 4+Gear shift position (not accessible with Trait sundaydriver.pngSunday Driver trait)
  • 5+Gear shift position (not accessible with Trait sundaydriver.pngSunday Driver trait)

10. Cruise Control Speed: Drive at a constant speed.

  • When the Cruise Control Speed is on (by pressing LSHIFT), it lets you set a speed for your car to maintain even without pressing W.
  • The number displayed on the Cruise Control Speed indicator represents the maximum cruise control speed that the vehicle is set to.
  • Pressing LSHIFT + W increases the control speed.
  • Pressing LSHIFT + S decreases the control speed.
  • Pressing SPACE turns off Cruise Control Speed.

11. Tachometer: Gauge that measures the rotation speed of the engine's crankshaft, displayed in RPM.

12. Speedometer: Gauge that measures the vehicle's current speed, displayed in MPH.


  • Fossoil gas pump
  • Gas-2-Go gas pump

A vehicle can be refueled by right-clicking on it and selecting "refuel", the option to "siphon gas" is available if the player has an empty gas can. Vehicles can be refueled using a gas can or at a gas pump, provided the gas pump is connected to a power source. If the option to refuel from the gas pump does not appear, the gas cap may be too far away from the pump; try repositioning the vehicle so that the gas cap is on the same side as the gas pump, most vehicles have gas caps on the driver's side.

Siphon-Gas-From-The-Gas-Station-in-PZ.webp Fill-The-Car-With-Gas-in-PZ.webp
Refueling the car with Gas Pump Dispenser Refueling the car with Gas can

Towing vehicles


The player can tow any car (even car wrecks) by driving a second vehicle to it's front or rear, walking between the vehicles, facing either, pressing the vehicle radial menu (V), and select the plus sign. While towing doesn't require any other equipment, the towing mechanic has a few factors most players won't consider that determine the quality of your ability to tow.

See also: Project Zomboid – How to Tow Vehicles
Tire Pressure

The tire pressure of both the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed affect the speed of which the vehicle can be towed.

The trait "Sunday Driver" will negatively impact the players ability to tow vehicles greatly, as the current build (41) has vehicle towing being heavily affected by acceleration, with Sunday Driver heavily decreasing player acceleration. Conversely, the trait "Speed Demon" will positively impact the players ability to tow vehicles greatly for the same reason.
Weight to Engine Power ratio
The overall weight of both vehicles does play a factor in the towing speed, however the amount of weight required to make any noticeable difference would require the towed vehicle to be stripped of everything save for the tires/breaks/shocks -- even then, the difference is fairly small.

Common issues

Updated 06/25/2023
Vehicle disappearing after game crash
When driving a vehicle during a crash or closing/exiting the game incorrectly, upon reload can result in the vehicle either being at the location it was first entered or where it was during the crash. Given that the player may spawn anywhere from start to any point along the route driven, this can be problematic.
In the event that the save file rolled back to the previous autosave, however, the vehicle will have disappeared and cannot be found anywhere. There is currently no workaround for this other than spawning the vehicle using server commands.
Often the game can appear to run in slow-motion (low FPS rate) when driving at higher speeds. The zoom level can affect this and can be used as a means of testing if it is an FPS issue or a different problem. Lowering the resolution, reducing the number of 3D characters, closing any background programs, making Project Zomboid a high priority in task manager, or performing a clean install of graphics drivers may resolve this issue.


  • Although it can't be seen, a helicopter can be heard at one point towards the beginning of the game. This is currently just a part of the metagame.
See more: Metagame Helicopter event
  • In some blogs regarding the build 42 update, it has been shown that the current livery of police vehicles will change. They will no longer be white with blue stripes and stars, and instead will be similar to the real-life Kentucky police livery, being gray with blue stripes, and the image of the state of Kentucky on the hood. There will also be a prisoner transport van added that will probably appear around the Rosewood prison, Louisville detention center, and in vehicle stories involving them. SWAT vans will also be added.
  • Also in build 42, the fuel tank will be more visible, as seen on the plumbing and West Point construction company van and in the West Point, the police car, and the SWAT step van. The fuel tank in most current cars is on the driver's side.
  • Drivable variant of police Chevalier D6 does not exist, it only appears in highway accident as a burnt-out variant, despite texture files for the non-damaged version.

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