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今後計画されている機能については Planned features/ja

間近のアップデート計画については Upcoming versions/ja を参照下さい。


Alpha アルファ(テスト段階)

バージョン番号 追加日 特徴/追加修正 build 21 2013年12月20日

  • Fixed crafting crash.
  • Fixed mac support (hopefully!)
  • Edited launcher to work better on lower resolutions build 20 2013年12月19日


  • The weak trait will now reduce your max capacity.
  • Fixed the weird lighting in the church.
  • Fixed the brown wooden stairs textures in carpentry menu.
  • Fixed some bugged walls (where you could loot through them).
  • Craft food from rotten ingredients will give you a rotten food as result.
  • Now save the unhappy and boredom level.
  • The Anti-depressants now reduce the unhappyness (effect is not immediate, it take some times).
  • Fixed lighting issues / holes in world draw errors.
  • If you click outside the delete save modal dialog in the world selector, it'll disapear.
  • Fixed the fire saving/load bug.
  • Fixed a bucket/garden spray can duplication bug.
  • No longer possible to equip a two handed weapon if it's broke.
  • Some world convert fixes (still have some crash on certain save :( Will do more).
  • Fixed a lot of farming bugs :
    • When you harvest a plant, click on another (even dead) to have the last clicked plants vegetables (I fixed this for all the other actions)
    • Some plants disapear.
    • Fertilizer.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Fixed sand bag walls : They were not hoppable and not acting as a wall. (now they block you, not your vision, and you can climb them).
  • Fixed alarms saving.
  • Fixed the mod loader bug (I thought we already made a hotfix for that, apologize !).
  • Fixed the temperature of items after the electricity shut-off.
  • When crafting an of item of food - its age will be dependent on the average age of the foodstuffs that went into the recipe. What's more, if any of the food you used was rotten - then don't expect the results to be particularly edible either! This is a fix for crafted food that 'cured' the rot of what went into it - ramen etc :)
  • The loot found on zombie bodies is no longer dependent on the room/area in which they were 'killed'.
  • General UI polish.
  • Ripping something into bandages that's inside a container won't have the side-effect of ripping up the clothes you're wearing. (Sorry!).
  • Some typo fixes.
  • You can now destroy non-player made stairs.
  • Fixed bunchs of XP books bugs :
    • No more xp reset if you stop/restart to read the book.
    • Page read will be reset to 0 if you finish to read them (thanks gekkobear ;)).
    • No more multiplier reset in the middle of the skill.
    • No more "can't read last page bug".
  • Hand made construction will now drop some materials used to build it if destroyed.
  • Fixed the weapon tooltip.
  • Food will also become rotten inside if put inside zombie body.
  • Fixed a bug in the calcul of the rotten food when it was in a container you never open before.
  • Some reloading fixing by our lovely Stormy !
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the plant wasn't in the info box in case of dead plant.
  • Fixed a bug in the "take some dirt" option.
  • Fixed running on the spot zombies.
  • Fixed some inventory bug ("grab" option always grab in your main inventory, not the open one, like a bag).
  • Fixed a bug where the campfire light doesn't go away.
  • Fixed some null pointer reload bug.
  • Fixed smashing windows with firearm not working.
  • Fixed a bug in the fixing system : even with 100% of success, you had 1% to fail.
  • Fixed small rain barrel transforming into big one.
  • Unequip the current weapon if it break and you have nothing else in your inventory (previously : the weapon was still equipped but you couldn't turn while it was equipped)
  • Farming : Plants which require a water max (carrots for example), won't die if they have too much water, just lower a bit their health (not more than < 30).
  • Farming : Now delay for only 30 hours the next growing in case of disease or too much water/water missing (previously : 50 hours).
  • Hand made windows frame are no longer passable through.
  • You can no longer climb hand made windows frame if they are barricaded.
  • You can no longer create wall/windows frame and stuff over existing walls/fence, you have to destroy them first (it was unrealistic, and created lot of bugs, like climb through a wall... Though it was really fun to do... I think they use this bug in Harry Potter.. :D)
  • This fixed : ]


  • Fixed memory leak causing OOSs on some systems.
  • Performance changes / improvements (no promises, including the demo, with the numbers we're talking chances are it'll take a few to get most of them sorted).
  • Tweaked the camping code to make it much more efficient.


  • Added inventory icon for berries bush.
  • Added various tooltip (pills, ...), to help the new players.
  • New items ! (include lovely spiffo burger by our cutie pie Mash !).
  • New recipes : Box of things, explaination : You can now find box of nails (you also have screws, bullets...), right click on it and select "open" will give you 100 nails AND if you have 100 nails, you can also right click on it and "put in a box" to move them around easily.
  • You can now find sand bag, gravel bag and empty gravel bag, you can click click on them to spill sand/gravel on the ground, adding a sand/gravel tile where you want. These bags can be used 4 times before giving you an empty bag, which, with a shovel can be filled with sand, gravel or soil by clicking on the right tile on the ground.
  • Some new items : threads, garbage bags, gravel bag, watch, wooden glue... Not all of this item have a purpose right now, but they will really soon, that's why they are already in game. (think about people who already explored a lot of things, when this new items will have an utility, they'll have hard time to find them..).
  • Added gravel bags walls in the carpentry menu (under "Fence sub menu).
  • Fertilizer for farming (this was not really "new", but bugged and the fertilizer weren't spawned) : Use it up to 4 times on your plant (no more ! or it'll die...) to reduce by 20hours the next growing phase.
  • Added a tiny icon (like the little orange round for the equipped item) for broken weapon.
  • Empty gravel bag and garbage bags are container (you can equip them), they are big but with a really small weight reduction.
  • Changed crate crafting: level 2 carpentry allows for rough/crap crates, level 4 lets you build proper ones.
  • Player-created floors, like walls, now have three different textures to match your carpentry skill level.
  • You can now pack 50 seeds into a seeds package - so it now works like boxing up nail.
  • Campfire will now look like it’s alight when fired up.
  • Some containers (school bag, plastic bag ...) will now have items spawned inside. A purse might contain lipstick etc.
  • Berries will now rot.
  • New message added to demo to underline to players that you start off infected.
  • Crops in farm areas now have a chance to spawn corn.
  • The container tooltip (for plastic bags, school bags..) will now display the icons of the 3 last items added inside it.
  • 2 new traits : Lucky and Unlucky, they will influence thing as loot rate, chance of break your weapon, chance of success in fixing it...
  • Fixing System ! Yay ! ]
  • Garbage bags can now have items inside them (including empty bottle).
  • Farming : You can know remove your plants with the hand shovel (and not just the spade).
  • You can now rename your bags (right click on them in your inventory, "Rename this bag").


  • When you make an item, we set the condition of the result item with an average of the used items condition, and not just the lowest condition.
  • Tweaked the number of berries in a bush.
  • You'll now have much more chance to find stuff (including axes and hammer) in the West Point toolstore (in front of the sea horse coffee).
  • Time to start a fire in a oven increased.
  • Tweaked a bit the fire spreading (it spread more... "The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the..." Erm.)
  • Up a bit the loot rate of sand bags.
  • Rain collector change : You now need to be carpentry lvl 2 to build a small rain collector, and then lvl 4 to build the big one (the current one). You also need garbage bags to build them now.
  • Up the loot rate of the hand shovel (required for farming).
  • Increased the likelihood of discovering tent pegs
  • Lowered the potential for alarms to sound once the electricity has shut itself off.
  • Name of a rotten food will now be displayed in red.
  • Better chance to find garbage bags inside bin.
  • Lower the time needed to water the plants.
  • Slight up of the number of zombies on the map.


  • Now load "Item_...png" instead of "item_...png" in the mod loader.
  • The mod directory can now be different of the mod ID for the mod loader.
  • New event : "OnFillContainer" // Every time we fill a new container with item, param : room name, container type name, the container just filled.
  • New event : OnChangeWeather // Every time we change the weather, triggered in lua, param : the new weather (string).
  • Added a setCustomColor(ColorInfo) for IsoObject.


  • Updated translations. build 14 November 9th, 2013


  • The weak trait will now reduce your max capacity.
  • Fixed the weird lighting in the church.
  • Fixed the brown wooden stairs textures in carpentry menu.
  • Fixed some bugged walls (where you could loot through them).
  • Craft food from rotten ingredients will give you a rotten food as result.
  • Now save the unhappy and boredom level.
  • The Anti-depressants now reduce the unhappyness (effect is not immediate, it take some time).
  • Fixed lighting issues / holes in world draw errors.
  • If you click outside the delete save modal dialog in the world selector, it'll disapear.
  • Fixed the fire saving/load bug.
  • Fixed a bucket/garden spray can duplication bug.
  • Less PCs should get black screen bug (likely not obliterated completely though, hopefully in next one)


  • Fixed memory leak causing out of memory errors on some systems.
  • Performance changes / improvements (no promises, including the demo, with the numbers we're talking chances are it'll take a few to get most of them sorted)
  • Tweaked the camping code to make it much more efficient.


  • Added inventory icon for berries bush.
  • Added various tooltip (pills, ...), to help the new players.
  • New items ! (include lovely spiffo burger!).
  • New recipes : Box of things, explaination : You can now find box of nails (you also have screws, bullets...), right click on it and select "open" will give you 100 nails AND if you have 100 nails, you can also right click on it and "put in a box" to move them around easily.


  • When you make an item, we set the condition of the result item with an average of the used items condition, and not just the lowest condition.
  • Tweaked the number of berries in a bush.
  • You'll now have much more chance to find stuff (including axes and hammer) in the West Point toolstore (in front of the sea horse coffee).
  • Time to start a fire in a oven increased.
  • Tweaked a bit the fire spreading (it spread more... "The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the..." Erm.)


  • Now load "Item_...png" instead of "item_...png" in the mod loader.
  • The mod directory can now be different of the mod ID for the mod loader.
  • New event : "OnFillContainer" // Every time we fill a new container with item, param : room name, container type name, the container just filled
  • New event : OnChangeWeather // Every time we change the weather, triggered in lua, param : the new weather (string).

Translations: build 11 November 8th, 2013

Change list :

  • West Point Added
  • New items.
  • New Recipes.
  • New Animation ! Floor Stamp ! Smash that head.
  • Added more specific location to loot items (police station = more guns, school = more books/school bag...).
  • Extra options for lighting quality and FPS lock (30,45,60). Defaults to 30FPS for more stable FPS.
  • Added an option to modify the path of mods, default one will now be Users/YOU/MyDocuments/Zomboid, we'll make the same for the save in a next update, the Mac OSX default folder will also be changed.
  • Zoom feature via mousewheel.
  • Some stuff can now explode while on fire !
  • Made the fire a bit stronger.


  • Fixed colors bugs in the farming info screen.
  • Fixed some mods loader bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs with the torch light context menu.
  • No more "sticky" tooltip in the skill panel.
  • No more duplicate bucket when making a plaster bucket.
  • Fixed bunch of farming bugs, thanks to Skallagrim.
  • Fixed "remove plant with a shovel" context menu option.
  • Fixed some bugs in the crafting (mainly with stairs).
  • Fixed "Climb Through" right click context option not always working.
  • Fixed inventory tooltip resizing on certains items.
  • Fixed items detail placement (remaining, nutrition...) in inventory.
  • Fixed some fire saving bugs.
  • Fixed some random thump zombie bugs.
  • Changed weight of gas can to 5 from 10.
  • Fixed "save name" width on certains translations.
  • Fixed the Nederlands UI translation.
  • Fixed some bugs with the rain collector barrel.
  • Fixed some fire saving bugs.
  • Fixed smash window context menu option.
  • Fixed destroy (with seldgehammer) context menu option.
  • Fixed infinite ammo bug : you can just set back your game to english to fix it (anyway, even in other languages it'll be fixed).
  • Added an average water indication on the tooltip when selecting which seeds to sow.
  • Now temperature and age of food are updated in every container (even plastic bag and stuff).
  • New context menu option for some food ("Drink", "Smoke").
  • Removed the weird traits icons in top-left corner of the character info screen.
  • Added an offset for text in the character info screen (strings were cutted in some language).
  • Improved performance on character creation screen.
  • Fixed some bugs for custom profression if not everything was set up (custom spawn point, custom clothes color...).
  • Now display the name of the profession if you don't have a texture for it in the character info screen.
  • Improved xp update (now you EveryTenMinutes event instead of OnTick).
  • Added permaLocked window to the "open/close window" test.
  • Some UI polish.
  • Fixed some combat glitchs.
  • Fixed zombie sudden chase stop.
  • Context menus should once again be working properly

A tons of change in the loot spawn:

  • Balanced loots in West Point.
  • Fixed loots on specific rooms (no more bacon in pharmacy, etc.).
  • Added more specific loots in container (wallet in some locker...).
  • Added more specific loots in rooms (toolstore, mechanic...).
  • Fixed some container type (some container wasn't flagged as container).
  • Some items weren't spawned enough (barbed wire, sand bag..).
  • Fixed the gunstore windows (now you can't pass through them, neither the zombies).
  • Fixed the texture in equipped items (they were a bit low quality due to resize).
  • Fixed world inventory icon (when you drop an item, the icon was big on the ground).
  • Changed the Combat part in Survival Guide (we now use right click to charge - left click to hit).
  • Some UI polish.
  • Lot of translation update.
  • Changed canned soup icon.
  • Now the canned soup need to be opened with a tin opener before drink it (or cook).
  • Balanced knife/spoon/fork condition.
  • Fixed some crafting bugs.
  • Fixed lighting issues
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Fixed sheet rope.
  • Fixed harvesting farming plant.
  • Fixed tomato vegetables.
  • Fixed the take in game screenshot shift.
  • Fixed home trailer doors.
  • Fixed the crafting system.
  • Fixed world inventory texture (+ fixed them on load).
  • Fixed equipped items color.
  • Now equipped bag in 2nd hand will be loaded correctly.
  • Streaming issues fixed.
  • Fire saving fixed.
  • Fixed some missing sprite building.
  • The bigs logs at McCoy are now containers with logs inside.
  • Removed options.bin for an options.ini (text file).
  • Fixed the trailer park map problem (can't pass through doors, invisible walls, weird light issue..).
  • Balanced loot drop.
  • Fixed some tile properties problem (container not solid...)
  • Fixed various bug on torch light, books.
  • Updated various translation.
  • Fixed some inventory tooltip glitch.
  • Fixed some UI glitch (mainly for translation truncated).
  • (re) added the brezilian portuguese translation.
  • No more bucket duplication for the plaster recipe.
  • Italian translation.
  • Polish translation.
  • MOAR Translation !
  • Norsk translation problem fixed.
  • Modified a bit the option panel so all translation can fit.
  • Sheet rope fix.
  • Load black screen bug.
  • Invisi walls and all that other stuff, hopefully. (one day!).
  • Fixed bugs with crawler zombies.
  • Rewrite some stuff with the camping (fixed crash, cleaned the code a bit..).
  • Numerous optimizations / fixes
  • Other things (not Dragons). September 4, 2013

Steam version for existing customers [1]

Link to Forum Post for [2].

Currently this version is only available with a Steam Key.


  • Improved night time, is now lighter, still dangerously dark but not totally black.
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Proper modding system (enable/disable mods in-game list) required to avoid mod related save problems etc)
  • Option to turn on/off multi-core rendering (defaults off for single core/linux)
  • Make the right click for world item much easier (selecting a sink for example).
  • When destroying something with items inside it (e.g. crates), the items are dropped on the ground.
  • If you destroy a crate and there's another crate on top of it, the crate fall.
  • New Survival Guide entrie for the Inventory Management.
  • Translation !
  • Come on baby light my fire.......
  • Saves properly on sleep. Never lose more than a day with some unexpected crash or power loss.


  • Got rid of weird square of light around player.
  • Fixed various crash with inventory.
  • Fixed drink/take water bugs.
  • Re-added tooltip for traits selection.
  • Equipped bag are now saved.
  • The animation for destroying wall is a bit faster.
  • Fixed various carpentry bugs.
  • You can now add a sheet rope over self-made windows frame, let's build a stairway to heaven with a sheet rope !
  • Crafted door fixed !
  • Fixed fast forward cooking bug.
  • Fixed various renderer / multi-core related bugs.
  • Fixed LOS bugs allowing you / zombies to see briefly through walls while moving about.


  • Reduced the chance for a zombie to become a crawler when you hit him.

Known Issues:

  • Small font a little too small for high resolutions, we'll increase the size of this before public release. August 23, 2013


  • Added a little icon over the inventory icon if the concerned item is equipped.
  • Survival guide! (It starts automatically on a new game. press F1 to toggle it).
  • Torch (flashlight) can flicker, especially when they're almost out of batteries
  • Crawlers won't turn while attacking + Balanced them a bit
  • New key bindings: F2 to pause, F3 for normal speed, F4 for fast forward x1, F5 for fast forward x2, F6 for fast forward x3
  • Double click in any item of your inventory to drop it.
  • Double click in any item of the loot inventory to grab it.
  • You now need to equip a bag to put things in it or get weight reduction, on your back or in one of your hand.
  • Destroy furnitures, walls, stairs and almost anything with a Sledgehammer ! (right click then "Destroy").


  • Fixed the zombie kill count.
  • Torch now works properly
  • Rain now waters your plants
  • Rain collector barrel doesn't share the same amount of water (You can now build multiple rain collector barrels)
  • Fixed crawler attacking through walls
  • Fixed teleporting crops (again... Now it's all save in java, making the job easier for any modders, and should avoid all this kind of problem).
  • No more "exploding" zombie when entering a new house.
  • Invisi-wall bug almost CERTAINLY fixed now. If not, then, well wtf?
  • Changed the inventory male zombie icon for the correct one.
  • You can't do actions while sleeping


  • Balanced the zombie density a bit
  • Lowered the time needed to water your plant


  • LUA debugger. We're posting instructions on modding forum on release.
  • Default key for debuger is F11, it's bindable in the option. August 13, 2013

  • No more god mode.
  • Fixed various sheetrope bug (consummed sheet rope, falling to death...)
  • Added icon for dead zombies. August 13, 2013

  • Fixed shader issue stopping a bunch of people running the game.
  • Lowered zombie numbers (seems something's gone amiss there)
  • Fixed food name.
  • Removed the number of read page in the name of the book (now it's only in the tooltip).
  • You can now fast forward when you read a skill book and still have the multiplier.
  • Removed some unintended output console message.
  • When you craft, the crafted item will have the condition of the required item, same for age/rotten stuff.
  • Tweaked the crawler fight a bit, they now have a chance to miss you while attacking, and the fighting will be easier.
  • Lot of lua stuff (see Lua request thread).
  • Some code improvement.
  • Fix : The torch/light source won't be used if they are turned off.
  • No more "running on the spot" zombies.
  • Can't push crawler with a weapon no more.
  • Crawler won't try to break window/door (thump) no more. August 11, 2013

  • Fixed world version conversion to solve crash problems with loading worlds (you may need to use original backups of build 10 saves for this to work properly, but maybe not)
  • Added world version to be saved with every chunk of world, to prevent future problems.
  • Increased hammer spawn chances a bit. August 11, 2013

  • Optimizations - FPS comparisons would be ace.
  • Fixed flickering roofs
  • Possible invisible wall fix? (again)
  • Can now see zombies at maximum range instead of them fading in before edge of screen (may have balance ramifications since they can see you at any range u can see them, albiet with falloff chance)
  • Various crash fixes
  • Other stuff I forget. August 11, 2013


  • [UI] Multiple inventory selection fixed.
  • [UI] Better color for background inventory (color change when you select a cold food, etc..).
  • When clicking in inventory while being in "attack" stance will cancel it (no more shooting or attacking in the air while clicking in the inventory).
  • [FARMING] Farming/Camping streaming rewritten to avoid the teleporting crops problem.
  • Time to get wet under the rain increased.
  • French Baguette,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Red Wine... Woops, that's my shopping list...
  • No more triggered music if you toggled it off.
  • You now can't climb through a barricaded window using the "Interact" key (default "e").
  • You'll now eat only 1 food when clicking "Eat" on a stack of food, same for pills.
  • [BALANCE] Changed some things on food :
    • Now display "Fresh" on tooltip when the food is Fresh (full hunger reduction, no chance to get ill).
    • "Fresh" will disapear when the "DaysFresh" (item.txt) variable is outdated. (half hunger reduction, some boredom and unhappiness adding, no chance to get ill).
    • And finally "Rotten" when the "DaysTotallyRotten" (item.txt) variable is outdated (same malus as not fresh food, but you can become ill, the texture change to warn you before the tooltip does).
  • [BALANCE] Re-vamp all the bag to be more realistic (no more 70 weight reduction with a plastic bag).
  • Re-added Hiking Bags (best bag ever :-) ).
  • [CARPENTRY] Now home made fence/windows frame will be hoppable (with context menu or interract (default key "e") button), and you can't pass through them no more. (except sand bag)
  • [BALANCE-CARPENTRY] Lower the required materials for some stuff (fence, wall..).
  • [CARPENTRY] Fixed some bugs on placing stuff (mainly furniture).
  • [CARPENTRY] Added the correct crate icon on self-made wooden crate.
  • Now display the texture of the item if the world item texture is not found when dropping an item on the ground.
  • You can't drop an item while using it (to duplicate it), thanks tazyload
  • [CARPENTRY] Fixed crafted door bug (save/load making your doors blocked) : possibly fix for invisible wall (need to test this more).


  • [CARPENTRY] Hitting escape while dragging a ghost item (for example placing a wooden wall...) will cancel it and don't display the menu.
  • Added "ReuseGridsquare" and "LoadGridsquare" event (used for streaming stuff, each grid which disapear throw a ReuseGridsquare, and each loaded LoadGridsquare).
  • Added a hotkey for screenshot (default F12), screenshot are saved in your C:/users/YOU/Zomboid/Screenshot folder.
  • [UI] Re-added the star texture near your equipped primary weapon to show the condition of this weapon.
  • [LASTSTAND] Support multiple challenge for Last Stand.
  • [LASTSTAND] You now need to create a new player for Last Stand, you can reuse it even if his dead (only mouse support for now, controller will come :-) ).
  • [MOD] Added "setLocked(boolean)" function on IsoDoor, IsoThumpable and IsoWindow.
  • [MOD] Stuff for modders I forgot... Well, the modders know :mrgreen:
  • [UI] Now you can double click on saved game/map/... (list box) to go on the next screen (like if you clicked on "next" or "play").
  • [UI] Press enter when typing a name for your saved game will go on the next screen.
  • [LASTSTAND] Brand new Last Stand mod (the first Challenge still available).
  • [FARMING] Display an average time for fully grown plant in the farming tooltip.
  • Added all the Carpentry, Cooking and Farming skill books.
  • [UI] Added the version number on the main screen (bottom right).
  • [UI] Added a "Dangerous Uncooked" warning message on food tooltip if needed.
  • [CARPENTRY] You can now rotate (with the "r" button or with the mouse) a self-made wooden crate when you're placing its to change it z position (you can now stack 3 crates).
  • Climb sheet rope ! You need at least 2 sheet rope (for 1st floor) and a nail.
  • [CARPENTRY] Rain Collector Barrel ! (need 4 planks and 4 nails, recipe will be change when we'll introduce more crafting stuff).
  • Sleeping will make the panic reduce faster.
  • Added some blood splat when you hit a zombie (less than when he die though).
  • Added wanderer zombie, so they will not just stand still, they have a chance to walk a bit (more chance during rain). July 3, 2013


  • Sped up swinging a slight bit.
  • Sorted out remaining load issues.
  • New map export.
  • Fixed zombies climbing through closed windows on Last Stand July 3, 2013


  • If pressing hot key weapon buttons (default 1,2 and 3 keys), the best weapon selected won't be equipped if it's the same as your primary hand item.
  • Flashlight/Light source hotkey ("F" by default) will now equip the item found in the secondary hand (instead of primary hand).
  • Quick inventory context button (grab, grab all, drop...) and loot all button will now give you the items in your open inventory (and not always in the main inventory).


  • Fixed a bug on the character skills screen (which became buggy if you acquired too many levels).
  • Fixed the duplication of Wet Dish Towel.
  • If your weapon condition goes to 0 (break), it'll be unequipped if no other weapon is found.
  • Fixed selected items highlight when dragging them.
  • Reloaded doors no longer act like walls. July 3, 2013


  • Fixed some linux issues.
  • Fixed hang on split-screen due to splitscreen hack of reloading system.
  • Fixed at least one cause of the equip icons disappearing on reload.
  • Other stuff that has been forgotten in the 'version number crisis of 2013'
2.9.8 Test 003 June 26, 2013

2.9.8 Test 003


  • Fixed farming.
  • Fixed several 08b world load bugs.
  • Fixed unbarricading.
  • Fixed barricade / sheets on reload (may not work on 08b saves yet)
2.9.8 Test 002 June 26, 2013

2.9.8 Test 002


  • Rewrote the farming menu, much more user friendly (like the Carpentry one).
  • Changed a bit Saw Log : Logs are now a bit heavier, Saw Logs take more time but give you 3 planks instead of 1.
  • Added a ModData to the GameTime instance, so even when the player is dead, you can store everything inside it, it's linked to the world + Use it now for camping/weather and farming, meaning if you plow something with a player A then he died, you create a new player on the same map, your farm still remain.
  • Now display the modal dialog for sleeping when right-clicking "Sleep" on a hand made tent.
  • Display a "Click to Skip" message when loading a game (not on a new one !), when the loading is done.
  • Carpentry will now try to see if there's any material on the ground (a 3x3 square around the player/selected tile for building), it means you can put planks on the ground, and build your walls without having to carry 4 heavy planks, the materials are took in inventory first, then check the ground.
  • Added skin color to zombies.
  • Esc will now hopefully help cure inventory lockups.
  • Added Water shut off/Electricity Shut off (was already there but not working), Rain (dry, heavy rain..) and Weather (Very hot, cold..) conf to the Sandbox option.
  • Some change on camping
  • You now can add fuel (log, planks, books...) via right click menu.
  • You now can start the fire with a wood kindling (need wooden stick : planks + saw and Drilled Wooden Plank : plank + screwdriver), it can take some times and you'll break some kindling before start your fire, a ranger (outdoorsman trait) have better chance to succeed).
  • Stand near a campfire will make you dry faster.
  • For modders : You now have to use OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu/OnPreFillWorldObjectContextMenu or OnFillInventoryObjectContextMenu/OnPreFillInventoryObjectContextMenu instead of OnWorldContextMenuCreated/OnInventoryContextMenuCreated events


  • Removed accidentally left in inventory baseball bat.
  • Actually fixed the crash that wasn't fixed in the previous version. (see brain melt)
  • Fixed all the crafting/recipe bugs (tasty soup crash, water recipe bugs, duplicating items)
  • Fixed grab/grab all/drop/drop all quick button in inventory.
  • Fixed journal recipe (won't give you 400 journal, but only 20).
  • Fixed carpentry book (now give skill multiplier).
  • Fixed various clothing bugs.
  • Fixed farming sub menu (now you can sow seeds again ! )
  • Ctrl/Aim only affects player 1
  • Crashes will properly save containers in the _crash directory.
  • Hunger bug finally fixed. (was not being scaled by day length)
  • Fixed a bug where the barricade/unbarricade action took twice the time needed + now barricade give carpentry xp (but not unbarricade).
  • Fixed a game crash when barricading a hand made door/window.
  • Balanced the Tired moodle.
  • Fixed the duplicate item bug with crafting (e.g. Saw Log, then queue another Saw Log on the same log).
  • Fixed key keybindings bugs (sometimes the new keybindings doesn't appears, duplicated entry in keys.ini, etc.).
  • Now add Strength Xp when hitting a tree.
  • Fixed the naked zombie loading bug. (Yay ! ).
  • Now zombie will have their clothes in their inventory when you kill them.
  • Flipping zombie bodies fixed.
  • If you craft a cooked thing, the result (if cook-able) will be cooked too, same for burnt food.
  • Fixed the XP given by crafting.
  • Fixed paint sub menu.
  • Fixed "dump into/on ground" duplicate item bug exploit.
  • Fixed Character Screen clothing.
  • Fixed sprite water amount reduction when you drink/take water.
  • You can now build over dead bodies.
  • You now can't build over trees.
  • Disabled crafting menu for joypad until it's fixed (still available for keyboard/mouse).
  • Fixed Trait Tooltip in the creation screen overlaps with the buttons in the lower left corner.
  • Now check for every timed action that the requested item is still in the character's inventory, to avoid the exploit bug like dropping a weapon, hit the key binding for "equip best weapon", then it equipped it but wasn't in the inventory.
  • If you put a bag in a bag, the weight reduction won't apply on the bag inside the bag. (to avoid bagception exploit). So you still can put bag in bag, but it won't be infinite anymore.
  • You now can't build over existing windows/doors.
  • Left click on world item won't be grabbed instantly anymore.
  • Now bags have a capacity, meaning you can't put infinite items inside them.
  • e.g. my bag has 5 capacity and 50% weight reduction, I put a 3 weight plank inside it, so now in my main inventory this plank only weighs 1.5, but the capacity of the backpack is 3/5, meaning I can't put another plank in there.
  • Now you can't equip a weapon via hotkey while preparing an attack.
  • You can't loot from far away anymore (looting then running away).
  • Getting wet under rain, getting a cold, sneeze and stuff are back to the game !
  • You can now put a tent inside houses.
  • Food now rots properly again.
2.9.8 Test 001 June 26, 2013

2.9.8 Test 001


  • Added a "Last Stand" mode.


  • Farming / barricading fixes.
  • Attempt to fix large 0008b saves.
RC 2.9 Build 0008b May 15, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0008b

Go to Indie Stone for more release info and download

Released on Desura


  • Fixed an occasional crash with zombie walks that occurs after staggering back.
  • Fixed issue with crafting not creating correct number of items.
  • Fixed problem with error dump causing lag by character trying to 'interact' with rain drops with joypad.

Bugs Introduced:

RC 2.9 Build 0008a May 15, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0008a


  • Add aiming XP when you fire a ranged weapon.
  • Add reload XP when you reload any weapon.
  • Added "Pause" to the key binding option (default key "Escape")
  • Added Erasmus Crowley's new Crafting system ! A big thanks to him ! :)
  • Added name/surname/color to MainCreationMethods.
  • Added the use of the "Handy" trait (construction worker) in every wood craft (including buildings)
  • After placing a tent/campfire, it'll disapear from the mouse cursor.
  • Alarms on buildings now saved with world.
  • Changed the Lightfoot/Sneak xp gain : Now you can gain Sneak/Lightfoot xp only if you're sneaking with zed around you and they not see you (if just one see you, you not gain xp)
  • Context menu/Inventory tooltip won't show if game paused .
  • Context sensitive object click detection, takes facing angle, range, shared room and tile usefulness to determine the best of any possibilities of clicks for that screen point, what is highlighted and what is ignored. Mouse clicking much more accurate.
  • Copied all save data to _crash directory on crash saves.
  • Curtains are no more clickable from outside.
  • Disabled UI key binding while the game is paused.
  • Experimental joypad support.
  • Experimental split-screen support.
  • Flipping dead bodies graphical glitch fixed.
  • Memory usage drastically reduced.
  • Now all weapon give either blunt or blade xp (except pen and pencil).
  • Now destroy the modal dialog if you click outside it (deleting saved game for example).
  • Now display the reduce fatigue in tooltip (for mug and vitamins).
  • Now use the real color for character creation.
  • Numerous fixes we've forgotten that are probably not mentioned here.
  • Placing a campfire/tent took twice time needed, it's now fixed.
  • Rebalanced food / thirst to be much quicker - BUT - readjusted levels so peckish etc happen for a long time and the higher levels ramp up closer to death, instead of a flat gradient between them as hunger increases. Also removed negative strength effects from tier 2 moodles, so no severe strength reduction for just being hungry but ramped up the very hungry to get the extra one we lost.
  • Take water will now work after loading.
  • Toggle Skill panel shortkey fixed.
  • Trees wont slow you down if chopped down.
  • Unequipped clothes now saved.
  • Unlimited clothing colours.
  • Vitamins now reduce fatigue (acting like pills).


  • You can't run while sneaking.
  • You can't walk/run/sneak during sleep no more.
  • You can now open/close doors you built by pressing 'e' (interact button).
  • Stop displaying "Weight.." in top-left corner when pressing space.
  • Items/Clothing will be unequipped if transferred.
  • Containers now saved out in the map properly and will never jumble up.
  • Fixed a bug on skill panel tooltip.
  • Fixed a crash when chopping trees.
  • Fixed Carpentry stuff (Thanks Onkeen !) + Now destroying (you or zed) carpentry stuff will give you back some material.
  • Fixed character screen (your character won't facing SE anymore when opening the character screen).
  • Fixed constructor worker male clothes (now can be empty).
  • Fixed the randomized item used when crafting (for example rip bandages on your skirt and finally it's on your shirt...)
  • Now save the damage done to trees.
  • You can't climb through barricade window.
  • Well now still work after water cuts off.

Bugs Introduced:

  • Issue introduced where crafting not creating correct number of items. Sheets will rip into 1x bandage instead of 8x.
RC 2.9 Build 0007 April 29, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0007


  • Further balances to zombie spawn.
  • Moved all spawn points to lower density side of Muldraugh.
  • Stopped unbarricade loop problem.
  • Tweaked some item weight/cooking time
  • Fixed a tooltip bug
  • Now unequip the item you wear if dropped.
  • New migration system using meta-game events.
  • Up the hot moodle trigger
  • Removed the ranger starting items (previous camping mod)
  • Added a modal dialog on the delete save
  • Added -safemode param to help getting into game on badly supported graphics cards.


  • Fixed full barricade crash.
  • Fixed open/close door context menu
  • Fixed read magazine/books bug
  • Fixed recipe craft bug
  • Fixed container saving issues.
  • Fixed indoor zombie spawning bug. HURRAY this was a bitch! (thanks DimiDusk and Katalist for the upstairs clue which led us to solution.
  • Fix food cooking (thanks Erasmus ! )
RC 2.9 Build 0006 April 29, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0006


  • Salmon will take less time to be cooked.
  • Passive skills gain and lose XP slower (no more going from strong to stout within 2 days)
  • Crafting changes : Now clicking on 1 item will open all the crafting possibility, it'll display a tooltip where you can see the needed item for recipe.
  • Fixed stout trait description.
  • Disappearance of trait descriptions after being added and then removed fixed.
  • Lowered the weight of cooking pot.
  • Lowered weight of shotgun shells / pistol bullets.
  • Zombie awareness reduced a bit in daytime.
  • Zombie memory reduced slightly.
  • Much less chance of being spotted when stood next to walls / full tile vision blocking stuff, extra bonus when sneaking. Sneaking around buildings and fences now the most valid strategy for avoiding attention. Will have sneak anims put in around this philosophy.
  • Balanced loot times for small items. Stacks of nails / seeds etc now transfer super fast.
  • Packing / unpacking time made longer by pack being near full.
  • Inventory panes will never remain scrolled more than items exist in window. (Fixes 'disappearing container items' bug which is actually it being scrolled beyond the bottom of the last item.)
  • Now saves sandbox options out properly.
  • Low density zombies on sandbox is now set lower.
  • Zombie density on survival edged down a smidge more.
  • Optimizations.
  • Removed the tooltip in inventory when right clicking in it for better visibility.
  • Balanced fitness/nimble xp gain.
  • Removed some recipe who missing textures (farming stuff)


  • Fixed barricade crash.
  • Zombie spawning bug potentially improved a lot.
  • Fix to reloading (thanks Stormy!)

Bugs Introduced:

  • Hunger is unbalanced
RC 2.9 Build 0005 April 29, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0005


  • Lowered zombie spawn rate a bit
  • Drink out of taps.


  • Fixed death anim for zombies
  • Fixed crash on death.
RC 2.9 Build 0001 April 29, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0001


  • 20x20 cell map-size covering entire of Muldraugh and surrounds
  • (largely incomplete but explorable with stuff to find, and several finished inner town cells)
  • Balanced and expanded combat and zombie behaviours to make one easy to dispatch but 3-4 at once deadly.
  • Streaming world. No load screens once in-game.
  • New UI system / inventory / front-end
  • In-game login and resolution options.
  • In-game chat (optional)
  • Multi-map support for multiple maps.
  • Multi-world save functionality. (Still save on quit)


  • New item distribution system. Higher population areas have more loot, but also...
  • New zombie system manages hordes across the entire map, that focus initially on heavy populated centres.
  • Reintroduced fire and rain.
  • Weather and temperature. Survive the winter with fires and warm clothes, or risk sun-stroke in the heat of summer.
  • Farm food, if you think you'll survive long enough to harvest the crops! (using the seasons system.
  • Longer days.
  • Music re-introduced.
  • Changed endurance system to be less annoying and feel more fluid.
  • Tweaked zombie grabs and endurance effects.
  • New carpentry system.
  • New crafting system.
  • Camping (fire pit + tent).
  • Female Zombies.
  • New character hair / beards.
  • Additional animations.
  • A whole bunch of new tiles.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Bugs Introduced:

  • Crash on death
0.2.0r RC2.5 July 24, 2012

RC 2.5

    • NPC tweaks to hopefully make them less hopeless (though don't expect them to be Bear Grylls):
  • Why are you trying to pathfind through trees, you fools?!
  • Tweaked flee behaviour to avoid 'stand there looking stupid getting eaten' issues. Will now favour a close range pathfind instead of opposite side of map, for quicker results.
  • tweaked pathfind manager to put pathfind jobs on empty threads to reduce wait time for NPCs to get long pathing results
  • Factored in danger rating of tiles for short range fleeing.
  • Found intriguing bug where NPCs stand waiting for a pathfind to complete that's not in the system any more (must have failed or completed) no known cause yet but intriguing and may help a LOT if fixed.
  • Fixed bug with 'obtainitem' behaviour where character would go to all the buildings he plans to search before actually searching any of them.
  • NPCs no longer collide with pushable objects (for now) so they don't get stuck on them.
  • changed zombie spawn. If it still goes weird I literally have no clue what's up.
  • Fixed hammer sound glitch.
  • Modders: ZombRand(a, b) now changed to ZombRandBetween(a,b) due to conflict issue.
  • Zombie start density closer to q levels (though a bit higher and still looking for spawn bugs)
0.2.0r RC2 June 29, 2012

RC 2

  • Re-enabled character customization. (No character sprite atm though)
  • Fixed a few weapons that have issues.
  • Added frying pan as weapon properly. (no special sound yet can't seem to find a free one)
  • Fixed bug that meant some weapons never have a 'hit' frame and thus never hit zombies.
  • Planks stack once more.
  • Add 1366x768, 1920x1200 and 2560x1440 resolutions
  • Fixed issue with clip reloading. Remember HOLD R to load bullets, let go to put clip back in.
  • Fixed death anim.
  • Lowered initial zombie count. Still plenty though! Feedback welcome (It's hard since half want lots, half don't )
  • Fixed tree/door chopping.
  • Fixed hordes appearing indoors.
0.2.0r RC1 June 29, 2012


  • Still a couple of things in R not in this build, primarily the wheelie bin between cells and stopping 'lost in the woods syndrome' but they will be relatively quick to add so bear with any 'lies' on the R changelist for a day or two while we clean up any loose ends.
  • This first version will be in good ol' batch format. Soon after will add the launcher, and finally (once I figure out how it works since I didn't make it) will add the win/linux/mac installers.
  • As stated in another thread, this version does not have music. Sadly the music skipping issue became 1000x worse since the optimizations, and could barely get through the first ten seconds of a track. We'll fix this when we figure out a solution.
  • The new blood system had to be removed until it can be optimized memory / speed wise.
  • Be gentle. The game's engines have undergone a massive massive rewrite and hopefully the benefits will be obvious. Optimizations are bastards for causing bugs, and this has undergone some massive changes in the name of optimization. We may have new bugs to quash or a few teething problems on certain graphic cards.
0.2.0q March 27, 2012


  • Banished the stair death! If it is not gone (which hopefully it is) stair death should be MUCH less common now. This does not include falling from high floors through careless walking near edges, perhaps unfairly in certain buggy circumstances like missing bannisters.
  • Main menu + stories back in. K&B is a little broken now no need to report bugs on it.
  • Compatible with saves down to M only!!
0.2.0p March 27, 2012


  • Compatible with saves down to M only!!
0.2.0o March 26, 2012


  • Fixed bug with ovens not working.
0.2.0n March 26, 2012


  • Fixed shift click on curtains on west facing walls.
  • Added some other important stuff that will be invisible to player but setting foundation for some future stuff. And that.
0.2.0m March 25, 2012


  • Load/save sheet ropes.
  • Load/save crates.
  • Load/save full tile barricades.
  • Rope sheets can be used one after the other to eventually reach the ground.
  • Significantly lowered load/saving time. (doesn't include first time ever for map cell in a saved game)
  • Sledgehammered walls should work properly on load now. Unconfirmed.
  • Increased nail stack sizes a bit.
  • Enforced straight running up and down stairs. Let us know if this improves/eliminates stair death problems.
  • Fixed dropping dupe bug.
  • Modding: Unrecognised params in item definitions will be put into lua moddata on any new inventory item. As a number if possible otherwise as a text string.
  • Modding: UserModData for objects/inv items now loaded and saved in save file. Only numbers + strings tho.
  • Modding: Added hook for cancelled timed actions.
  • Modding: Exposed GameTime + InventoryItemFactory classes
0.2.0l March 24, 2012


  • More zombies in buildings.
  • Added workaround error trapping around saving containers with something faulty in them, to cause *the world cut in half bug. This will still happen but should now just not load the contents of faulty container.
  • Some other critical fixes don't want to list until they are confirmed fixed.
  • Added ways of getting Strength XP.
  • Stage 1 in UI nicefication. Quick 'put in container' / 'put in inventory' hover buttons for *inventory items in containers.
  • Hotfix - Fixed double click crashes on containers.
  • Hotfix - will no longer add random zombies on loading a map cell.
  • A few more zombies on game start.
  • "Quick grab" in containers to help with the fiddly double click. One click on a arrow to the left of the icon will straight away put items in your inventory
  • Added game launcher, simple and easy to use.
0.2.0k March 23, 2012


  • Slowed down zombies in line with performance increase.
  • Significantly lowered zombie spot chance.
0.2.0j March 22, 2012


  • Reduced starting zombies in town area further and slowed zombie migration speeds from outer cells.
  • Zombie less likely to see you on upper floors.
  • Fixed broken athletic / overweight traits.
  • True directional zombie migration across a 100x100 grid of cells. Town full of zombies? Go north to the farm, will likely be quieter.Though zombies may migrate in on the south of the map the longer you're there. As more residential areas are added these will become game start hotspots of zombies.
  • Possible fix to invincible zombies. Unconfirmed.
0.2.0i March 22, 2012


  • WARNING: Not save compatible with 0.2.0h.
  • Added loading / saving text so people don't think it's crashed..
  • Disabled fires completely. No more invisible fires.
  • Proper zombie migration.
  • Fridges and ovens ACTUALLY fixed this time.
  • Fixed blood splat issues on reload.
  • Food temps, cooked/uncooked, age etc saved out properly.
0.2.0h March 22, 2012


  • WARNING: Not savegame compatible with 0.2.0g!
  • Fixed clicking when dead to restart game. Until this release always close game and rerun.
  • Fixed floor items in saves.
  • Fixed light switches on reload.
  • Fixed XP / skills on reload.
  • Fixed traits on reload.
  • Fixed bin on reload.
  • Fixed cooker / fridges.
  • Fixed tree yield on reload.
0.2.0g March 15, 2012


  • Shift click open / closes curtains instead of windows.
  • Fixed issues with apartment block stairwell / walls.
  • Smashed windows cannot be opened.
  • Saving on quit. EXPERIMENTAL.
  • Surprise! 'Take the high road.' EXPERIMENTAL.
  • Fixed zombie obsession with commercial district area.
  • Fixed bug where zombie spawn points were missing resulting in zombies spawning at random map positions instead of map edges.
  • (Hopefully) fixed freezing dying survivors whose legs fall off.
0.2.0f March 13, 2012


  • Fix bug where thirst isn't actually killing you.
  • Fix to broken 'you survived for' time.
  • Enabled character creation.
  • Added temporary loading text to stop people thinking it's crashed.
  • Same floor roofs turning off when inside.
  • Fixed the buggy farm.
  • Fixed barricading sticking / blocking bug.
  • Increased container opening distance slightly to help with top diagonals.
  • Because we figured out a quick fix. Blood splatter! (may be some mild bugs in this):
  • Batteries fittable / removable for flashlights.
  • Super powerful lua driven recipe system needed for above. Can do some really interesting recipes with this.
  • You now get cooking XP from any crafting involving food items.
  • M mutes music.
  • Clicking window no longer open/closes curtains. Warning this may make certain open curtains more fiddly to click on. Not sure of a solution to this.
  • Stopped right click doing carpentry building when carrying wood etc.
  • Moddable professions and traits.
  • Removed gamma correction as it caused problems on some people's particularly other platform machines.
0.2.0e March 13, 2012


  • NPCs will now favour doors over smashing windows.
  • Bug causing NPCs to be able to run too far without tiring fixed.
  • NPCs generally a bit braver.
  • Clicking an item on an Non-player character will give them that item (or one off a stack)
  • Changed endurance to be linked to actual speed not desired speed.
  • NPCs better at staying fed.
  • Fixed problem with placed stairs collision not working properly.
  • Zombie use spawn points at side of map.
  • Much fewer zombies at start. Extra zombies per day until they reach current (pre 0.2.0e) levels on day 5. May need balancing. Try the defines.lua in the media/lua folder if you want to play.
0.2.0d March 12, 2012


  • Opening / closing windows will no longer repair them.
  • Fixed missing icons.
  • Increased Non-player character dialogue speed.
  • Fixed double size mode.
  • Double size mode still has single size UI.
  • Direction changer no longer interferes with double size toggle.
  • Inconsistency between endurance on mouse and keys fixed.
0.2.0c March 12, 2012


  • Sleeping on couches
  • Fixed invisible door syndrome
  • Slower boredom increase.
  • A few new recipes / item balancing.
  • Fixed error where all but the tut house wheeliebin were not pushable.
0.2.0b March 12, 2012


  • Lowered zombie count some to tone down difficulty and help performance.
  • NPCs chance of being 'loners' lowered a tad.
  • Fixed bug where player's random 'loner' stat was used instead of NPCs, meaning if player rolled a high loner stat they would not likely find any NPCs who would join them.
  • Increased priority follow behaviour.
  • Multiplied bravery effect, and removed debug capping to 50% max bravery. Cowards will still run away rather than follow, but brave people are more likely to stick with you.
  • Barricading / Sheet Rope fixed. Sheet ropes only work out of diag forward facing windows for now tho.
  • Numerous map fixes.
0.2.0a March 11, 2012


  • Added crafting of Stairs, Walls, Door Frames, Window Frames, and Cratesを追加。
  • Added ability to chop down trees with Axe to get Logsを追加。
  • Added ability to place wood floor tiles using one Plank, Hammer and Nailsを追加。
  • mouse-only movementを追加。
  • Running走りは全速力にすぐに達するようになり、数秒でスピードダウンします。
  • Moodles渇きシステムが追加。特定のコンテナから水を得られる機能と共に。
  • Zombieとプレイヤーが開いたwindowsを通過できるように。
  • プレイヤーの降下ダメージはどれだけの高さのwindowから飛び降りたかに基づきます。
  • Sheet Ropeを追加、建物を安全に降りることができるように。
  • Boredom moodleを再追加。
  • Stress moodleを追加。
  • Unhappiness moodleを追加。
  • Mood moodle追加、そして怒り状態のNon-player characterとは楽しい状態でできる相互作用を無効化します。
  • NPCのAIをオーバーホール、プレイヤーとNPC同士の相互作用を含む。
  • LUA scriptingスクリプトをサポート。
  • 使うとレベルアップしてゆくskillsを追加。
  • プッシュ可能なオブジェクトを追加。
  • Wheelie binホイールビンを追加。
  • マップサイズを倍に。
  • マルチセルマップをサポート。
  • マップは今、たくさんのシリーズで構成されています。このマップ群は任意のマップへ挿入されます。
  • 照明システムとグラフィックのオーバーホール。
  • ほとんどの建物に機能するランプ/ライトが追加。
  • 武器の追加: Pencils, Pens, Kitchen Knife, Butter Knife, Sledgehammer, Spiked Plank
  • sledgehammerに能力を追加。壁を壊し突破できるように。
  • 新しい音楽と環境音。
  • もっとたくさんのアイテムと特徴を追加。

Pre Alpha 前のアルファ

Version Number Date Added Features/Fixes Added
0.1.5d September 7, 2011


  • Fixed the 'infinisleep' bug.
  • Hypochondria and uncooked food no longer cause damage and pain, just illness.
  • Character creation button clicking fixed
0.1.5c September 6, 2011


  • Optimizations - Hopefully a ton less lag.
  • Less rain.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • NPC tweaks – Less chance of hostile NPC. A bit more varied behaviour.
  • Multi-stage barricades.
  • Increased sound muffle effect of being in/out buildings or different rooms
  • Slowed down horde movement.
  • Added weapon durability and breakage.
0.1.5b August 28, 2011


  • Fixed weird zombie spawning.
  • Fixed crash when full tile barricade is placed without a hammer equipped.
  • Added missing dialogue to Raider scene in K&B story.
  • Fixed character creation screen issue when double sized in previous game.
  • Fixed zombies walking into walls.
  • Fixed NPCs attacking thin air.
  • Slowed down NPC walk speed.
0.1.5a August 28, 2011


  • Craftable doors. Smashed doors have a chance of dropping hinges and door knobs.
  • Open doors now block vision/collide at their new angle.
  • Professions and traits – initial character customization.
  • Cooking food. Fully functional ovens.
  • Food now goes bad. Refrigerators slow down the process. Eat consumables first!
  • Chance of illness if eating spoilt or uncooked food.
  • Bored and depressed moodles. Read books or magazines or go for a stroll outside to relieve boredom (more later). Eating cooked meals also * reduces boredom / depression.
  • Curtains. Block view into building without needing barricades. Sheets can be used to make makeshift curtains.
  • Various bug/crash fixes. Notably no more fire crashes.
  • Burglar alarm on a couple of random buildings on the map.
  • Barricading and crafting etc now takes time to complete. Alterable by different traits.
  • A few more foods and cooking apparatus / crafting recipes.
  • Customizable characters. Most of the legwork for the NPC update already done due to this.
  • Sandbox mode / Adventures of Kate and Baldspot
  • Moddable items, moddable crafting recipes, moddable item distribution, moddable maps, moddable costumes / characters.
  • Rain gets you wet. Colds. Get a cold, coughing and sneezing draws zombie attention. Tissues will mute the sound you make.
  • Wearable clothing.
  • Jukebox – at moment with some old PAWS tunes. One day this system will allow in-game playing of music collection.
  • Basic NPC's with basic controls (move, punch, run)
0.1.4с June 19, 2011


  • Adjustments and tweaks to Panic system.
  • Fire Animation rate fix.
  • Fire-system memory leak fixed.
  • A bug un-spotted so far with the Clock has been fixed.
  • Infection rates from zombie scratches and bites modified after _extensive_ testing.
  • Memory leak in the rain system fixed
  • Based on extensive play-testing - Fixes to incorporate the specific number of bruises, scratches, bites has been factored into the body damage calculations.
  • Bug with moodles always being shown in the lower right on Hi-Res displays is now fixed.
  • Body part status updated to reflect being on fire/burning.
  • Alcohol helps you calm down and combat the panic-state moodles and their negative effects.
  • Player can become drunk from consuming too much alcohol.
  • Drunkenness moodles added.
  • Mass mantis bug cleanup fix operation.
  • Panic only triggers when a zombie comes into view closeby, not if it wanders closeby while in view. Panic still occurs if suddenly you see a ton of zombies, but only if you're outside or the zombies are inside the same building as you.
  • Stumbling about like a buffoon when drunk.
  • Fixed various LOS issues with walls / windows / doors.
  • Changed 'time since seen zombie' code to avoid 'permazomb music' syndrome.
  • Hallucinations cannot break down doors.
  • Indoor ambush zombies are deaf and only respond to seeing player, to avoid them thumping at doors.
  • Addition to panic system to aid in 'user empathetic response to character panic'
  • Fix to mac log file problem stopping it working.
  • Weather blending system to stop it from raining constantly.
  • Fix to allow the drinking of booze by dropping it on the heart icon.
  • Fix to bug in fire code.
  • Fix to pain system, to allow pain to dissipate naturally once all body damage is gone and player is fully healthy.
  • Sleeping clears the system of sleeping pills, beta blockers and anti-depressants.
0.1.4b June 10, 2011


  • Fixed ATI crash bug. We're not sure but this may cause a slight slowdown as it was an optimization that we had to remove to fix it. We'd like to hear how this affects anyone? We'll work on pulling back performance to what it was, but non-ATI owners have to admit this needed resolving fast.
  • Fixed camera bug.
  • Removed custom mouse pointers entirely, for now. Too many issues on macs and some PCs.
  • Various zombie spotting chances changed. A player not moving inside a building will rarely be seen by a zombie from outside and higher floors the chances diminish too since zombies tend to look ahead.
  • Sounds in buildings are muffled so don't travel as far outside.
  • Some horde balancing / fixes.
  • Some aiming tweaks.
  • Reduced footstep range slightly.
  • Zombie spotted music will not play if the zombies are miles away or many floors below you.
  • Made the horde prefer outdoor locations and generally ignore doors without any stimulus from inside. They will on occasion disregard this inclination, to keep you on your toes. After all if a zombie starts thumping he'll attract attention from others. * may need tweaks *
  • Bug meaning scratches were 100% infection fixed.
  • Removed accidentally left in 'debug shotgun shells'.
  • Beta blockers, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets and extra effects for booze.
  • Pills now work over time instead of immediately and can be stacked for faster / more powerful effect. No consequences... YET.
  • M to toggle music on and off (in lieu of a real option screen)
  • A secret thing.
0.1.4a June 6, 2011


  • N, E, S, W / NE, SE, SW, NW directional control toggle.
  • Inventory grows to fill vertical space of sidebar.
  • Fixed various bed related bugs. Added option to sleep to avoid accidental clicks, or to inform player why they can't.
  • Fixed pot dupe bug.
  • Fixed the death sound.
  • Planks of wood will be useable melee weapons.
  • A few stragglers aside, zombies flock together and slowly migrate around the map in one or more groups, meaning the zombie density around the map will differ massively, and this will change over time. This means that your safe-house may be left alone for some time before suddenly being in the centre of a massive shambling swarm.. This may need some balancing in future updates, but should provide more strategy to avoiding the horde.
  • Scratches have only 25% chance of infection, and you will only find out a day or more later when you get queasy if you were infected. Bites are 100%.
  • Added something little to the tutorial that was missed off due to time.
  • You survived for...
  • Bite / scratch / death sounds.
  • Uhoh! Something that'll catch people out a fair few times before they adjust their plans slightly.
  • Can barricade with hammer in your offhand. Forgetting to do this if you have wood selected and try and barricade a door, it will fail but NOT open the door to all the zombies you're trying to protect yourself against.
  • Context sensitive clicking is disabled when CTRL is held.
  • Beds can only be used when within 'open container/open door' range.
  • Skipping tutorial will retain the 'safe zone' until you venture out, to make it a way of skipping the tutorial without punishing the player, making it a more attractive option.
  • Experimental - Raised day length from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, now that there is the ability to fast forward. Doubled the speed of fast forward (CPU dependent).
  • Food / pills can be eaten by putting them on the heart icon, in analog to putting things in inventory.
  • Couches / sofas can be slept on.
  • Eating / pill popping no longer clears item from mouse. So eating multiple is just multiple clicks.
  • Restarting after death. Will skip front end and load the map again immediately. May cause obscure 'second playthrough' bugs from restart we'll have to deal with as they become apparent. May also be pushing it for memory on lower end PCs if the old map hasn't been garbage collected in time.
  • The heart icon does a little wiggle (like the moodles) when you sustain injuries, as a reminder that you might need to tend to some new ailment.
  • Mouse hotspot offset removed on Mac until proper cursors are working.
  • Options file saved in lwjgl cache with game resolution. For those Mac users that need a different res for offline. Will have no effect when played in the browser.
  • Random buildings / doors will be locked and only openable from the inside. Fire axe can attack doors. (Well everything can but most are ineffectual)
  • Craftable full-tile barricades made from 2 plank + 2 nails + hammer. Exact #'s still to balance.
  • Smashed doors either by player or by zombie yield some planks to pick up.
  • Game pause/resume and speed control buttons on the hud.
0.1.3a May 31, 2011


  • Fixed invisible wife / running bug.
  • Mousewheel support for inventory
  • Rudimentary joypad control. Movement/attack/door interaction. This will be ongoing and it'll be a while before the entire game is playable purely with a joypad. Press A button to activate pad. Left thumb = sneak, walk, run. Right thumb = moonwalk/look around. Right bumper (on Xbox pad) = attack, A to interact with doors / containers. Compatibility on mac / different gamepads unknown.
0.1.2a May 29, 2011


  • Added 'speed up time' button (return) that will (PC power dependent) speed time up by a factor of ten. Useful for skipping cut-scenes, waiting out a night when not tired, or doing Benny Hill impressions.
  • Tweaked zombie numbers to make it less immediately punishing. Days are now safer for longer, without sacrificing the danger of nights.
  • Added arrow keys / right shift / control keys as alternates to WASD
  • Lowered zombie path-finding range
  • Made zombies have a chance of getting 'bored' banging doors and investigate other zombie sounds, thus making it feasible to wait out zombies at the door if they don't break it down in time and you make no further sounds.
  • Added tutorial skip option that we're somewhat ashamed of thinking of and will probably become infamous. You'll see.
  • Fixed Kate's dragged / dead frames which weren't working .
  • Fixed infinite ammo bug.
  • Player's footsteps now make sound audible to zombies. to compensate for this zombies have less peripheral vision.
  • Double click to add to inventory.
  • Repaired moodlets for bleeding, injury, pain etc.
  • ESC skips dialogue for current conversation entirely.
  • Potential fix to lag issues. Not definite or even probable but possible.
  • Space will now open inventory and holding it will stop it from closing.
  • RTS style control groups for equipped items. Shift+Ctrl+ 1-9 will store the current equipped items for that hotkey. Pressing 1-9 after will recall them if they are in your inventory. (shift + control is because you use control in battle so using ctrl alone would lead to accidental overwrites)
  • Ctrl をクリックしたままだと、アイテムのスタック全部をコンテナに入れることができるように。普通にやると1つずつ入れます。
  • もしあなたがアイテムをマウスクリックで選択し、それをホールディング中にコンテナから離れた場合、コンテナは閉じ、アイテムはインベントリに入ります。そして、アイテムをキープするか代わりにポインタからアイテムを削除するかができるようになります。
  • いくつかのアイテムの重量バランスを調整。
  • moodle効果表示を改善。
  • 'encumbered'重たいよー moodle状態を追加。重量制限来ちゃった
  • 包帯は身体部分の健康機能の低下を完全に止めるようになります。(NPCs/Skillで適切な治療をするまでは)
  • 痛みの始まる敷居減少。引っかき傷等の警告がマシに。
  • 壁の透明度の範囲が増加。
  • zombifiedは動作する見通しになりました。
0.? May 28, 2011 * Pre-alpha tech demo is released to all pre-orders.
0.0.0 March 15, 2011 * Project Zomboid is officially announced

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