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This item or feature has been removed from the game and replaced by Knox Country in version 0.2.0r.
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the legacy 0.2.0r map of Knox County. For the recreated map, see You Have One Day (Challenge).
A player fighting in a kitchen villa.

The Villas are located east of the Suburbs and north of the Downtown District in the 0.2.0r map. Surrounded by a wall of trees, the villas make a perfect spot to set up a fortress. In the southern part of the same quadrant is a small Fast Food Restaurant which more or less belongs to the Downtown District.

1-6: The Villas

All 6 villas are equipped with a garage, a large kitchen with a refrigerator, 2 toilets, 3 bedrooms and many storage containers in either the kitchen or the living rooms above. The ground floor of each villas have 3 door entrances and 9 windows. The bedroom located above the garage as 1 window, while the other 2 larger bedrooms have 2 windows.

7: Fast Food Restaurant

South of the villas is a small Fast Food Restaurant. Players can find supplies in 1 of the 3 refrigerators or in the trash can in between the toilet's entrance and the restaurant counter. The cash registers can be searched, but never contain anything(for now). While the kitchen in the back as only 1 window, the southern entrance has 12 windows with 1 door.

Just east of the restaurant are 5 trash bins. They all mostly contain anti-boredom or anti-anxiety supplies.

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