Water Bottle (Orange Soda)

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Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Empty Orange Soda Bottle
Category Empty: Water Container
Full: Water
Heavy Load
Empty: 0.1
Full: 0.8
Function Water storage
Capacity 10 units
Contents Water
Can boil water False
Technical details
Base ID Base.PopBottleEmpty

A water bottle is an essential water containing item in Project Zomboid.


A water bottle will automatically satiate the player's thirst, so long as it's in the players main inventory (i.e. not in a bag).

The empty bottle is the resulting product after consuming/emptying a bottle of orange soda (or water)


The contents will gradually deplete, therefore requiring to be refilled. A water bottle can be filled so long as it isn't full. To refill a water bottle, either:

  1. Right-click a water containing item in the player' inventory (e.g. cooking pot with water) and left-click "Pour into" > "Water Bottle".
  2. Right-click a water source (i.e. sink, well, rain collector, etc.) and left-click "Fill" > "Water Bottle".

Water from rivers or rain collector barrels will be tainted, causing the player to become sick.

After a random number of days, the waterworks will shut off, requiring the player to survive on scavenged water or what is left in cisterns and house systems.


Empty bottles can be found in bins.


  • Empty Orange Soda Bottle is one of the oldest items in Project Zomboid and was originally called "Empty Pop Bottle", however was changed in Build 41.
  • Empty Orange Soda Bottle is the only empty bottle in Project Zomboid called something other than "Empty Bottle".



From items_food.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Water Bottle Pop water.png

Version 41.68
	item WaterPopBottle
		DisplayCategory 	= Water,
		IsWaterSource		= TRUE,
		Weight			= 0.8,
		CanStoreWater		= TRUE,
		FillFromDispenserSound 	= GetWaterFromDispenserPlasticMedium,
		FillFromTapSound 	= GetWaterFromTapPlasticMedium,
		Type			= Drainable,
		UseWhileEquipped	= FALSE,
		UseDelta		= 0.1,
		DisplayName		= Water Bottle,
		ReplaceOnDeplete	= PopBottleEmpty,
		ReplaceOnUseOn		= WaterSource-WaterPopBottle,
		Icon			= Pop_water,
		CustomContextMenu 	= Drink,
		CustomEatSound 		= DrinkingFromBottlePlastic,
		StaticModel 		= PopBottle,
		WorldStaticModel 	= EmptyPopBottle,

From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Empty Bottle Pop empty.png

Version 41.68
	item PopBottleEmpty
		DisplayCategory 	= WaterContainer,
		Weight			= 0.1,
		CanStoreWater		= TRUE,
		Type			= Normal,
		DisplayName		= Empty Pop Bottle,
		ReplaceOnUseOn		= WaterSource-WaterPopBottle,
		Icon			= Pop_empty,
		MetalValue 		= 5,
		WorldStaticModel 	= EmptyPopBottle,

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