Water Bottle (Remoulade)

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Water Bottle
JarLid Remoulade Model.png
Water Bottle
Remoulade Remoulade
Empty: Water Container
Full: Water
Moodle Icon HeavyLoad.png
Empty: 0.1
Full: 0.5
Molotov Cocktail
Smashed Bottle
• Water storage
6.25 units
Item ID

A water bottle is an essential water containing item in Project Zomboid.


The empty bottle is the resulting product after consuming/emptying a jar of remoulade (or water). It can be refilled at any water source.


Neither the empty bottle nor the water bottle can be found in the world. They can only be obtained by emptying a jar of remoulade.


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

TZ RemouladeWFull.png Water Bottle
Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\farming.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.68
item RemouladeWaterFull
        DisplayCategory = Water,
        Type = Drainable,
        DisplayName = Water Bottle,
        Icon = TZ_RemouladeWFull,
        Weight = 0.5,
        ReplaceOnDeplete = RemouladeEmpty,
        UseWhileEquipped = false,
        UseDelta = 0.16,
        ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-RemouladeWaterFull,
        IsWaterSource = true,
        CanStoreWater = true,
        FillFromDispenserSound = GetWaterFromDispenserPlasticMedium,
        FillFromTapSound = GetWaterFromTapPlasticMedium,
        StaticModel = RemouladeJar,
        WorldStaticModel = Remoulade_Ground,

TZ RemouladeEmpty.png Empty Bottle
Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\farming.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.68
item RemouladeEmpty
        DisplayCategory = WaterContainer,
        Type = Normal,
        DisplayName = Empty Bottle,
        Icon = TZ_RemouladeEmpty,
        Weight = 0.1,
        ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-RemouladeWaterFull,
        CanStoreWater = true,
        StaticModel = RemouladeJar,
        WorldStaticModel = RemouladeEmpty_Ground,


  • The RJ on the model refers to French developer, Romain 'RJ' Dron, a developer at The Indie Stone who originally added remoulade as part of his farming mod in 2012, before joining the team and adding it into the base game (along with most of the mod).
  • TZ_ prefix in the icon name indicates it was created by Thuztor, a modder responsible for the art in the farming mod, before being added to the base game. There are many textures created by Thuztor still in the game, such as the mayonnaise icon.

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