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Welder Mask
Welder Mask
Welder Mask Icon
Category Clothing
Heavy Load
Body location MaskEyes
Scratch defense 50
Bite defense 30
Insulation 0.25
Wind resistance 0.55
Technical details
Item ID Base.WeldingMask

A welder mask, or welding mask, is an item of clothing used in metalworking.



The welding mask is one of the two items required before any type of metalworking can be performed, with the other being the propane torch.


A welding mask can be used to construct many structures and furniture, such as metal crates and metal walls. Not only does this require a propane torch and welding mask, but each construction will also require a certain amount of welding rods to be used. To construct metalworking objects, the player must have both the propane torch and welding mask in their inventory, then right-click and hover-over "Metalwork" in the contextual menu then select the desired structure to be constructed. Note that each metalworking object requires a known recipe that can be learnt by reading the appropriate recipe magazine.


Similarly to carpentry, the player can barricade doors and windows with metal sheets or metal bars. Unlike constructing, barricading does not require any welding rods or learnt recipes.


There are various metal objects throughout the world that can be disassembled, rewarding the player with some metalworking skill and metal parts. This also requires the player to have a propane torch and welding mask, however does not require welding rods. Disassembling most items does not cost propane with the exception of wrecked vehicles.


Some vehicle parts can be repaired using a welding mask and small metal sheets, so long as the player has a sufficient metalworking and mechanics skill. Parts that are currently repairable with a welding mask and small metal sheets are: doors, gas tanks and trunks.

Car wrecks (burnt cars) can be dismantled, gathering metal materials depending on the player's metalworking skill.


Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Metal Sheet
6.25 MW MW = 4 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4 BlowTorch.png
Propane Torch
(2 units)

Welder Mask
Small Metal Sheet x4
Small Metal Sheet x3
6.25 MW MW = 4 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4 BlowTorch.png
Propane Torch
(2 units)

Welder Mask
Metal Sheet x1

Body location

Body location
Protection Hat.png Head



Welder masks can be found in logging factories, sheds, garages, tool stores, storage units, and crates.


They can be found in the trunk of a metal welder, or construction worker's vehicle.


Welder masks can be found on zombie mechanics.


From clothing_hats.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/clothing)

Retrieved: Build 41.65

	item WeldingMask
		DisplayCategory	= Clothing,
		Type		= Clothing,
		DisplayName	= Welder Mask,
		ClothingItem	= Hat_WeldersMask,
		BodyLocation	= MaskFull,
		Icon		= WeldingMask,
		BloodLocation	= Head,
		CanHaveHoles	= false,
		BloodLocation	= Head,
		BiteDefense	= 30,
		ScratchDefense	= 50,
		Insulation	= 0.25,
		WindResistance	= 0.55,
		WaterResistance	= 1.0,


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