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A player near a well.

A well is a man-made structure tunneling down an aquifer for water extracting purposes.

As of build 41, wells can only be found only outside of the cities. There are several known wells:

  • The first is located at a farm to the northwest of Muldraugh.
  • The second is located at the farm directly south of the first well.
  • The third is located at the cabin in the western woods, north of the lumberyard.


After some time, the city's water supply will run out. When the water appliances found throughout Knox Country no longer work, a survivor must rely on either wells, rain, a body of water, or whatever beverages the survivor has stockpiled. As of build 41, the well provides unlimited amount of water and never dried out or freezes, so building a safehouse around it can prove to be beneficial.

Vs plumbing

With the introduction of the Plumbing mechanic, the utility of wells for mass purified water is debatable.

While plumbing can only draw from the reservoirs, even a single full rain barrel at 400 units gives plenty for normal use between rainfall. Couple that with the ability to have up to 8 rain barrels feeding one Bathtub and that bathtub able to work as a reservoir for an item the floor below, and it is difficult to imagine needing the unlimited water a well provides.

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