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West Point, KY
West Point thumb.png
Isometric view of West Point
Type Town
Population 4207 (estimated)
Established 1789
Motto "Small town, big heart"
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map11920x6900
Map location
“Whether you're strolling through the town square, chowing on of our pies or just chatting with friendly locals - West Point is the true Small Town USA.

Don't let sleepy streets, affordable housing and acres of rolling farmland fool you - this is the Knox Country administrative hub. If our mayor isn't busy rubber-stamping public ordinances in the town hall, you might just find him in the famous Twiggy's Bar! No matter how long your stay: a West Point welcome is guaranteed!”

— In-game description

West Point is a town in the state of Kentucky, in an area known as Knox Country, and based on the real-life West Point, KY. West Point is located south on the Ohio River, north of Muldraugh, east of Riverside, and south of Valley Station and Louisville. Dixie Hwy (Route 31W) runs through the southern area of West Point and curves north.

West Point is the westernmost spawn town, and features some of the most loot dense areas on the map. This is balanced out by a high population of zombies, especially in the downtown area, with the highest zombie population out of the four starting spawn towns. This makes it difficult for even experienced survivors to survive here, especially if players choose this as their spawn town. The zombie population is highest in the downtown area, but there is also a decently large population of zombies in the sprawling residential areas to the west.

Some points of interest in West Point include a police station, a large supermarket, a pharmacy, a hardware store, as well as a highly coveted gun store, which requires a sledgehammer to enter. Most of the zombies are located in the downtown area, so players can try staying on the outskirts and making use of stealth to enter buildings. However, players should have an escape route planned at all times, because the high population of zombies can easily overwhelm even the most experienced survivors. But survivors that successfully loot West Point can walk away with many high tier weapons and supplies, second only to Louisville.

Businesses and landmarks

Food & drink

Business Type Coordinates
Burgers Fast Food 12078x7076
Crystal Pie Place Bakery/Residential 11907x6866
Mendy's Eatery Restaurant/Residential 11903x6880
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 11662x7085
Pharmahug Pharmacy 11932x6802
Restaurant Restaurant/Residential 11935x6913
Seahorse Coffee Cafe/Residential 11963x6882
Spiffo's Fast Food 11978x6812
The Drake Bar/Residential 11906x6852
Twiggy's Bar 12066x6800


Business Type Coordinates
Hotel Hotel/motel 12024x6917

Hair & beauty

Business Type Coordinates
Hair Genesis Hair salon/residential 11859x6886


Business Type Coordinates
Factory Factory 12141x7085


Business Type Coordinates
West Point Caboose Car Landmarks 12199x6879


Business Type Coordinates
Boat Launch Park/Dock 11276x6597
Dock Dock 11828x6584
Park Park 11787x6918
Picnic Area Park 12047x7377
Playground Park 11416x6782


Business Type Coordinates
Construction Site Construction 12071x6925
Offices Office 11857x6924
Storage Lot Storage 12136x7021

Retail & stores

Business Type Coordinates
Convenience Store Convenience Store 11973x6912
Clothing Store Clothing store 11881x6910
Enigma Books Book store/residential 11895x6886
Food Market Grocery store/residential 11984x6914
Furniture Store Furniture store 11931x6942
General Store General store 11831x6913
GigaMart Supermarket 12029x6858
Grocer Store Grocer Store 11354x6723
Zippee Market Convenience store 11663x7069
West Point Gun Range and Hunting Center Gun Store 12066x6760


Business Type Coordinates
Cemetery Cemetery 11069x6711
Church Church 11089x6713
Clinic Clinic 11867x6911
Dentistry Dentist/Residential 11882x6884
Knox Bank Bank 11905x6915
Post Office Post Office/Residential 11961x6912
Police Station Police Station 11897x6942
West Point Elementary School School 11739x6923
West Point School School 11342x6774
Valu-Insurance Insurance/Office/Residential 11871x6886
West Point Town Hall Town Hall 11940x6869


Business Type Coordinates
American Tire Automobile Repair Shop 12258x6931
Car Fix-Ation Automobile Repair Shop/Mechanic Supply Store 11897x6807
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 11931x6786
Thunder Gas Filling Station/Convenience Store 11824x6870
Fossoil Filling Station/Convenience Store 12078x7142


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