Winter Is Coming (challenge)

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Winter Is Coming is a challenge Game Mode in Project Zomboid in which the temperature gradually drops and an endless winter sets in. Although the Infected are slowed by the cold and may struggle to see you in the falling snow, they are still dangerous and now the plummeting temperature will also be clawing at your door.

The primary challenge of this game mode is to keep warm as the cold steadily increases, despite the game starting in the middle of July. Wind chill and freezing will be a constant threat as well as the zombies: the player will have to defend themselves against the cold as much as the undead. This necessitates not only finding warm clothing but reliable sources of heat. Sickness becomes a greater threat than ever if one is unable to get warm and stay well-fed. The issue of having to be constantly indoors, however, can lead to players becoming trapped by the enemies outside.

Food can also be a major problem: foraging may be greatly reduced as it gets colder and time spent outside foraging can be potentially lethal. Farming will be less productive, but not impossible.

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