Wood Glue

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Wood Glue
Wood Glue
Category Item
Heavy Load
Technical details
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Wood Glue is a repair material which can be found in storage cupboards in houses, boxes in warehouses, and sheds which is used to repair weapons to a useable state. The hardware store in West Point, KY is an excellent place to find wood glue and many useful tools relatively early in the game.

Using wood glue requires at least level 2 in Carpentry to use (with the exception of repairing hammers which require level 1). Currently wood glue is the best repair material for the majority of weapons in game.

Wood glue is a multi-use item and can be used repeatedly until the container has run out. Each full bottle has 5 uses of wood glue, however bottles do not always spawn completely filled, and may have less uses.

Glue Needed Per Repair

1 Glue/Carpentry 1 2 Glue/Carpentry 2
Hammer Axe
Baseball Bat
Spiked Baseball Bat


Version 41.39
    item Woodglue
        Type	            =	        Drainable,
        UseDelta	        =	        0.2,
        UseWhileEquipped	=	        FALSE,
        DisplayName			=		    Wood Glue,
        Icon				=			Woodglue,
        Weight				=			0.1,
        Tooltip = Tooltip_FixItems,
        SurvivalGear = TRUE,

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