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Map of Project Zomboid overlayed on top of the real world photos of the area. (click for a bigger version)

Knox County is a fictional area in America where Project Zomboid is set. It takes place within the city of Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky, and surrounding countryside.

Post RC 2.9 map

Muldraugh, as of RC2.9. (click for a bigger version)
also Muldraugh with buildings, as of RC2.9. Rotated version (click for a bigger version)
Muldraugh tourist map with symbols, also as of RC2.9. (click for a bigger version)

Thanks to the efforts of Blindcoder, the most complete map available can be found here:

You can help him expand it here:

The map has been remade completely for RC2.9, since the streaming system enables a much larger, continuous world. Currently the map consists of the towns Muldraugh and West Point, with a vast but almost completely unfinished world around it. Mauldaugh alone is 8 map cells, whereas the 0.2.0 version map fit in one cell. The map is heavily inspired by the real towns of Muldraugh and West Point.

West point has been added to the north east of Muldraugh. West Point is smaller in size (estimated to be about 6 cells) but has a larger population than Muldraugh and is more dense with enemies.

Future locations will include vast forests surrounding the town, highways off the town, farm houses near the outskirts of towns, and even more cities—perhaps eventually Louisville.


Muldraugh has 342 buildings of town and a former population of "3566". 40 of the buildings being the "Special" buildings noted below which usually have more loot, more valuable loot, or are just monuments of the pre-apocalyptic world.

Some points of interest in town:

  • Diner, burger joint, laundromats
  • Pile'o'Crepe
  • Zippee Market
  • Spiffo's
  • Knox Bank
  • Gas station
  • Sunstar Motel
  • Muldraugh elementary school
  • Pizza Whirled
  • Tattoo parlor, bail bonds
  • Farmer's market
  • Mini-mall
  • Police station
  • Trailer park with about 20 trailers and associated motel
  • Church
  • Cortman Medical

The rest of the 302 buildings include houses, warehouses, sheds, and mansions.

West Point

West point in terms of size, is smaller than Muldraugh. However, it has a larger population and a population density than Muldraugh so enemies are clumped in larger packs. The houses are closer to each other as well.

Some points of interest in town:

  • Twiggy's
  • Spiffo's
  • Knox Bank
  • Enigma Books and Mendys eatery
  • Hair-o-Genesis
  • Seahorse Coffee
  • School
  • Candy Shop
  • Church and Cemetary
  • Thunder Gas
  • Motel
  • Police Station
  • The Drake and Crystal Pie Place
  • Gun Shop
  • GIGA Mart
  • Hardware Store and Book Market
  • Book Store
  • Pharmahug
  • Laudromat
  • Autoshop
  • Warehouse