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Anyone producing/posting spam on the wiki will have their account deleted IMMEDIATELY.

Profanity and Sexuality

Profanity and sexual references are forbidden to be posted onto the wiki. These actions will result in the affected pages to be reverted and consequential action toward persons who do so. Repeated offender will be banned from editing pages from then on.

Excessive profanity towards other wiki members will also carry consequence.


Please place this code at the top of each page:


If adding a language bar to a category page, place this code at the top of the page instead of the code above (This is only needed if the category pages isn't in English, English pages can have just the basic languages code):


@NAME@ is the name of the category.

This will allow users to be redirected to the same page in different languages (that are available). If this bit of code is put at the top of each page, it will result in a smoother navigation of wiki pages from language to language.

Note that if you are adding the language bar to a template, you need to include the following so that the bar does not get transcluded onto other pages:


Refer to Template:Languages for more information.

Language Translation

For anyone that wants to edit wiki pages, please only edit pages that are in the language you are fluent in.