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A heat source provides its surroundings with warmth, most of them are also containers where you are able to cook food. All heat sources have a chance to burn food, if left alone, and a chance to burst into flames and burn the surrounding area to ashes if left on and unattended. Always turn off any heat source when you are done using it to avoid this. Also, in multiplayer it seems that heat sources have a higher tendency to burn down the house, though this may be a bug. All heat sources (excluding campfires) are considered powered by electricity by the game (including BBQ grills), so when the power fails all cooking will have to be done on Campfires.


Example of an Oven found in in-game shops and houses.
Oven Model

Ovens are only found in house or restaurant kitchens. They are currently used to cook food by placing the cookable item(s) inside one of the slots and then turning them on. The occupied slot's background has a smooth transition from a slightly, to clearly visible red that indicates the cooking process and it's rough progress. Recipes, such as soup, can be crafted using the inventory and also cooked in this way. Most foods look different when they're done cooking and substantially reduce your hunger when compared to the uncooked versions. But cooking a food for too long will burn the food and will make it less filling and can make the consumer ill. Food's cooking progress can also be monitored by the dropdown menu on the food items; the nutrition bar will change to Cooking, and slowly fill as the food cooks.

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven model
Microwave Oven

Similar to Ovens, they are found in houses and restaurant kitchens. It can be used to cook.


Campfire model

You can also use Campfires to cook food. Be aware the fire can ignite nearby objects and even Players if standing in the fire


BBQ-Grill model
small BBQ-Grill
BBQ-Grill model
big BBQ-Grill

There are also some BBQ-Grills where you can cook. They are often found in backyards of houses they require Power like Microwaves and Stoves, some will spawn with a propane tank that you can take out and put into another BBQ in order to power it.

While you can use ripped sheets to light a campfire, it doesn't work with charcoal BBQ. Use paper (magazine, newspaper, etc) or gas.