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List of notice boxes:

  • {{Notice|Future}}
PictureKate.png This feature/item is planned in a future version. It either does not exist yet, or does not yet have any known use.

  • {{Notice|Improve}}
Whiskey Half.png This article or section may be in need of improvement. Editors are encouraged to add any missing information to the article, while verifying that the article's current content is correct.

  • {{Notice|Outdated}}
AppleRotten.png This article or section may be outdated. Editors are encouraged to update this section with new information.

  • {{Notice|Short}}
Notepad.png This article may need more content. Editors are encouraged to add new material to the page while expanding upon current topics.

  • {{Notice|Verify}}
CandleLit.png This article may have claims which require verification. Editors should verify the article's current content and, while adding content, check new information.

  • {{Notice|Unconfirmed}}
This article or section may contain unconfirmed information about future development. It may not be entirely reliable.

  • {{Notice|Underconstruction}}
Hammer.png This article or section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It is not complete.

  • {{Notice|Spoiler}}

This section is likely to contain major spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid.

  • {{Notice|Unknown}}
It is unknown whether this feature/item is currently in the game, is planned or has yet to be implemented.

  • {{Notice|Hydrocraft}}
HCWorkgloves.png This feature/item is part of the Hydrocraft Mod, and is not present in the vanilla version.

  • {{Notice|Obsolete}}
This item or feature has been removed from the game or replaced by something else.
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