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This is a community page.

This is a page related to the community of this wiki, or its users. This is not applied to the game itself.

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Spiffo, the Indie Stone Mascot of Choice. Also likes burgers, fast food, and is ingame to help.
Spiffo welcomes you to the Zomboid Wiki.
Hope you have a pen handy..
Project Zomboid's Wiki (PZWiki for short) requires continous updates as the game develops. To make any general suggestions please use the discussion page.

Indie Stone's current aim is to currently update the game with newer features and improve on existing ones. As a matter of course, as the updates continue, the previously written wiki pages become obsolete and require bringing up to date to current information.

PZWiki would appreciate player assistance in keeping pages up to date to help newer players understand the game and to keep visiting older players up to date with current game design progress.

To that end, PZWiki would appreciate help in any way provided. (as long as it follows the basic Wiki rules)

Priority Issues that currently need resolving (List as at May '17)

High Priority Problems

  • Main front page needs rework and brought up to date due to word block causing issues. [COMPLETED]
  • Metalwork Category items are incomplete, new pages are needed to fill in new constructable items.
1) Metal Containers - Metal Shelves/Metal Crate/Metal Counter/Metal Counter Corner/Small Locker/Big Locker
2) Metal Fences - Fence/Pole Fence/Fence Gate/Wired Fence/Big Wired Fence/Big Pole Fence/Big Pole Fence Gate
3) Metal roof
4) Metal sheet
  • Metalworking Guide needs review, is incomplete and likely out of date.
  • Tool Category items are incomplete, new pages are needed to fill in new tool items.
1) Propane torch
2) Welding mask
3) Welding rods
  • Metal materials used in Metal Construction have no pages/are unlisted.
  • No articles currently on new Compost system. [COMPOSTER COMPLETED]
  • How-to-Edit article needs updating. [MORE INFO ADDED]
  • Majority of Carpentry category pages are currently stubs, some are unconnected and need to be brought into Navigational framework.
  • Bomb and Thrown item articles in disarray, out of date and uncatalogued in Navigational framework. [ATTACHED TO CATEGORY]
  • Creation of Category and NavBox for Bomb/Thrown/Electrical items. [CATEGORY COMPLETED] / [NAVBOX NOT COMPLETED]
  • Carpentry Guide needs verifying/confirmed if costs for construction are correct and brought into Navigational framework.
  • Crafting Guide needs verifying/confirmed if costs for crafting are correct and brought into Navigational framework.
  • No pages on Nutrition which is a serious game dynamic.
  • No pages on the Annotated Maps.

Medium Priority Problems

Mid-Low Priority Problems

  • Knox County article is out of date as it does not describe in general the new areas of the map. Someone whos wandered a lot could add valuable info.
  • Food items now require reflecting current microwave/cooking changes. Not currently implemented in documents.
  • Information on Jar'd items not current and only a stub.
  • General information on pages need bringing up to date. Current Version is 38.30 yet we have pages from the initial build release still un-updated.
Articles in Version (0.2.0p) are extremely out of date and require urgent updating.
(The last major update to information was attempted in Version 34.28. Link here to Version Categories)
  • Screenshots on the main page using this template are from many builds ago and do not reflect current gameplay. Descriptions need to reflect this.
  • Navigational Map needs updating, does not account for new categories (metalwork, out of date guides etc). [COMPLETED]
  • Code for health and construction of barricades needs locating for Barricade document.
  • Farming articles (seeds/plants etc) need linking up to their NavBox.
  • All weapon articles need to be updated to fully utilise the Weapons Template change. [COMPLETED]

"On Hold" Problems

  • Version History page is as at Version 34.28. No new builds added. (Currently on hold, word censorship preventing update) [UNBLOCKED, COMPLETED]
  • Vehicle Category will need constructing (Currently on hold, not released yet.)
  • "Frequently asked questions" page needs rework and brought up to date if information incorrect. (Currently on hold, other items take priority.)
  • Further Boilerplates need adding for new types of items. (User MalonyJenkins will handle when required.)
  • Massive undertaking of translation of up to date articles, and purge of old/untranslated documentation. (Currently on hold, majority of articles out of date.)
  • Construction of Dedicated Server article on linked page.

General Instruction on things anyone can do outside the above list

Assisting the Wiki can be done in many forms:

Create Pages for Missing Content

As the game continues to expand, new features and items will enter into the game which the Wiki will not have catalogued, such as the planned (at time of writing) vehicles being introduced into the game.

Please check if the page already pre-exists before creating a new page, for sake of preventing duplication.

Alternatively, check our missing pages category, which lists pages that are currently noted as missing. However please note you will need to go a fair bit down the list as all languages are collected in this category, so it lists french, russian, japanese (etc) missing pages together. Please note the /# symbol after a page name relates to the Language, so if you see Lettuce/fr, it means the lettuce article in French.

(Don't know how to edit a page? Don't worry, Spiffo has you covered. Check out the Boilerplates category for current designs of pages in which you need to just fill in the blanks. As for how to edit, we recommend our page on editing here.)

(Want to know what images are unused for your page? Don't worry, Spiffo has also got you covered on this. Check out the unused images page for unused images. Please note there is the potential for duplicated images so please check the article doesnt exist elsewhere.)

Editing Existing and/or Stub Pages

On occasion the Indie Stone, the Wiki Managers, or editors will set up Stub pages to be improved on later by other Wiki editors. These simply need filling out/formatting with the most recent information.

Stub articles

Stub Articles are all categorised by Stub notices, and stub articles can be found here for improvement. Some stub articles may not use current boilerplates and should be updated accordingly if required.

Articles in need of Improvement

Some editors who read the wiki find pages that are clearly out of date and require a modernisation to bring them back into a relevant state by adding a notice to the page. These pages can be found under the following category page.

Version Pages

Due to how the Boilerplates work and current Wiki policy, all pages are required to have Version Ńumbers attached to the page. This helps discern which version the page was edited and brought up to. The version category collects all pages edited in that version. See the Version Categories page for the list of pages potentially needing updating. Once the page is brought up to date, the Version No. must be updated to reflect it has been corrected.


Translating the English pages (which at this time is currently the most numerous of the Wiki pages into their relevant language is a enormous task which simply requires a bit of time from Wiki editors. Please try to only translate pages which are close to the current working version, as translating a page from several versions ago could potentially be a redundant exercise unless you can confirm the information is current and assign the page to the current version category.

The use of the {{language}} tag on pages allows for a page to be put in a different language by linking to the assigned variant. Help with translating pages is very much appreciated.

Moving Pages

Try not to move pages unless necessary, one such change would be to remove unnecessary capital letters to lower case. A lot of links on various pages have been spelt with capital letters when they are in the middle of a sentence. These need to be changed to lower case where appropriate. Such as "Concrete Bucket" to "Concrete bucket".

On the basis of pages on items/events/future planned features which are not part of the game yet such as a feature not implemented, these don't need to be moved but need to be categorised in the "Not yet in game" category.

Reporting Spam

When reporting spam the first thing you should do is check to make sure that the article in question is not focused on Project Zomboid. Check the page's title, look to see that there is not an extensive history for the page. If you are not sure that the article is not legitimate leave a note on the article's discussion page.

If you are absolutely positive that the article is spam and does not belong on the wiki insert the following into the article, before any content:


Preview to make sure a red box has appeared on the page, then save your changes. An admin will delete the article after review. To report someone you believe is a spambot simply leave a message on an admin's talk page.

Adding Pages To Categories

When creating a new page or coming across a page that hasn't been added to an appropriate category, edit using this format:


You can find a listing of category names on this page and the Navigation Page can give the formal layout of the wiki here.

HOWEVER, if you convert the page into using a Boilerplate, then the categories would be assigned automatically.

Adding Notice Boxes To Pages

Notice boxes are the boxes added to the top of pages to indicate problems or concerns with the article. One example is the in need of improvement notice box:

This article or section may be in need of improvement. Editors are encouraged to add any missing information to the article, while verifying that the article's current content is correct.

Adding this notice box to a page is as simple as inserting this line at the top:


Adding notice boxes will not only display helpful information, but it may also add the article to a special category. For a list of notice boxes, see this page.