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Here is what is currently going on with PZwiki. To make any suggestions please use the discussion page.

Things anyone can do

Until the game is released there isn't a great deal for people to do at the moment..

Reporting Spam

When reporting spam the first thing you should do is check to make sure that the article in question is not focused on Project Zomboid. Check the page's title, look to see that there is not an extensive history for the page. If you are not sure that the article is not legitimate leave a note on the article's discussion page.

If you are absolutely positive that the article is spam and does not belong on the wiki insert the following into the article, before any content:


Preview to make sure a red box has appeared on the page, then save your changes. An admin will delete the article after review. To report someone you believe is a spambot simply leave a message on an admin's talk page.

Adding Pages To Categories

When creating a new page or coming across a page that hasn't been added to an appropriate category, edit using this format:


You can find a listing of category names on this page.

Adding Notice Boxes To Pages

Notice boxes are the boxes added to the top of pages to indicate problems or concerns with the article. One example is the in need of improvement notice box:

This article or section may be in need of improvement. Editors are encouraged to add any missing information to the article, while verifying that the article's current content is correct.

Adding this notice box to a page is as simple as inserting this line at the top:


Adding notice boxes will not only display helpful information, but it may also add the article to a special category. For a list of notice boxes, see this page.

Important Topics

Attention Required

Any pages that have been put in these categories require attention. Once improved feel free to remove the notice to take it out of the category page.

When browsing a page if it has a version notice at the top, be sure to update the number if you update the information in the page. If it doesn't have one, we would appreciate it if you put a version notice in there. Just copy and paste the version and build notice from the main page.

Main page

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