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Note: This page was updated with version (14) of Project Zomboid in mind. If the page turns out to be outdated please add an outdated Notice banner.

Before starting Project Zomboid, a character will need to be created for the player to use; giving them a name, choosing an occupation, as well as selecting certain traits (both positive and negative).

Each occupation gives different advantages to your character which will allow them to excel in certain fields more so than other characters.

It should be noted that Occupations, unlike Traits, do not have any negative impacts on the player and do not need to be balanced with other traits to start the game. It is currently possible to start a new character with an occupation only by not adding any other Traits.

Current List of Occupations


This occupation comes with no unique trait and appears to have no advantages. It's unwise to choose this occupation.

Fire Officer

This trait belongs to.
The Fire Officer icon, as it appears on the character creation menu.

Grants the perk Axe Man which doubles the speed when breaking down a door with an axe. It also allows for faster axe swinging. This profession is helpful for building a safehouse, as you can use an axe to cut down trees for wood much faster and more effectively.

Police Officer

This trait belongs to.
The Police Officer icon, as it appears on the character creation menu.

Grants the perk Marksman. The perk improves the accuracy of firearms and allows for faster reloading. This profession is helpful for clearing out large groups of zombies with firearms to potentially kill off a large horde, or to clear a large area for building a safehouse.

Park Ranger

This trait belongs to.
The Park Ranger icon, as it appears on the character creation menu.

Grants the perk Outdoorsman. The perk causes cold weather to have little or no effect on the player. It also allows for "greater orienteering" (an unimplemented future feature) This profession is ideal for playing in a Sandbox world with the temperature set to Cold or Very Cold.

Construction Worker

This trait belongs to.
The Construction Worker icon, as it appears on the character creation menu.

Grants the perk Thick Skinned and Handy. It is the only job to have two unique traits assigned to the occupation. Thick Skinned makes it so the player has less of a chance getting a scratch or bite injury from zombies. This can be extremely useful when combating zombies. Handy allows the player to barricade faster. This profession is great for quickly building a large fort.

Security Guard

This trait belongs to.
The Security Guard icon, as it appears on the character creation menu.

Choosing this occupation grants the unique perk of Night Owl which means the player requires less sleep and is more alert while asleep. Helpful in the event a zed starts knocking at your door. This profession is useful for extending travel time for scavenging or other activities.

Not Implemented Occupations

There are several more occupations in the game files that are not finished yet. They are:

  • Military Soldier
  • Military Officer
  • Salesperson
  • IT Worker
  • Office Worker
  • Truck Driver
  • Farmer
  • Cashier
  • Shop Clerk
  • Fast Food Cook
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Burglar
  • Drug Dealer
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Waiter
  • Customer Service
  • Janitor
  • Secretary
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Teacher

All Possible Occupation Traits

Traits Effects Occupation
Night Owl Requires little sleep. Stays extra alert even when sleeping. Security Guard
Axe Man Double speed breaking through doors with an axe. Faster axe swing. Fire Officer
Marksman Improved gun accuracy. Quicker reload. Police Officer
Outdoorsman Not affected by harsh weather conditions. Extra orienteering ability. Park Ranger
Thick Skinned Less chance of scratches or bites breaking skin. Construction Worker
Handy Faster Barricading. Construction Worker

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