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Skills Window

Skills are the learned abilities of your character. The skill level shows how adept your character is at a specific skill. Skill levels can be increased by allocating Skill Points earned from gaining levels.

Skills are currently divided into the categories Agility, Crafting, and Combat.


Leveling Up

As the player hones the various skills that are in the game (carpentry, sprinting, etc), the player will gain skill points to use to improve on a skill (if there is a skill available for improvement). Each time a player gets a skill point, getting the next skill point requires 100 more XP.

The next time the Player opens his or her "skills" tab in the UI section, the Skill Point Allocation Panel will appear, allowing the player to distribute Skill Points to the category that has been trained only.

Gold Squares are already obtained Skills. Black Squares are skills that have yet to be trained. Partially white squares are skills that are being trained but have not been trained enough to get a skill level increase in. How much of the black square is white shows how close the player is to achieving the next skill level.

List of Skills


Name Effect
Sprinting This affects how fast you can Run.

This can be leveled by Running (hold SHIFT).

Nimble The Nimble skill affects how fast you move while Sneaking, jumping over windows/fences,

and how much visibility you lose when aiming. [1]

This can be leveled by sneaking, climbing through windows, and jumping over fences.

Lightfooted This is your ability to Run or Walk quietly.

This can be leveled by Walking or Running near zombies while undetected.

Sneaking Your general ability to avoid detection when Sneaking.

This can be leveled by Sneaking (holding CTRL or Z) near zombies while undetected.


Name Effect
Carpentry With higher skill level, Carpentry gives new building options, improves the quality and increases the health of player-constructed carpentry.

Barricading and removing barricades is faster.

This can be leveled by Crafting anything that uses Wooden Planks or by sawing Logs into planks.

Cooking Cooking increases your Crafted Food's hunger reduction by factor: 0.7-Lv0, 1.0-Lv1, 1.1-Lv2, 1.4-Lv3, 1.5-Lv4 and 2.0-Lv5.

This can be leveled by cooking food in Ovens, Microwaves, Toasters, Barbecues, or by Crafting Food Recipes

Farming Raising the Farming skill allows you to check up on a plants status and the information available increases as the skill does.

This can be leveled by harvesting crops.


Name Effect
Blunt Blunt is your general proficiency with the Blunt weapon category which includes the Hammer, the Baseball Bat,

the Spiked Baseball Bat and the Sledgehammer.

This can be leveled by hitting a zombie with any weapons in the Blunt category.

Blade Blade is your general proficiency with the Blade weapon category which includes the Butter Knife, the Kitchen Knife, and the Axe.

This can be leveled by hitting a zombie with any weapons in the Blade category.

Aiming Your aiming skill determines how accurately you can shoot a target when fighting with a firearm.

This can be leveled up by killing an enemy with a firearm.

Reloading Your reloading skill determines how long it takes your character to take out a magazine, load some bullets, and insert the magazine back in.

This can be leveled up by reloading any firearm.

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