Hunting Knife

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Hunting Knife
Hunting Knife.png
Weight: 0.3
Weapon Type: Melee
Ammunition: None
Hands: One handed
Damage: Min - 0.3
Max - 0.6
Max Condition: 10
Degrade Chance: 1 in 20
Item ID: HuntingKnife

The hunting knife is a excellent secondary backup weapon (or even primary if you prefer knives). It is light, durable and has the 'Jaw Stab' attack which can kill a zombie instantly if close enough and timed correctly.

The Hunting Knife can be found in bedrooms, police station storage, gunstores, in fishing storage and in a few other places ingame. It is also a one handed weapon which means you can carry a second bag in the secondary slot (assuming the first bag is on a characters back).

The hunting knife is a single attack weapon, so it is best if used in single combat or if zombies are relatively spread out when attacking.

Since it is also a knife, it can be used similar to the kitchen knife in preparation of food.

Its tree/door damage is negligible. (2 tree, 1 door per attack).

Materials to Repair

Item Repaired 1st Repair Materials =
55% Repaired, 100% Success

20% Repaired, 95% Success

10% Repaired, 95% Success
Hunting Knife.png

Hunting Knife


Duct Tape




Adhesive Tape (2 Uses)

Repair Code

    fixing Fix Hunting Knife
       Require : HuntingKnife,

       Fixer : DuctTape,
       Fixer : Glue,
       Fixer : Scotchtape=2,


    item HuntingKnife
		MaxRange			= 0.9,
		WeaponSprite			= Knife,
		MinAngle			= 0,
		Type				= Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime		= 2,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0.02,
		Categories			= Blade,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 20,
		Weight				= 0.3,
		SplatN.umber			= 0,
		PushBackMod			= 0.3,
		MaxDamage			= 0.6,
		SubCategory			= Stab,
		AimingMod			= 0.8,
		ConditionMax			= 10,
		MaxHitCount			= 1,
		IsAimedHandWeapon		= TRUE,
		DoorDamage			= 1,
		SwingAnim			= Stab,
		WeaponWeight			= 1.7,
		DisplayName			= Hunting Knife,
		MinRange			= 0.61,
		CloseKillMove 			= Jaw_Stab,
		SwingTime			= 2,
		MinDamage			= 0.3,
		KnockdownMod			= 0,
		SplatBloodOnNoDeath		= TRUE,
		Icon				= HuntingKnife,
		RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
        	IdleAnim			= Idle_Weapon2,
        	TreeDamage  			= 2,
        	EnduranceMod 			= 0.5,
        	BreakSound  			= PZ_MetalSnap,
        	MetalValue 			= 30,

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