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Weight: 0.5

The only purpose of the doorknob is to craft doors, along with wooden planks, door hinges, and some nails. It is found mainly in the hardware store, but a destroyed door will always yield a doorknob, along with some wooden planks and some door hinges. If a user uses a doorknob found off a door that they destroyed and they own the key to that door the new door will also be able to be locked/unlocked with the same key.


Output Ingredients Description
Door x1
Smallhammer.png + Smallplank.png + Smalldoorhinge.png + Smalldoorknob.png + Smallnails.png
Hammer x1 Wooden Plank x4 Door Hinge x2 Doorknob x1 Nails x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Can be placed inside any wooden door frame without a door. Carpentry Level 3