Notched Wooden Plank

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Notched Wooden Plank
TZ PerforatedWoodenPlank 120px.png
Hand Drill
Weight 0.5
Primary use Fire starting
Name: Base.PercedWood

A notched wooden plank, also known as a fire board or hearth board, is a wooden plank that has one or more holes drilled into it. It is primarily used to light a campfire when a lighter or matches are not available. The notched wooden plank is used in a fire starting method known in the real world as hand drill fire starting.


Fire starting

To light a campfire, first ensure that fuel has already been added to the campfire, which will act as the kindling. The player must have the notched wooden plank and a sturdy stick in their inventory. Right-clicking the campfire and selecting "Light Fire" > "Notched Wooden Plank + Sturdy Stick" will cause the player to attempt to light the fire, although there is a chance that they will fail, breaking/destroying the sturdy stick. If successful, the campfire will burst into flames, while the sturdy stick and notched wooden plank will be returned to the player's inventory.

Note that this method of fire starting can only be used for lighting a campfire and antique oven, and will not work for lighting a charcoal barbecue.


It can be used as a fuel for fires, and lasts for 2 hours if done so.


Product Recipe Description Skill Level
TZ PerforatedWoodenPlank.png
Notched Wooden Plank x1
Screwdriver.png + Plank.png
Kitchen Knife
Butter Knife x1
Hunting Knife
Chipped Stone x1
Wooden Plank x1
(No in-game description)
Used to start campfires in place of a lighter.
Carpentry Level 0



From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 39.67.5
	item PercedWood
		Type 		= Normal,
		DisplayName 	= Notched Wooden Plank,
		Icon 		= TZ_PerforatedWoodenPlank,
		Weight 		= 0.5,


From recipes.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 39.67.5
	recipe Drill Plank
		keep Screwdriver/KitchenKnife/ButterKnife/HuntingKnife/SharpedStone,


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