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Primary use: Cutting logs
Other uses: Making a Sawed-Off Shotgun
Weight: 0.7

The saw is a tool used for cutting certain items. Its primary purpose is to convert raw logs into usable planks. Its secondary purpose is to turn regular shotguns into the improved sawed-off shotgun. The saw can also be used to cut watermelons into watermelon slices.

Saws can often be found in storage crates (which are typically found in warehouses). They can also be rarely found in some residential homes. The hardware store in West Point is an excellent place to get a saw and many other useful tools relatively early in the game.


Name Recipe Description
Wooden Window Frame x1
Hammer.png + Nails.png + Plank.png
Hammer x1 Nails x4 Wooden Plank x4
(consumed) (consumed)
A window frame. Carpentry Level 2

Wooden Door Frame x1
Hammer.png + Nails.png + Plank.png
Hammer x1 Nails x4 Wooden Plank x4
(consumed) (consumed)
A door frame. Doors can be placed here. Carpentry Level 2

Wooden Plank x3
Saw.png + SmallLog.png
Saw x1 Wood logs x1
A normal plank used as a weapon or for construction. Carpentry Level 0

TZ WoodenStick.png
Sturdy stick x8
Saw.png + Plank.png
Saw x1 Wooden Plank x1
Crafted from Wooden Planks using the Saw. Used to make Tent Kits and kindling. Carpentry Level 0

Watermelon Slice.png
Watermelon Slice x10
Watermelon.png + Saw.png
Watermelon x1 Saw
Kitchen Knife x1
Watermelon Slice. Cooking Level 0

Sawn Off Shotgun x1
SmallShotgun.png + SmallSaw.png
Shotgun x1 Saw x1
Sawed-off shotgun has a greater damage area than that of the standard shotgun. Level 0

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