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Can Opener

Primary use: Opening cans
Other uses: None
Weight: 0.6

The can opener is a tool used to open cans of food (such as canned soup). Can openers can often be found in kitchen cupboards.


A can opener can be used for the following crafting recipes:

Name Recipe Description
Pot of Soup x1
Smallcanopener.png + Cannedsoup.png + Smallpot.png (+) Heat source.gif
Can Opener x1 Canned Soup x1 Cooking Pot x1 Heat Source
(consumed) (consumed) (cooked:50min burned:100min)
Increase morale by putting your soup into a pot and heating it up. Adds -40 hunger. Level Unknown

Open Tin of Tuna x1
Smallcanopener.png + Tuna.png
Can Opener x1 Tuna x1
Open Tin of Tuna. Level Unknown

Open Can of Beans x1
Smallcanopener.png + Beans.png
Can Opener x1 Canned Beans x1
Open Can of Beans. Level Unknown

Full Soup bowl.png
Bowl of Beans x1
Smallcanopener.png + Beans.png + Soup bowl.png
Can Opener x1 Canned Beans x1 Bowl x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Bowl of Beans. Level Unknown


item TinOpener
	Type				=			Normal,
	DisplayName			=			Can Opener,
	Icon				=			CanOpener,
	Weight				=			0.6

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