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Canned Soup

Weight: 0.8
Hunger: -25

Canned Soup is a non-perishable food item which is often found in refrigerators and kitchen cupboards. It is a non-perishable item while it is sealed.
Canned Soup can only be opened with a can opener, and once opened it becomes a perishable item. A opened can of canned tomatoes takes two in-game days to go stale, and four in-game days to rot.


Canned Soup can be further enhanced to make a Pot of Soup by using a empty cooking pot and a can opener.

Fresh Uncooked pots of soup provde -30 hunger, -10 unhappiness, and a -20 boredom.
Fresh Cooked pots of soup provde -39 hunger, -10 unhappiness, and a -20 boredom.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information
Fresh Stale Rotten

Hunger: -25

Hunger: -18
Boredom: +10
Unhappiness: +10

Hunger: -11
Boredom: +20
Unhappiness: +20
Consuming this will make you sick.

It's Nutritional Values are as follows:
Carbohydrates = 20
Proteins = 7.5
Lipids = 2.5
Calories = 125

Evolved Recipes

Name Recipe Description
Pot of Soup x1
Smallcanopener.png + Cannedsoup.png + Smallpot.png (+) Heat source.gif
Can Opener x1 Canned Soup x1 Cooking Pot x1 Heat Source
(consumed) (consumed) (cooked:50min burned:100min)
Increase morale by putting your soup into a pot and heating it up. Adds -40 hunger. Level Unknown


Sealed Can

	item TinnedSoup
        	Weight		= 0.8,
        	Type		= Food,
        	DisplayName	= Canned Soup,
        	Icon		= Soup,
        	Carbohydrates 	= 20,
        	Proteins 	= 7.5,
        	Lipids 		= 2.5,
        	Calories 	= 125,
       		Packaged 	= TRUE,

Opened Can

	item TinnedSoupOpen
		HungerChange		= -25,
		Weight			= 0.8,
		Type			= Food,
		DisplayName		= Open Canned Soup,
		Icon			= SoupOpen,
		CustomContextMenu 	= Drink,
		CustomEatSound 		= PZ_DrinkingFromBottle,
		DaysTotallyRotten	= 4,
        	DaysFresh 		= 2,
        	Carbohydrates 		= 20,
        	Proteins 		= 7.5,
        	Lipids 			= 2.5,
        	Calories 		= 125,
        	Packaged 		= TRUE,

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