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Pictured is a barricaded door next to a barricaded window. Barricaded door's health is 30+5

A barricade is any structure built or placed onto a door, window as a defense measure. It's useful in controlling how quickly zombies are able to enter an area.


To barricade an object, you must have a hammer, a wooden plank and nail in your inventory. Right click onto the selected door, window or Wooden Fence. This will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose to barricade.

If you remove a barricade with the hammer, you will get wood planks back.[citation needed]

=== Doors ===


Barricading a door will add 10 health. You can barricade up to four times since 1.5d, giving the door a potential health of 45 (4 planks + base door health). However, barricading a door will prevent anyone (NPCs/Players) from opening it, and to open that door, the barricade must be removed.


Barricading a door will stall zombie entry, a well-barricaded door can survive almost a day and a half from the attack of a dozen Zombies, while a non barricaded door will fall in about 2 hours from a dozen Zombies. However, when barricading, the player should remember to leave one door alone, as barricaded doors cannot open, unlike regular doors.



Barricading a window will block the window, preventing both the player and zombies from seeing through to the other side. Each window barricade adds 10 to the total window health, with a maximum health of 40.5 (4 barricades + window base health).


Neither zombies nor humans can see through a barricaded window with either three or four wooden planks, although putting a sheet on the window is a much better alternative, because it doesn't require as many items as a barricade. A barricade's main purpose is to stall the zombie from breaking a window, a well-barricaded window can survive a full day from the hammering of 10 zombies, while a plain window will fall in 30 minutes from 3 zombies. However, if one wants to barricade all windows of any structure to the maximum level, it will take a considerable amount of resources.


Name Recipe Description
Wooden Plank x3
Saw.png + SmallLog.png
Saw x1 Wood logs x1
A normal plank used as a weapon or for construction. Level 0


As of build 27 #1, an occasional glitch occurs in which when unbarricading a window or door, the planks used will not go back into your the player's inventory and will disappear.


RC 2.9.8a Zombies can no longer climb through a barricaded window.

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