Table with Drawer

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Table with Drawer
Wooden table anim.gif

Weight: ?

A small Wooden table with room for storage.

Requires a base Carpentry skill of 1 to make.

Crafting (Main Product)

Name  Recipe  Description Skill
Wooden table anim.gif
Table with Drawer x1
Hammer.png + Plank.png + Nails.png + Drawer.png
Hammer x1 Wooden Plank x5 Nails x4 Drawer x1
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
A small Wooden table with room for storage. Carpentry Level 5

Crafting (Recipe Product or Supply)

Name  Recipe  Description Skill
Wooden Plank x3
Saw.png + SmallLog.png
Saw x1 Wood logs x1
A normal plank used as a weapon or for construction. Carpentry Level 0

Drawer x1
Plank.png + Nails.png + DoorKnob.png
Wooden Plank x1 Nails x1 Doorknob x1
Drawers are made from a plank, a set of nails, and a doorknob. They are used in carpentry. Carpentry Level 1


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