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In Project Zomboid, there are many pieces of furniture that can be pushed or used to help the player survive.


Containers are used to store objects, usually containing valuable tools and supplies for the player to use. For more information, look at the container page. Containers are found in almost all structures, and are extremely valuable for storing and salvaging various tools and weapons. It is best to dump unneeded supplies as soon as possible and to organize those supplies into multiple containers if possible, as it can get pretty hard to find supplies when they are stashed into one container. (This includes the wheelie bin and the beside table_


Beds are a piece of furniture that allows the player to sleep, and therefore allows the player to avoid getting the "exhausted" moodle. Unlike couches, beds cannot be pushed. The bed is the only furniture where a NPC, spawns in: In 'Till Death Us Do Part, Kate will spawn in a bed, and is immobile unless there is a fire, then, Bob will have to carry her to another bed. Beds are found in almost all residential structures, and sometimes in other structures.

It is mentioned that in the future, the bed will have a different quality of sleep as a couch.


The furniture in this category can be pushed by players and NPCs and can make improvised barricades to help defend a shelter. As of


Couches can be pushed by the player to slow down zombie and NPC entry in a house. Couches can also be slept in, just like certain chairs found in game, and can be a "mobile bed" for improvised shelters that do not come with a bed. Couches are found in the majority of the residential structures, and can also be found in other structures.


There are certain chairs that are found in the game that can also be slept in, just like couches. Chairs can also be pushed to slow down enemy entry in a house, and can also be "mobile beds" for shelters that do not spawn with beds or couches. Chairs are found in the majority of the structures, although more in commercial structures rather than residential ones.