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This page has been put into protection by a PZwiki administrator so that only users in the sysop user group may edit this page.

Any data collected is only used for analytic and moderation purposes. Under no circumstances will any of this data be distributed to a third party.

  • When a visitor requests or reads a page no more information is collected than is typically collected by any other web sites.
  • When a page is edited by a logged-in editor, the server confidentially stores related IP information for a limited period of time. This information is automatically deleted after a set period.
  • For editors who do not log in, the IP address used is publicly and permanently credited as the author of the edit. It may be possible for a third party to identify the author from this IP address in conjunction with other information available. Logging in with a registered username allows for better preservation of privacy.

Please be aware that this wiki is owned and hosted by The Indie Stone, therefore being part of The Indie Stone Services as is mentioned in The Indie Stone's Privacy Policy.