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All feedback about the new theme of the wiki (color palette) is appreciated.

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Dark mode width

Seriously you did not noticed you fucked up the width in dark mode? Can see only the fist half of any table. Makes the wiki useless. User:Alma124

Can you elaborate? Changing to a dark theme was purely a colour change. CSS is here. Less hostilities too thanks. - Vaileasys (talk) 15:02, 31 March 2024 (BST)
The actual width change is the feature of the 2022 variant of the vector, which was changed to be a default before the color change, following the MediaWiki and Wikipedia swaps recently. Keep in mind it's still under development upstream and later versions which we expect to get later this year will get option to expand it. In the meantime, since you are registered user, you can switch to old Vector legacy from 2010 as instructed on the notice, keep in mind it won't support dark mode though, so you'd have to force it with browser plugins. —Faalagorn/ 15:23, 31 March 2024 (BST)

Respecting user preferences

Hey! The new dark theme looks great. The requirement of having an account to switch to a light theme seems strange, though. Why not use a media query with prefers-color-scheme to determine the theme to use? It's supported on all major browsers, as the grid on that page shows. Since the current recommendation for those who prefer a light theme is to switch to a legacy theme, that may not be an ideal solution yet, but I think ultimately that should be the behavior of the default theme. - Omar (talk)

For those that stumble by, this was discussed on Discord, here. Essentially, the dark theme was a temporary solution to requests for a dark theme. I can't promise anything, but we're looking at getting the citizen skin which supports 'dark', 'light', and 'auto' (which was what Omar is referring to). From my understanding, this can be changed without logging in. - Vaileasys (talk) 15:04, 6 April 2024 (BST)