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PlushSpiffo.pngThis page is about the general tasks to be performed on wiki, mostly able to be done single-handedly and oten requiring admin intervention. For more targeted community projects that require coordination, see PZwiki:Community projects.

List updated 1 October 2023

Wiki tasks

High priority

Medium priority

  • Frequently Asked Questions page needs rework and brought up to date if information incorrect.
  • Create pages for group of items and arrange them on the main page, avoid using sections on main page for SEO and practical reasons.
  • Clean up the Modding pages
  • Include Weapon mods and Category:Ammo in Items.
  • Clean up Template:Notice (French one is broken at the moment, others are not too great as well).
  • Clean up and unify code example usage and actual use in all PZwiki pages for infoboxes.
  • Split sections in items pages into separate pages and transclude them properly. Also update links in the main page then.
  • Update skill pages to most recent version and clean them up, make new pages for each skill such as Aiming?

Low priority

  • Move item icons to Item_ prefix, as in-game, will require updating a lot of links. (Is it actually needed?)
  • Remove duplicate item icons (there's a lot that require manual searching, especially on the legacy pages, with spaces, item names, or prefixes: ANIMAL, BAG, BREAD, CAMP, CAN, CONDIMENT, FISH, FRUIT, INGREDIENT, LITERATURE, MATERIAL, MEAL, MEAT, MEDICAL, MISC, MOD, PAINT, PANTS, POISON, PREP, SEED, SHIRT, SKIRT, SNACK, TOOL, TRAP, VEGETABLE, VEST possibly more), see Special:MIMESearch (in progress, some work already done by Vaileasys).
  • Convert all GIF animations to animated PNGs, have the same time (1 second was preferred on Discord) and optimize them as well as name them properly.
  • Compare icons from old builds to the main version? (Originally was comparing from patch 0.1.4c tech demo).
  • Minor cleanups to the Category:User templates (optimize images, add some languages).
  • Optimize, upload and add sub-categories for Spiffo images (such as Steam cards and user-made artwork). Some Spiffo images are duplicated, but keep in mind there might be slight differences, e.g; File:SpiffoDO.jpg and File:ScholarSpiffo.png are slightly different. Some images are not present in game files and need to be hunted down in the blog posts and or be requested from The Indie Stone to have the best quality. Some will need some editing to add transparency to them.
  • Optimize, upload and categorize some minor images.
  • Categorize Vector interface images: File:Vector page tabs.png, File:Vector sidebar.png, File:Vector user links.png and File:Vector search results.png.
  • Figure out if it's feasibly to transclude a table from PZwiki:Administrators to PZwiki:Community portal to avoid duplication.
  • Add missing XP values for old recipes (that require old version to check): relevant search.

On hold

  • Better translation support (that would either require hosting separate wiki for each language and utilizing Interwiki mechanism; so currently a lot of hassle; change or removal of "In other languages" for the wiki in the meantime if possible?). It is also possible to add Translate extension, it's being evaluated if actually needed.
  • Add a visual editor (technical work), currently only mw:Extension:WikiEditor is used.
  • Make more responsive layout for the wiki on mobile (requires a lot of technical work, both for skin, main page and templates), but small fixes are added when found.
  • Dark mode for the wiki (maybe with a proper responsive layout skin?).
  • Serve SVGs and WebP/AVIF for modern browser as needed (requires some technical work; see User:Faalagorn/.webp test for a brief example of using WebP images).
  • Automatically parse blog news, maybe forum post too? RSS? (requires new extension; technical work).
  • The meta tags are what hint Discord and other apps with rich embeds what should be displayed in said rich embeds (technical work).