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PlushSpiffo.pngThis page is about the general tasks to be performed on wiki, mostly able to be done single-handedly and often requiring admin intervention. For more targeted community projects that require coordination, see PZwiki:Community portal.

List updated 17 April 2024

Wiki tasks

πŸ”΅ = Not started. Feel free to start work on this task.
🟒 = Started. This task has been started, but is not finished.
🟠 = On hold. This task is on hold, please discuss this task first before starting.
πŸ”΄ = Complete. This task is completed, and is waiting to be verified and removed.

Editor tasks

Build 42 Preparation and projects.

Build 42 is fast approaching, and we now have the capacity to prepare for it.
πŸ”΅ Bring the Project Seat Yourself Furniture up to date and add missing pages (most notably missing futniture and categories left over by Project Navigation and Categories).
πŸ”΅ Prepare Project Locations and Map to host the new towns.
🟒 Focus on PZwiki:Project Build 42 Preparation and close it/change it to the Build 42 Update when build 42 arrives.


The new infoboxes are ready for deployment. The majority of deployment has been done, but some language pages are still using the old infoboxes.
πŸ”΅ Remove deprecated infoboxes.


Further improve navboxes to use the new subsection style and ensure each page has one.
🟒 Add new navbox types for missing items, and/or merge some navbox types.
🟒 Ensure all pages have a matching navbox.

Items list page

Improve the heavily visited items page so it is accurate, up-to date, consistent and mobile friendly.
🟒 Add some obsolete items to the list, split some remaining items.
🟒 Split item pages to further subpages so the pages on the main page are linked directly instead of subheaders.
🟒 Add legends for icons in tables, see Fallout wiki.
πŸ”΅ Add variant icons for food (similar to clothing).


The skills page has become cumbersome and not expandable for each individual skill. These should be split similar to the crafting and survivalist skills.
πŸ”΅ Create pages (some will be redirects) and move info from skills and expand on it, keeping general info on the skills page. See Fallout wiki for the level of detail and how it could be done.
πŸ”΅ Change anchor links to the skills page to the specific skill. E.g. [[Skills#Strength|strength]] would be changed to [[strength]]. Best to be done as a bot task.
πŸ”΅ Following the change, link to [[Strength]] and other skills where not linked to, e.g. in individual trait pages; possibly with a bot as well


The occupation page is quite cumbersome and lacks a lot of detail for each occupation and stages. These should be split into individual pages.
πŸ”΅ Create pages (some will be redirects) and move info from occupation and expand on it, keeping general info on the occupation page.
πŸ”΅ Change anchor links on the occupation page to the specific occupation.


The traits page is cumbersome and difficult to link to a specific trait. These should be split into individual pages.
πŸ”΄ Create pages (some will be redirects) and move info from traits and expand on it, keeping general info on the traits page.
πŸ”΄ Change traits page to be positive and negative, removing hobbies.
πŸ”΅ Change anchor links to the skills page to the specific skill. E.g. [[Traits#Hobbies|angler]] would be changed to [[angler]]. Best to be done as a bot task.


Boilerplates help editors standardize articles to the wiki style guide. Due to a large task backlog, they have fallen behind and are now outdated. The following tasks need to be done to bring them back up to date.
🟒 Update boilerplates with the new {{Infobox item}}, and sections according to the Help:Style guide, figure out and make boilerplate for each item type
πŸ”΅ Establish a good header order and shuffle all existing headers.
🟒 Indicate missing/stub headers with appropriate mbox.
🟒 Move all the models from gallery to infoboxes and remove galleries (unless they host unique items). In progress by User:Faalagorn and other editors 23:28, 9 March 2024 (UTC)
🟒 Add missing distributions with a script.
🟒 Bring all the pages up to 41.78.16, see Category:Version and remove then-obsolete categories.
🟒 Add all variants of food icons and models (Uncooked, Cooked, Rotten Uncooked, Rotten Cooked, Burnt where applicable) and change the order to the way.
🟒 Remove empty/unused infobox parameters (empty models, icons, 0 protections, unused parameters (also see #Bot tasks)).
🟒 Change the order of modelβ†’iconβ†’icon_name and add missing fields when needed in infoboxes.
🟒 Add see also section to foods that are missing it


General images cleanup (TODO: verify all tasks, some may be outdated!)
🟒 Rename model images to follow the style guide.
Establish unified names for location images (in progress by PZwiki:Project Locations and Maps).
🟠 Convert all GIF animations to animated PNGs, have the same time (1 second was preferred on Discord) and optimize them as well as name them properly.
🟒 Remove duplicate item icons (there's a lot that requires manual searching, especially on the legacy pages, with spaces, item names, or prefixes: ANIMAL, BAG, BREAD, CAMP, CAN, CONDIMENT, FISH, FRUIT, INGREDIENT, LITERATURE, MATERIAL, MEAL, MEAT, MEDICAL, MISC, MOD, PAINT, PANTS, POISON, PREP, SEED, SHIRT, SKIRT, SNACK, TOOL, TRAP, VEGETABLE, VEST possibly more), see Special:MIMESearch. See #Bot tasks.
🟠 Compare icons from old builds to the main version? (Originally was comparing from patch 0.1.4c tech demo.)
🟒 Optimize, upload and categorize some minor images.
🟠 Move item icons to Item_ prefix, as in-game, will require updating a lot of links.
🟠 Optimize, upload and add sub-categories for Spiffo images (such as Steam cards and user-made artwork). Some Spiffo images are duplicated, but keep in mind there might be slight differences, e.g; File:SpiffoDO.jpg and File:ScholarSpiffo.png are slightly different. Some images are not present in game files and need to be hunted down in the blog posts or be requested from The Indie Stone to have the best quality. Some will need some editing to add transparency to them.
🟒 Add matching icons (Spiffo?) for project userboxes.
πŸ”΅ Categorize all the images and make new categories as needed (task from Project Navigation and Categories).
πŸ”΅ Potentially rename model to match in-game names


General cleanup of templates, incorporating new features, translation and merging the sandboxes.
🟠 Replace the last uses of Template:Notice by appropriate Mbox in language variants, then remove/redirect the remaining pages. - Last remaining uses on templates
🟠 Improve the Template:Welcome and PZwiki:Awards, especially the ones in user talk pages and users to fit the current wiki style. (partially done)
πŸ”΅ Change/split Template:Body location to Template:Body part (body part is the part being covered for the purpose of scratch/bite/bullet? protection as well as insulation and wind/rain protections, the body location is where the item is being put on; those are unrelated and often confused, these should be clarified ideally before updating clothing pages)
🟒 Remove templates from Category:Deprecated templates, some are part of other tasks.
🟒 Finish moving documentation of {{Documentation/sandbox}} (mentioned in User:Vibrance/todo)
🟒 {{News/sandbox}} improvements (mentioned in User:Vibrance/todo)
🟒 {{Fixing weapon}}, {{Construction hp}} improvements mentioned in Vaileasys's page.
πŸ”΅ {{Consumables}} and {{EvolvedRecipesForItem}} cleanups – need moving documentation to the new format and adding translatability as well as adjusting usage, especially on non-English pages.
πŸ”΅ Decide what to with the {{Pros-cons}} template, is it needed?

Generic article cleanup

Some non-item articles often linked on the main page could use some cleanups and some new can be written.
πŸ”΅ Clean up/create the following pages and add appropriate links to the userboxes and elsewhere when appropriate: Discord, Steam, GOG, Windows, Linux, Mac (Desura? Humble?), also clean up/optimize/unify/update the appropriate images.
🟠 Further clean up the Spiffo page and gallery.
  • Add Sporfo Spiffo images briefly used on Discord to the community gallery.
  • Add barnstar Spiffos from PZwiki:Awards to the community gallery.
🟠 Frequently Asked Questions and Multiplayer FAQ pages needs rework and brought up to date if information incorrect. (Will do one more sweep before this task removal.)

Admin tasks

Wiki visual updates

The wiki will shortly undergo some updates to its visual style. Most of this work can only be done by admins.
πŸ”΅ Deploy background image via CSS for Vector 2022 skin (WIP, was teased on Discord).
🟠 More responsive layout for the wiki on mobile (fixes are added when found)
🟒 Dark mode for the wiki (maybe with a proper responsive layout skin? Loose candidates so far: Cosmos and Citizen). Editing Mediawiki:Common.css to implement two classes for each mode can achieve this, too. The current plan is for Vector 2022 to be dark by default and legacy Vector to be a white option.

Server admin tasks

Technical work

These require technical work to be done by a system admin, currently only done by Kirrus, and can't be done by a regular admin. These often require new extensions that might require other background work and add maintenance burned, so keep in mind these might take a longer while. There might be other more pressing server issues unrelated to wiki and life issues that may slow it down, so no ETA is given on these.
🟠 Test the Translate extension, which is a part of MLEB. This may aid in translations, but depends on how testing goes. Some initial local testing was done by Vaileasys and Vibrance, part of Project Translations.
🟠 Add a visual editor, currently only mw:Extension:WikiEditor is used. List of editors extensions used on Independent Fallout Wiki for reference. Visual editor extension requires MediaWiki >=1.42, and PZwiki uses LTS MediaWiki version, the next being 1.43. If things go as planned, PZwiki will update to it in late 2024.
🟠 Serve SVGs and WebP/AVIF for modern browser as needed (see User:Faalagorn/.webp test for a brief example of using WebP images, animations seems not to work though). Also eyeing JPEG-XL (superior, but not supported natively by browsers).
🟠 Automatically parse blog news, maybe forum posts too, perhaps X or Bluesky news feeds (Requires new extensions).
🟠 The meta tags are what hint Discord and other apps with rich embeds what should be displayed in said rich embeds.

Bot tasks

Bot tasks

Tasks that technically can be done by regular accounts, but due to the mundane nature are best performed by bots.
🟠 Replace old templates (Template:T, Template:Subpage (Waiting on infoboxes), Template:Img item) usage with the new templates (Template:ll, Template:lcs)
🟒 Update image links to new files, so duplicates can be deleted.
See table below.
🟒 Remove extra whitespaces between | and = in infoboxes and {{Building multi location}}.
πŸ”΅ Replace old "Ingredients" section links to recipe ingredients with the new one (these require some research, some were changed manually, but many but don't link correctly at this moment, most notably in crafting recipes, though both the recipe ingredients page and crafting templates may be split/redone)
πŸ”΅ Identify and indicate missing parameters in infobox (such as icon_name and maybe add it empty/filled based on the infobox (related to an idea by User:Calvy). A somewhat similar approach is being used by PCGamingWiki AWB users/bots.
πŸ”΅ Simplify links like [[Fear|fear]] or [[Pain|pain]] to [[fear]] and [[pain]] (there might be more of these) following the recent changes.
πŸ”΅ Remove clothing Infobox 0 stats (Protection etc.)
πŸ”΅ Remove periods in the non-gallery images and infoboxes (mostly locations).
Old New
File:MATERIALPaperclip.png File:Paperclip.png
File:Paper clip.png File:Paperclip.png
File:MushroomA.png File:MushroomGeneric5.png
File:MODAmmoStrap.png File:AmmoStrap.png