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Welcome to the Project Zomboid Wiki (PZwiki for short) community portal! The community portal is where the community of the PZwiki can come together to organize and discuss changes to the wiki.

Project Zomboid is still in development and therefore requires continuous updates and support from community volunteers as the game develops.

The PZwiki would appreciate help in any way provided, so long as it follows the basic wiki rules and style guide. If you'd like to make any general suggestions or ask a question, please use the discussion page or join the discussion on the official Discord (pzwiki_editing).

To start editing the wiki, we require that you create an account. If you happen to be having any issues creating an account, please email kirrus@theindiestone.com with the email address you tried to sign up with.

PZwiki has many userboxes that you can add to your user page. Wearing them can let other editors know more about you.


The following four sections are designed to help new editors get started on the PZwiki.


To start editing the wiki, it's better to visit the help page first. There you can find a list of help pages that can help you with editing:


All the policies are available in the policies, the important ones are:

  • There is a language policy in the wiki that all editors are expected to follow.
  • PZwiki also has a simple rules that all editors are expected to follow.
  • Finally, style guide is a guide that expect you to follow the wiki's editing style.


You can start contributing the wiki from the following:

  • Tasks gives you a list of tasks that you can help with.
  • Projects shows the current projects wiki is working on.
  • Site maintenance lists articles, templates, files and other pages that need to be fixed, updated, created, etc.


The following list shows pages that the wiki is maintaining. The full list can be found under site maintenance.

  • Stub articles: 62
  • Aritcles in need of improvement: 76
  • Outdated articles: 13
  • Translation needed: 36


Project Zomboid is a vast game with many game mechanics, items, locations and more, therefore organizing our contributors is incredibly important. A project is a community run endeavor where the contributors focus on a certain ideal, rather than having contributors who just come and go and edit whatever they feel like editing. Projects allow us to come together as a community to gather and discuss design decisions, overhauls, or work that needs to be done, prioritizing such matters.

User levels

Projects have two user levels to them: leaders and contributors.

Leaders are people who originally pitched the Projects and are generally tasked with organizing, and maintaining project pages, along with managing contributors. Leaders oversee edits to pages that are within the scope of the project, and generally confer with other leaders and contributors.

If a project has an unassigned leader, you may choose to elect yourself for the position, by posting a message in the project's talk page or on the #pzwiki_editing channel on Discord and wait for a response from other contributors.


  • Assign tasks to contributors
  • Maintain pages that are within the scope of the project
  • Help lead edits/design decisions for pages falling under scope of the project
  • Alter the job board


  • Check-in on discussions
  • Contribute to projects
  • Help out in general

This is a current list of projects that anyone can contribute to.

Status Project Leader Contributors count
🟢 Build 42 Preparation Vaileasys 4
🟢 Locations and Maps ThinkDock1721 10
🟢 Lore Ksilem 7
🟢 Modding Unassigned 1
🟢 Seat Yourself Furniture Calvy 5
🟢 Translations Vibrance 8
🔴 Build 41 Update Faalagorn -
🔴 Electricals and Transmission Calvy -
🔴 Navigation and Categories Vaileasys -
🔴 Recipe Template and Distribution Vaileasys -
🔴 Spiffo's Construction Crew Calvy -
🔴 Vehicles and Mechanics ThinkDock1721 -


Welcome to the PZwiki

The PZwiki has 22,597 pages (5,409 articles) since April 7, 2011, maintained by 6 active projects.

We are continuously updating the wiki to make the most complete guide for Project Zomboid.

Spiffo, The Indie Stone mascot of choice. Also likes burgers, fast food, and is in game to help

Spiffo welcomes you to the Project Zomboid Wiki.
Hope you have a pen handy…

Administrators (verify)

Administrators are users trusted with access to certain tools on the PZwiki. They are expected to observe a high standard of conduct, to use the tools fairly, and never to use them to gain advantage in a dispute.

If you feel you've been taken advantage of by an administrator, consider sending a message or email to Kirrus and describe the situation to them along with any relevant links.

Wiki managers



Server manager


Please do not email the administrators if it concerns something that can be discussed and resolved on the community discussion page. For any technical issues, please send an email to kirrus@theindiestone.com instead.

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