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Community portal
Welcome to The Project Zomboid Wiki (PZwiki for short) community portal! The community portal is where the community of the PZwiki can come together to organize and discuss changes to the wiki.

Project Zomboid is still in development and therefore requires continuous updates and support from community volunteers as the game develops.

The PZwiki would appreciate help in any way provided, so long as it follows the basic wiki rules and style guide. If you'd like to make any general suggestions or ask a question, please use the discussion page.

To start editing the wiki, we require that you create an account. If you happen to be having any issues creating an account, please email kirrus@theindiestone.com with the email address you tried to sign up with.


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Projects are a community run endeavor where contributors can work together to improve articles that all focus on a similar topic. The PZwiki currently has 3,554 articles which are maintained by 59 editors. Therefore, coordinating editors into particular projects, based on their areas of expertise, becomes incredibly important as the game continues development.

The currently active projects are:

Welcome to The PZwiki
The PZwiki has 17,062 pages (3,554 articles) since April 7, 2011.
We are continuously updating the wiki to make the most complete guide for Project Zomboid.
Spiffo, the Indie Stone Mascot of Choice. Also likes burgers, fast food, and is ingame to help.
Spiffo welcomes you to the Zomboid Wiki.
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