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Build 41 Update
Prison deomonstration
Spiffo working on the build 41 project
Clothing mesh demo (2018)
Finish date
Project for updating the wiki to build 41.

Welcome to Project Build 41 Update, a PZwiki project that aims to add all features added with build 41 to the wiki.

Build 41 is the biggest update the game has ever had or will ever have. There are a substantial amount of new items, game mechanics, visuals, and much, much more. This update is expected to have an impact on almost every page on the wiki in some way, which is why this project has been set up. Here, we can organize what needs to be added/updated and communicate with one another on the discussion page.

Anyone is welcome to join by adding the contributor userbox to their profile from the contributors section below.

Job board

Update pages to most recent versions

See Version categories for outdated pages. These categories are stated to be removed in the end.

  • Items
    • Update Items make double sure everything is there.
    • Update items to be up to standards, add models to all the new items' infoboxes (WIP; see Category:Image improvement needed) – it's being ironed out over time, listed on PZwiki:Tasks, not really a blocker)
  • Crafting pages (including language ones), most were populated with old recipes and need to be updated again to serve a purpose (will be done separately; metalworking part of Project Spiffo's Construction Crew)
  • Individual skill pages, potentially add more (falls out of the scope of the project).

Articles in need of improvement


  • Cooking (build 41.53 – optional, can be done later)
  • First Aid (build 41.65 – optional, can be done later)
  • Fishing (build 41.66 – optional, can be done later)
  • Trapping (build 41.71 – optional, can be done later)
  • Foraging (build 41.71 – optional, can be done later)
  • Tailoring (optional, can be done later)


Completed articles

Completed items! The following contains a list of tasks from this project that have been completed.Show / Hide
These items have all been completed. They may just need to be checked briefly in case they were updated during earlier versions of the beta.
Anything with a strikethrough tag (<s>) has been checked and confirmed.
  • Most pages from game mechanics main page section; some are at 41, but most are at older version.


  • Limping when legs/feet injured, improved speed when bandaged.


  • Movement: Sneaking/Crouch
  • Movement: Sprinting
    Movement: Climbing high fences
  • Character Creation: new character creation screen/options
  • Info: Info panel with changes to 'Info' tab, showing player's character and clothing
    • Just needs a screenshot and mention ability to change player's appearance (include {{Main}} linking to Appearance)
    • Appearance: to be improved. Needs to include info about changing character's appearance, such as changing hair and beard. Scissors, Razor, Hair Gel, Hair Dye
    • Protection: Info panel with 'Protection' tab showing current protection values/areas from clothing
    • Temperature: Info panel with 'Temperature' tab showing current warmth values/areas from clothing


  • Survivor zombies: zombies that were previously survivors, with survivor loot (clothing, etc.).
  • Behavior: new zombie behaviors including sitting, eating, and combat.


  • Rain: rain causes puddles to form, which increase in size the longer/more it rains.


  • Options of starting clothes changes depending on occupation chosen.

Game modes



  • New/changed weapon skills
  • Make new pages for each skill, such as Aiming? - will be done outside the scope of this project.


(there were more before, too)


Other items

Future items



Name changes

  • Items
"Westpoint Map" --> "West Point Map"
  • Movables
"49 Cent Sale Sign" --> "49 / 99 Cent Sign"
"Pie Store Corner Counter" --> "White Striped Corner Counter"
"Pie Store Counter" --> "White Striped Counter"

Other features

Overhauled. Map items are still obtainable. But the new map system needs to be added. Also a mention of enabling mini-map in sandbox settings. Split into two separate pages (function and item).

Categories and subpages


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