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Project Build 41 Update
Leader Vaileasys (talk)
Category Version 41
Status Active

Welcome to Project Build 41 Update, a PZwiki project that aims to add all features added with build 41 to the wiki.

Build 41 is the biggest update the game has ever had or will ever have. There are a substantial amount of new items, game mechanics, visuals, and much, much more. This update is expected to have an impact on almost every page on the wiki in some way, which is why this project has been set up. Here, we can organize what needs to be added/updated and communicate with one another on the discussion page.

Anyone is welcome to join by listing their username in the contributors section below.

Job board

  • Identify and improve all articles within the scope of this project.
  • Fill the gaps – there are many missing articles within this project.
  • Keep a constant record of articles within our scope on this project page.

Update pages to most recent versions

See Version categories for outdated pages.

  • Most pages from game mechanics main page section; some are at 41, but most are at older version.
  • Items (some severely outdated; add missing ones as well)
    • Update items to be up to standards, add models to all the new items' infoboxes (mostly food now).
  • Crafting pages (including language ones), most were populated with old recipes and need to be updated again to serve a purpose.
    • Replace "Tools" with tags. E.g., instead of having a list of every possible hammer, have one icon linking to a "Hammer (tag)" page, which will list all types of hammers with that tag.
    • Change "Furniture" to "Workstation". Similarly to tags above, combine the various types of "oven" into a single workstation. This will be more important in build 42.
  • Skills pages, they need to be updated to latest version and follow Help:Style guide, including unification/removing of "Overview" sections.

Article changes

Limping when legs/feet injured, improved speed when bandaged.
Movement: Sneaking/Crouch
Movement: Sprinting
Movement: Climbing high fences
Character Creation: new character creation screen/options
Info: Info panel with changes to 'Info' tab, showing player's character and clothing (add screenshot)
Protection: Info panel with 'Protection' tab showing current protection values/areas from clothing
Temperature: Info panel with 'Temperature' tab showing current warmth values/areas from clothing
Survivor zombies: zombies that were previously survivors, with survivor loot (clothing, etc.).
Behavior: new zombie behaviors including sitting, eating, and combat.
Rain: rain causes puddles to form, which increase in size the longer/more it rains.
Options of starting clothes changes depending on occupation chosen.
Challenges: Kingsmouth
Challenges: Studio
New/changed weapon skills
Make new pages for each skill, such as Aiming?
New weapons to be added (just the Wooden Spear left)
New clothing to be added (WIP)
New food to be added
Update all food pages to the most recent version, add missing models
Mention Sacks of X in Apple, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cherry, Corn, Eggplant, Grapes, Leek, Lettuce, Onion, Peach, Pear, Potato, Radish, Strawberries, and Tomato pages
Several foods can be stored in a sack: Apple, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cherry, Corn, Eggplant, Grapes, Leek, Lettuce, Onion, Peach, Pear, Potato, Radish, Strawberries, Tomato
"Rope" tag added, allowing sheet rope to be used in crafting recipes, such as Logs Stack
No longer craftable. Replaced with Beverage evolved recipe. (needs to be tested and confirmed)
Overhauled. Map items are still obtainable. But the new map system needs to be added. Also a mention of enabling mini-map in sandbox settings. Split into two separate pages (function and item).
  • Item name changes
"Westpoint Map" --> "West Point Map"
  • Movables name changes
"49 Cent Sale Sign" --> "49 / 99 Cent Sign"
"Pie Store Corner Counter" --> "White Striped Corner Counter"
"Pie Store Counter" --> "White Striped Counter"

New articles


  • Wooden Spear (Base.WoodenLance) (separate item to the Crafted Spear. This item cannot be crafted, and only found in "melee weapon containers", such as 'SafehouseLoot' and 'SurvivorCache'). Also needs to be added to Weapons page.


Clothing vde

Aviator GlassesEyepatchGlassesReading GlassesReflective SunglassesSafety GogglesShooting GlassesSki GogglesSunglassesSwimming Goggles


BalaclavaBandana (Face)Dust MaskGas MaskHockey MaskMedical MaskOpen BalaclavaWelder Mask


Bandana (Head)Bandana (Tied)Baseball CapKentucky Baseball CapBeanie HatBeretArmy BeretBucket HatBunny EarsChef HatColored Party HatCowboy HatEar MuffsEar ProtectorsFast Food Server HatIce Cream Server HatSpiffo's Server HatFedoraBlack Band FedoraTartan Golf CapGolf CapParty Hat with StarsPolice Trooper HatPolice Deputy HatRaccoon HatRanger HatSanta HatGreen Santa HatShower CapSummer HatMedical CapSweatbandTin Foil HatWedding VeilWinter HatWoolly HatBoonie HatVisorPeaked Army CapAir Force HelmetBicycle HelmetBoxing Head GearCrash HelmetMotorcycle HelmetPolice Motorcycle HelmetUSA Crash HelmetMilitary HelmetKentucky Baseball HelmetRiverside Rangers Baseball HelmetZ Hurricanes Baseball HelmetFirefighter HelmetFootball HelmetHard HatMining HelmetHockey HelmetJockey HelmetNuclear Biochemical MaskRiding HelmetRiot HelmetSpiffo Suit Head



Tank top

Tank TopVestRemoved!


BandeauSmall BandeauCrop TopCrop Top ArmsMedical T-shirtMilitary T-shirtMilitary Desert Camo T-shirtMilitary Green Camo T-shirtMilitary Urban Camo T-shirtFossoil T-shirtGas 2 Go T-shirtThunder Gas T-shirtRock T-shirtMcCoy's T-shirtPile o' Crepe T-shirtPizza Whirled T-shirtSpiffo T-shirtValley Station T-shirtT-shirtPolice Trooper T-shirtPolice Deputy T-shirtStriped T-shirtRanger T-shirtMedical T-shirtTIS T-shirtSpiffo T-shirtSport T-shirtLong Sleeve T-shirtFireman T-shirtPolice T-shirtVeteran T-shirt

Short Sleeve Shirt

Kentucky Baseball ShirtRiverside Rangers Baseball ShirtZ Hurricanes Baseball ShirtBowling ShirtShort Sleeve ShirtHawaiian Red ShirtHawaiian Shirt


Military Desert Camo ShirtMilitary Camo ShirtMilitary Urban Camo ShirtDenim ShirtJockey SilksLumberjack ShirtPolice ShirtPolice Trooper ShirtPolice Deputy ShirtPrison Guard ShirtPriest ShirtRanger ShirtMedical ScrubsFormal ShirtWorkman ShirtBlouseRemoved!


Polo Neck SweaterRound Neck SweaterDiamond-pattern SweaterDiamond-pattern Sweater VestV-neck SweaterV-neck Sweater VestHoodieSweaterRemoved!


Barrel Dogs Leather JacketIron Rodent Leather JacketWild Raccoons Leather JacketShell Suit JacketWedding JacketGhillie Suit TorsoSuit JacketVarsity JacketMedical CoatArmy CoatLeather JacketLong Leather Jacket - Santa Suit JacketGreen Santa Suit JacketMilitary Desert Camo JacketMilitary Green Camo JacketChef JacketFirefighter JacketPadded JacketPolice Deputy JacketRanger JacketJacketPoncho

Torso Extra

WaistcoatGigaMart WaistcoatMilitary Bulletproof VestCivilian Bulletproof VestPolice Bulletproof VestGrey Hunting VestOrange Hunting VestCamo Hunting VestGreen Camo Hunting VestHigh Visibility VestApronIce Cream Server ApronPile o' Crepe Server ApronPizza Whirled Server ApronSpiffo's Server ApronTight Fit Apron


Bath RobeSpiffo SuitHazmat SuitCoverallsAir Force CoverallsPrisoner JumpsuitKnee-length DressLong DressDressShort DressWedding DressHospital GownLittle Black DressSatin NegligeeStrapless Black DressStrapless Small DressStraps DressStraps Knee-length DressStraps Small Dress


Military Green Camo ShortsMilitary Urban Camo ShortsLong Denim ShortsLong Sport ShortsDenim ShortsShortsSport ShortsKnee-length SkirtLong SkirtSkirtShort SkirtMini SkirtGhillie Suit PantsPantsDenim JeansMilitary Desert Camo PantsMilitary Green Camo PantsMilitary Urban Camo PantsChef PantsJeansFirefighter PantsBaggy JeansPadded PantsPolice Trooper PantsPolice Deputy PantsPrison Guard PantsRanger PantsShell Suit PantsSanta Suit PantsGreen Santa Suit PantsMedical PantsSuit PantsOverallsArmy PantsBlack TrousersNavy Blue TrousersSkinny Leather TrousersBlack Leather TrousersLong ShortsRemoved!


Boxing GlovesFingerless GlovesLeather GlovesLong GlovesGlovesSurgical Gloves

Under Clothing

Long JohnsLong Johns Bottoms


SocksLong Socks


Military BootsMilitary Desert BootsShoesBootsSneakersRiding BootsSlippersRain BootsFlip FlopsFancy ShoesSandalsStrapped Shoes


BikiniBoxersBriefsBunny SuitCorsetGarterSpeedoStockingsStrapless BraStraps BraSwim TrunksSwimsuitTightsUnderpantsUnderwearRemoved!


Bunny TailSpiffo Suit Tail


BeltDouble HolsterHolsterBullets BandolierShells Bandolier

Other items



Needs updating or improving

Major improvements (essentially a new article)

Weapons Canoe PaddleCanoe Paddle - Double-bladedElectric BassElectric GuitarFishing RodFishing Rod (crafted)Fishing Rod without LineIce Hockey StickKeytarLacrosse StickLeaf RakeRakeSaxophoneShovelSnow ShovelTennis RacketTrumpetBanjoChair LegClub HammerDrumstickFluteGriddle PanPlungerPickaxe HandleSpiked Pickaxe HandleTable LegViolinWooden MalletM1911 PistolMagnumSawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun

Moderate improvements (some info present, may be missing some important components, or formatting is non-standard)

Weapons Acoustic GuitarSpiked Baseball BatLead PipeMetal BarMetal PipePipe WrenchWrenchMacheteKatanaBread KnifeHand ScytheIce PickScrewdriverClosed UmbrellaPipe BombPipe Bomb with SensorPipe Bomb with TimerRemote Pipe Bomb

Minor improvments (Most info present, may be missing some components, or formatting is non-standard)

Weapons Hand AxeStone AxeAxeWood AxeBadminton RacketBarbellBaseball BatBroomCrowbarGarden HoeHockey StickPickaxePlankSledgehammerSpiked PlankBall-peen HammerFrying PanHammerStone HammerHand ForkLetter OpenerMeat CleaverScissorsGarden ForkD-E PistolDouble Barrel ShotgunM625 RevolverAerosol BombAerosol Bomb with SensorAerosol Bomb with TimerFire BombFlame Trap with SensorFlame Trap with TimerMolotov CocktailNoise MakerNoise Maker with SensorNoise Maker with TimerRemote Aerosol BombRemote Flame TrapRemote Noise MakerRemote Smoke BombSmoke BombSmoke Bomb with SensorSmoke Bomb with TimerBare HandsBlue PenPenPencilRed Pen

Complete (Article follows formatting standard, most info present, may only be missing minor updates or info)

Weapons ChainsawGolf ClubPool CueNightstickRolling PinSaucepanButter KnifeForkHunting KnifeKitchen KnifeSpoonStakeStone KnifeCrafted SpearSpear with Bread KnifeSpear with Butter KnifeSpear with ForkSpear with Hand ForkSpear with Hunting KnifeSpear with Ice PickSpear with KnifeSpear with Letter OpenerSpear with MacheteSpear with ScalpelSpear with ScissorsSpear with ScrewdriverSpear with SpoonJS-2000 ShotgunM14 RifleM16 Assault RifleM36 RevolverM9 PistolMSR700 RifleMSR788 RifleSawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun.223 Round.308 Round.38 Special Round.44 Magnum Round.45 Auto Round5.56mm Round9mm RoundShotgun Shells.223 Magazine.308 Magazine.44 Magazine.45 Auto Magazine5.56mm Magazine9mm Magazine

Categories and subpages


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