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Spiffo's Construction Crew
Spiffo's Construction Crew

Welcome to Project Spiffo's Construction Crew, a PZwiki project that aims to improve, organize and keep up-to-date all articles relating to construction. This includes tools, furniture, items and world tiles, so long as they're craftable or involved in carpentry or metalworking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on our discussion page.

Anyone is welcome to join by adding the contributor userbox to their profile from the contributors section below.

Job board

  • Identify, categorize and keep a record of all articles within the scope of this project, on this project page.
  • Work with PZwiki:Project Seat Yourself Furniture for furniture vs construction categorization.
  • Verify Template:Crafting carpentry and Template:Crafting metalworking.
  • Create, update, and maintain Template:Construction hp.
  • Improve and update all articles under the scope of this project.
    • Using the Help:Style guide, create a new boilerplate for construction items (Potential names; tiles, movables, furniture?).
    • Design and deploy new infoboxes (with PZwiki:Project Build 41 Update) to be used on articles.
    • Bring all articles up to date. Priority
      • Verify and update contents of all articles.
      • Update distribution where applicable.
      • Implement and/or update articles to new code including new codeboxes.
      • Images.
        • New images where needed, including 3d models and variants.
        • Crop tile images down to 400px for better infobox usage
      • Rewrite guides as needed.
  • Identify and create missing articles.
  • Update headers for all articles.

On hold

  • Prepare for B42. Some of this work may be split with a B42 project, or not fall under the scope of this project after release.
    • Blacksmithing.
      • Update the page, redirect from blacksmithing?
      • Prepare for a new guide.
      • Use existing code to build a new crafting page.

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Completed articles

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These items have all been marked as completed. Feel free to review and add any missing details.





Categories and subpages

Categories may change due to PZwiki:Project Navigation and Categories


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