Log Wall

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Log Wall

Weight: ?


Log walls are very sturdy structures that can be made by beginner carpenters, and are one of the few items to train on when starting out with the carpentry skill. They are costly in terms of resources, but can withstand quite a lot of damage as a result. They'll always appear crude and cannot be decorated like a constructed wooden wall can.

Be aware that if you use Rope to haul logs to the construction site, the ropes can be consumed by the wall building process instead of Ripped Sheets. Consider hauling logs first, putting away ropes, and then building the walls.


Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Log Wall x1
Smallrag.png + SmallLog.png
Ripped Sheets
Rope x*
Log x4
(consumed) (consumed)
*Ripped Sheetsx4 Twine (units) Ropex2 Carpentry Level 0

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