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A barricade is wood or metal placed onto a door or window as a defense measure. It's useful in controlling how quickly zombies are able to enter an area and is a essential requirement to keeping a house secure while sleeping.

Ingame image of a Metal Sheet and Wooden Window Barricades - Build 36.40

Barricades can be found naturally in the game world where a former survivor has barricaded a house.

Beware that sometimes these houses are full of zombies as the barricades keep them inside as well.


To Barricade

Right click onto the selected door or window and this will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose to "Barricade". There are three materials in Project Zomboid that can be used to barricade, wooden planks, metal sheets, and metal bars. To barricade with wooden planks, you need a hammer, a wooden plank, and 2 nails. To barricade with metal sheets, you need a welder, a welding mask and a metal sheet. Finally, to barricade an object with metal bars, you need a welder, a welding mask and three metal bars.

To undo a Barricade

Removing barricades is simple. You can use a hammer to remove wooden barricades, and a welding mask and welder to remove metal sheets. The planks and sheets will be retrieved, but the nails will be lost. As of (Build 36.40) metal bar barricades cannot be removed.

Strength of Barricades

Wooden Barricade strength is dependent on the wooden plank that has been placed on the window. As the barricade becomes damaged, the planks themselves become damaged. To restore the health of the barricade, a fresh non-damaged plank must be placed after the older planks are taken down. Doors/Windows which are barricaded are protected from damage until the last wooden plank is removed either by the player or by zombie attack.

A metal barricade currently (Version 36.4) is dependent on its HP and will simply break over time. (this is a assumption)

Effects of Barricade

Barricades can delay zombies breaking in by ingame hours, and buys a player time to evacuate or if possible, defend from intruders attempting to break in by leaving via another entrance.

Window Barricade Effects

A barricaded window with 1-2 planks can be viewed through, assuming a curtain/sheet is not down on the window. This allows for some measure of protection while looking out at what is attacking the window. A window with 3-4 planks OR a metal sheet cannot be seen through and there will be no way to see how many zombies are outside or if it is a safe exit to take. Metal bars have an advantage in that way as they have the same health as a metal sheet but they can be seen through. A window without a barricade is extremely fragile.

Door Barricade Effects

A barricaded door is unopenable, so think carefully on placement of barricades incase a door is breached that another exit is possible. A Sheet Rope is useful as an entrance and exit.

Health of Barricade

A wooden plank has 10 hp, so a window with 4 wooden planks would have 40 hp. A metal sheet has 100 hp, and metal bars have 100 hp.


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Build 36 Introduction of Metal Barricades.
Build 27 Occasional glitch occurs in which when unbarricading a window or door, the planks used will not go back into your the player's inventory and will disappear.
RC 2.9.8a Zombies can no longer climb through a barricaded window.

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