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A barricade is a reinforcement made of wood or metal secured to a door or window as a defensive measure. Barricades are used to slow zombies' entry into an area, and are a first step to preventing attacks while asleep.

In-game image of metal sheet and wooden window barricades (Build 36.40)

Barricades can be found naturally in the game world where survivors have barricaded a house. Caution should be exercised on entering a barricaded house, as the former survivors' reanimated corpses may be locked inside.


Add Barricade

Three materials can be used to create barricades: wooden planks, metal sheets, and metal bars.

Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Barricade x1
Hammer.png + Nails.png + Plank.png
Hammer x1 Nails x2 Plank x1-4
(consumed) (consumed)
Barricade a door/window with wooden planks. Carpentry Level 0

Barricade x1
BlowTorch.png + WeldingMask.png + SheetMetal.png
Propane Torch x1 Welder Mask x1 Metal Sheet x1
Barricade a door/window with a metal sheet. Level Unknown

Barricade x1
BlowTorch.png + WeldingMask.png + MetalBar.png
Propane Torch x1 Welder Mask x1 Metal Bar x3
Barricade a door/window with metal bars. Level Unknown

With one of these combinations in the player's inventory, right click a door or window and select "Barricade" from the drop-down menu.

Barricades can be placed on both sides of a door or window.

Remove Barricade

To remove a barricade, the tool used to create it must be in the player's inventory. Metal sheets, bars, and wooden planks are retrieved, but nails are lost.

Barricade Strength

Barricades significantly increase the strength of doors and windows. While zombies take some time to break down an unprotected door, windows without barricades are extremely fragile and can be shattered almost immediately.

Barricade strength is dependent on the material used:

Barricade Material Strength
Wooden plank
10HP per plank
Metal sheet
Metal bar

Barricaded doors or windows do not receive damage until the barricade is completely removed or destroyed, and so increase the total level of protection.

A wooden barricade's strength is dependent on the condition of the plank used to create it. As the barricade receives damage, the planks themselves become damaged. To restore the health of the barricade, damaged planks must be removed and replaced with undamaged planks.

Barricade Effects

Barricades can delay zombies breaking in by in-game hours, and buy a player time to evacuate or defend against the intruders.


A door or window barricaded with up to two planks can be viewed through (as long as it is not covered by a curtain). This provides some measure of protection while allowing awareness of surroundings.

Doors or windows barricaded with three to four planks, or metal sheets, cannot be seen through.

A barricade made of metal bars can be seen through while providing the same level of protection as a metal sheet.


Barricades prevent entry or exit, and this applies to the player as well as zombies. The player cannot enter or exit through a barricaded door or window. It is therefore important to consider carefully what part of the structure will be used as an entrance before placing barricades. On buildings with second storey windows, sheet ropes provide a useful entrance that can't be used by zombies. This allows all of the ground floor doors and windows to be fully secured.


Build 36 Introduction of Metal Barricades.
Build 27 Occasional glitch occurs in which when unbarricading a window or door, the planks used will not go back into your the player's inventory and will disappear.
RC 2.9.8a Zombies can no longer climb through a barricaded window.

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