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Category Weapon
Heavy Load
Function Weapon
Pick up flooring
Equipped One-handed
Condition max. 15
Type Blunt
Swing time 3
Range 0.61–1.25 tiles
Damage 0.6–1.15
Knockback 0.5
Knockdown 0
Technical details
Base ID Base.Crowbar

A crowbar is a blunt weapon similar to the baseball bat, however with very different properties.




The crowbar performs a swinging attack, however is a single hit weapon, meaning that it will only hit one enemy at a time. Attacking two or more zombies at once can be risky as only one will be knocked back per swing, while the other(s) could get close enough to injure the player.

The crowbar has a fairly long range for a one-handed weapon that allows a wielder to fight off enemies at a decent distance.

Breaking doors

The crowbar is capable of breaking down doors dealing 8 damage per swing, although it is not as efficient as the axe (35 damage) or sledgehammer (40 dmg).

Chopping trees

It is mostly ineffective at chopping trees, dealing 1 damage per hit. For comparison, an axe deals 35 damage.


Pick up flooring

The crowbar can be considered a tool as it is the only item capable of picking up flooring. This is done by right-clicking a floor tile and selecting the floor tile in the context menu. Ensure that the crowbar is in the player's main inventory, otherwise the option may not appear.

Pick up windows

The crowbar is the only item capable of picking up windows from buildings. This is done by using the Pick-Up toggle mode, and then clicking the tile containing the window.


The crowbar is a blunt weapon, therefore being influenced by the blunt skills: accuracy, guard and maintenance. It has a maximum condition of 15 and will be damaged depending on the player's maintenance skill. The chance of losing durability is: 1 in (70 + maintenance x 2). It has a very high durability and will not break easily.


The crowbar cannot be repaired.


The crowbar is usually found in warehouse crates and in tool shelves in sheds or warehouses.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Crate 1 1
Metal Shelves 4 2
Tool Store Shelf 5 6
Counter 2 6
Bedroom Wardrobe 2 2
Changeroom Locker 2 2
Fossoil Counter 4 5
Grocery Store Counter 4 5
Storage Unit All 3 5
Zippee Store Counter 1 5


The crowbar does not spawn in any vehicle.


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.50
	item Crowbar
		MaxRange			= 1.25,
		WeaponSprite			= Crowbar,
		MinAngle			= 0.75,
		Type				= Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime		= 3,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath		= TRUE,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0.02,
		Categories			= Blunt,
		Weight				= 2,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 70,
		PushBackMod			= 0.5,
		SubCategory			= Swinging,
		ConditionMax			= 15,
		MaxHitCount			= 1,
		DoorDamage			= 8,
		SwingAnim			= Bat,
		CriticalChance			= 35,
		CritDmgMultiplier		= 6,
		DisplayName			= Crowbar,
		MinRange			= 0.61,
		SwingTime			= 3,
		HitAngleMod			= -30,
		KnockdownMod			= 0,
		Icon				= Crowbar,
		RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
		BreakSound			= BreakMetalItem,
		TreeDamage			= 0,
		MetalValue			= 150,
		CriticalChance			= 20,
		CritDmgMultiplier		= 2.5,
		MinDamage			= 0.6,
		MaxDamage			= 1.15,
		BaseSpeed			= 1,
		TwoHandWeapon			= TRUE,
		WeaponLength			= 0.4,
		AttachmentType			= BigBlade,
		Tags				= Crowbar;RemoveBarricade,

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