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PawsTV is a children's cartoon channel that regularly shows cartoons, even throughout the course of the apocalyptic Knox Event. During the nighttime, infomercials play, as the intended audience is meant to be asleep. Like other forms of media, PawsTV goes down during the media blackout on 7/17 and will no longer be accessible.


PawsTV has a consistent schedule which is as follows:

Morning Noon Evening Night
Hug Bunnies We are the Moderators Magical Woodland Infomercial


Hug Bunnies: Hug Bunnies is a cartoon meant to teach children good behavior and manners. It has three recurring characters: Jemima Bunny, Zachary Bunny, and Nanny Bunny. In each episode, either Jemima or Zachary Bunny gets into trouble and is corrected by Nanny Bunny. The episodes conclude with a round of hugs between the Bunny family.

We are the Moderators: We are the Moderators is an action cartoon that is arguably not suited well for PawsTV. It utilizes a much larger vocabulary compared to either other cartoon on the network. The story revolves around an unnamed protagonist in his preparation for battle against ArchDuke OldWorld, who aims to take over the planet.

Magical Woodland: Magical Woodland has particularly short episodes and stars (and is sponsored by) everyone's favorite Spiffo. Each episode introduces a new friend of Spiffo. It is fully voiced by the narrator of the show as he explains who Spiffo's special guest is for the day and what it is they do. Each episode features the phrase "I never knew friends could have this much fun!" Following is generally a goodnight message to the viewers and to Magical Woodland itself.


Hug Bunnies transcript
We are the Moderators transcript
Magical Woodland transcript

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