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Hair O Genesis
Hair O Genesis
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Hair O Genesis (called Hair-o-Genesis on the official map) is a hair salon and barber shop chain with locations in Louisville, The Grand Ohio Mall, Riverside and West Point. There are three locations in Louisville.


Location Description Coordinates
Hair O Genesis 2.png
Northern coast, in a strip mall just south of Louisville Bruiser.
Hair O Genesis.png
Northern coast, next to The Sea Shanty.
RS Business Plaza Hair.png
In a strip mall. It is the second unit from the left with the brown sign.
The Grand Ohio Mall
Hair genesis at grand ohio mall.png
First floor.
Hair genesis next to greene's.png
Southern suburbs, next to the Gas 2 Go.
West Point
Hair o genesis next to valuinsurance west point.png
Downtown on a street corner, next to Thunder Gas.


While the interior of each location varies, there is always a large amount of hair dye and hairspray that can be found here, which can be used by engineers to make aerosol bombs. The furniture inside can also be dismantled for experience towards their respective skills, including metalworking. Other than that, there isn't much to be found here.



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