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Spiffo's logo.png
Spiffo's store logo
WP Spiffos.png
Isometric view of Spiffo's, located in West Point.
Type Fast Food
Location(s) Muldraugh, KY
Riverside, KY
Rosewood, KY
West Point, KY
Dixie Hwy
Crossroads Mall
Other information
Vehicles Franklin Valuline
“What's better than a Spiffo Burger? Still thinking? Well here's a clue... Double XL Bacon! Next time you're in a participating Spiffo's store... Just use the magic words... Unleash the Bacon! And watch delicious happen! The Double XL Bacon upgrade - in stores now!”
Radio advert
Spiffo's is an American fast food restaurant chain found throughout Knox Country, that specializes in burgers. The mascot of the company is an adorable raccoon named Spiffo. Spiffo's restaurants have plenty of options ranging from burgers to ice cream. How about washing it down with some Pop! Spiffo's is the perfect place to spend a nice, fun night out with the family!

Spiffo's signature product is the Spiffo Hamburger made with the freshest ingredients and the juiciest beef patties sourced from the finest cattle farms in the U.S.A.


  • The Crossroads Mall Spiffo's restaurant is inside the mall food court with an upstairs dining area and plenty of seating outside the restaurant in the food court.
  • The Dixie Spiffo's restaurant is in the middle of an intersection. The parking lot has 19 parking spaces.
  • The Muldraugh Spiffo's restaurant is next to the highway and Knox Bank in Muldraugh. The restaurant has a drive-thru. The parking lot has 12 parking spaces.
  • The Riverside Spiffo's restaurant is next to a Filling station Gas station. The restaurant has a drive-thru. The parking lot has 25 parking spaces.
  • The Rosewood Spiffo's restaurant is on Rosewood's main road and next to a Pizza Whirled. The parking lot has 22 parking spaces.
  • The West Point Spiffo's restaurant is located next to a Laundromat and Pharmahug. The restaurant has a drive-thru. The Spiffo's parking lot has 20 parking spaces however some of its connected to Pharmahug.


  • Double XL Bacon Upgrade Extra | $0.25 [Only available in participating stores.]
  • Southern Fried Chicken | $0.50
  • Fries | Small $0.35 | Medium $0.50 | Large $0.80
  • Ice Cream | $0.25
  • Spiffo's Signature Hamburger | $1.00
  • Pop|Small $0.25 | Medium $0.50 | Large $0.75 [Soda Fountains only available in participating stores.]

  • "What's better than a Spiffo Burger? The Double XL Bacon upgrade - in stores now!"


  • Graffiti with the name "kirrus" can be found on the back fence of the West Point Spiffo's. This is a reference to PZ's Server Manager Kirrus.
  • It is suggested by Conspiracy Theorists on KnoxTalk Radio that Spiffo's meat is a possible cause of the Knox infection.