Wok and Rolls

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Wok and Rolls
Wok and Rolls

Wok and Rolls is a restaurant located in the Crossroads Mall, two standalone shops in Louisville and The Grand Ohio Mall.

Many taxis have advertisements for this business on top of their roofs. It also has adverts.


Location Description Coordinates
Crossroads Mall
Taco jolly i love wok crossroads.png
Located in the food court on the ground floor.
The Grand Ohio Mall
Jays chicken jolly good pizza whirled and i love wok and rolls in mall.png
Located in the food court on the ground floor.
I love wok and rolls.png
Next to 5 Bux or Less.
I love wok rolls.png
Shares a building with Burgers.
Barg N Clothes Time 4 sport toyz toyz toyz i love work rolls book naked hugo plush.png
Small one story mall with Awl Work and Sew Play , Barg-N-Clothes, Book Naked, Churn R Us, Hugo Plush, Wok and Rolls, Time 4 Sport, and Toyz Toyz Toyz.
Western outskirts
Pizza whirled spiffos wok and rolls jolly western outskirts.png
In small mini mall. Work in progress location.Future


The interior of individual franchises varies, but all stand alone locations consist of the seating area, which has lots of furniture that can be dismantled for carpentry experience, and the kitchen, which contains cooking ingredients and utensils.

There is an advertisement for the restaurant:

Wok and Rolls
♪ I love Wok and Rolls! ♪
♪ It's the new style of Chinese Restaurant, baby! ♪
♪ I love Wok and Rolls! ♪
♪ So why doncha come and chow down with me! ♪
Our award winning breakfast menu is BACK through public demand!
Come visit 'I *heart* Wok and Rolls' today!
♪ I love Wok and Rolls! ♪