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Fast food
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about in-game fast food chain. For burgers that spawn naturally, see burger. For burgers made by the player, see recipe ingredients.

Burgers is a chain of fast food restaurants with locations throughout Knox Country. Their locations range from small strip mall outlets to larger detached restaurants.


Location Description Coordinates
Fallas Lake
Burgers Farmland.png
North of the E.P. Tools, with a small parking lot.
Burgers Muldraugh.png
Northern part of town, in the same parking lot as the Pile o' Crepe, a Laundromat, a Family Fashion, and a Buffet. It shares a building with Coin Op Laundromat and an empty for sale space.
Burgers Riverside.png
West side of town, just down the street from the police station.
West Point
Burgers WP.png
South-east side of town, close to the Fossoil gas station, the large warehouse, and the storage lots. It has its own small parking lot.
Valley Station
Burgers ValleyStation.png
Northern side of town, next to the destroyed cabin and Morris' Bait Shop.
Valley Station
Burgers valley station 2.png
North side of town next to Food Market.
Burgers a and s trading co.png
Just south of Louisville Police Department and Detention Services. In the same building as A&S Trading Co.
Burgers i love wok and rolls.png
Just up the street from Louisville Police Department and Detention Services. Shares a building with Wok and Rolls.
Burgers on dixie hwy highway.png
Along Dixie Highway in the refugee camp.
Burgers next to noteworthy.png
Northern coast, just south of Louisville Bruiser. Next to Noteworthy.
BurgersStand MusicFestival00.jpg
Northeast, south of river in Louisville. A food stand within the Romuald Dron Memorial Park during the Louisville Music Festival: 1993.


The interior of different franchises varies, but all locations are composed of the seating area, which has lots of furniture that can be dismantled for carpentry experience, and the kitchen, which contains cooking equipment and ingredients. Burgers and fries can often be found on the tables as well.

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