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Burgers logo
Burgers WP.png
External view of Burgers, located in West Point.
Type Fast Food
Location Muldraugh, KY
Fallas Lake, KY
Riverside, KY
West Point, KY
Valley Station, KY
Other information
Number of restaurants 5
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about in-game fast food chain. For the food item, see Items/Food.

Burgers is a chain of fast food restaurants located throughout Knox Country. Their locations range from small strip mall outlets to larger detached restaurants.



The Burgers located in Muldraugh is in the northern part of town, in the same parking lot as the Pile o' Crepe, a Laundromat, a Family Fashion, and a Buffet (Muldraugh). It shares a building with the Laundromat and an empty for sale space.


The Burgers in Ekron is just north of the E.P. Tools, with a small parking lot.


The Riverside Burgers is located on the west side of town, just down the street from the Police Station.

West Point

The Burgers in West Point is on the south-east side of town, close to the Fossoil Filling Station, the large warehouse, and the storage lots. It has its own small parking lot.

Valley Station

The Valley Station Burgers is located on the northern side of town, next to the destroyed cabin and Morris' Bait Shop.