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Exterior view of a Fossoil gas station and car wash located next to the highway outside West Point.

Gas stations are commonly found throughout Knox Country in a wide variety of locations. They always have at least one gas pump and a convenience store, and are commonly used to refuel vehicles and other fuel containers. After the power goes out, generators can be used to restore the pumps' functionality.


All gas stations have at least one gas pump and convenience store. The contents of each convenience store can vary between each location. Some examples include various vehicle parts, food and drinks, tools, maps and magazines, and cigarettes. The most valuable parts of a gas station are the gas pumps, which can be interacted with either by using a gas can, or with a vehicle directly, by parking it close enough to the pump. With normal sandbox settings, each pump contains between 1000 and 14000 units of fuel.

Once the power shuts off, gas pumps can no longer be interacted with. However, a generator can be placed nearby, powering the entire station, thus allowing the gas pumps to function again.

Generally, zombie populations tend to be quite high around gas stations, so proceed with caution if the area is not already cleared of deadheads.

List of chains

Most gas stations are part of a larger business chain, however some independent stations do exist.

Name Locations
Number of locations Towns
Fossoil logo.png


8 West Point
Gas2Go logo.png

Gas 2 Go

9 Louisville
Valley Station
Muldraugh (and on outskirts)
Buisness ThunderGasDECAL.png

Thunder Gas

3 West Point
Fallas Lake
Ruby gas logo.png

Ruby Gas

1 (independent) Louisville outskirts
Gas and more logo.png

Gas N More

2 Riverside
Doe Valley
24 hour essentials.png

24 Hour Essentials

1 March Ridge
Gas logo.png


1 (independent) Riverside outskirts


  • During character creation, the T-shirt for Gas 2 Go, Thunder Gas, and Fossoil are available as options when picking the Mechanic profession. However, they do not increase the odds to spawn at a gas station.

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