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Sunstar Motel

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Sunstar Motel
Sunstar Motel
Sunstar Motel logo
Sunstar Motel
Isometric view of Sunstar Motel
SunstarMotel map.png
Location on the map (red)
Refers to
Golden Manor Inn & Suites

Sunstar Motel is a motel exclusively in Muldraugh. It is located along Dixie Highway.


The interior of the motel is composed of two floors. The first floor contains the reception area, a restaurant and kitchen, and several guest rooms. There is also a small storage closet. The kitchen often contains cooking supplies and utensils.

The second floor is composed of additional guest rooms as well as another storage closet.

The guest rooms all have curtains on the windows, making them a good spot to rest or read out of sight of any zombies. Be aware that they may still stumble through the window if it is open or broken, however.

Skill training

While there isn't much loot to be found here, the guest rooms contain a plethora of furniture that can be dismantled for carpentry experience and as a source of building materials. Some rooms may also contain TVs and other electrical items that can be dismantled as well.


  • The Sunstar Motel is heavily based off the real-world Golden Manor Inn & Suites, located at 116 Dixie Hwy, Muldraugh, KY. The motel is also situated next to a gas station.


  • Graffiti with the words NasKo and RingoD can be found on the East-side of the building. This is a reference to Paul Ring, the scripter and mapper working on Project Zomboid, and NasKo, the Community Manager.