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Yuri Design
Yuri Design
Yuri Design
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Yuri Design is a clothing store exclusively in Louisville.


Like most clothing stores, the interior is mainly composed of the storefront, which contains several racks of clothes. While the clothes found here often don't offer much protection from zombie attacks, they can still be valuable in the hands of a post-apocalyptic fashion designer, or as scrap fabric to tailor with.


  • The name is a reference to The Indie Stone developer, Yuri, responsible for example for the new fire system.[1]

Safe house potential

Like all buildings in Louisville, the high density of zombies and low availability of water means the player's chances of survival are lower than in other areas. Using this location as a safe house should be seen as a challenge, as living in Louisville is not recommended for new players.

Pros Cons
  • Rear exit.
  • High density of zombies in the area.
  • No easy access to water.
  • Multiple large windows that require barricading.
  • Not heat source for cooking.

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