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Go Flash
Go Flash

Go Flash is a photography store chain with locations in Louisville and Riverside. There are two locations in Louisville. In addition to selling cameras and film, it also seemed to offer services to develop such film. Currently, the cameras and film have no practical use.

The cameras found inside can be dismantled for Electrical experience.


The interior of the store is composed of the storefront, a dark room for processing film, and a small office and bathroom.

The storefront has a shelf containing maps, including annotated maps, oddly enough. The other shelves contain camera films, as well as cameras, which can be dismantled for electrical experience.

The dark room contains a sink, and connects to the office, which contains a small amount of stationery.


Location Description Coordinates
Liquory split go flash sweet peas hit vids back to the nurture.png
Inside a strip mall. It is the central unit with the dark sign.
Go Flash strip mall 2 stand alone.png
In a strip mall parking lot.
Riverside Plaza.png
Inside a strip mall. It is the central unit with the dark sign.
Western outskirts
Go flash western outskirts.png
Work in progress location.Future



Video of the business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTwlw0zqZUs