Al's Autoshop

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Al's Autoshop
Al's auto shop.png
Type Auto Repair Shop
Location Riverside outskirts
Technical details
Floor count 1 floors

Al's Autoshop is an auto repair shop chain with locations near Scenic Grove Mobile Park and in Louisville. It is a great place to find car parts.


Location Description Coordinates
Al's Auto shop.png
South of the industrial area, next to Fossoil.
Project Zomboid Al's Autoshop (Roof).png
Across the street from Lectromax Manufacturing.


Both locations are exact copies of each other. Inside the garage, there are shelves and toolboxes that can contain car parts and repair tools such as spare engine parts, tire pumps, and jacks. While there is a car lift, it is purely for aesthetics, and serves no functional purpose.

The rest of the building contains no significant loot.


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