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Scenic Grove Mobile Park

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Project ZomboidWorldLocationsScenic Grove Mobile Park
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Scenic Grove
Scenic Grove
Scenic Grove Mobile Park logo
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Isometric view of Scenic Grove
Mobile Park
United States of America

Scenic Grove Mobile Park is a rest area and trailer park located south of Riverside. When choosing Riverside as your starting town, there are 2 possible locations in Scenic Grove to spawn in.


Scenic Grove Mobile Park is home to 36 mobile homes, a small, 1-story home, and a small shed.

There isn't anything particularly valuable to find here, apart from the occasional firearm. However, the many mobile homes contain lots of essentials such as canned food, cooking ingredients, and clothing. This makes it a great place to loot if you need to stock up on canned food for winter, if you're running low. Vehicles can occasionally spawn here on the side of the road or next to the trailers.

Any of the trailers can spawn as boarded-up survivor homes, which can contain lots of useful supplies.


  • The trailers have lots of windows and not a lot of loot. Zombies can see you at almost all times and the cramped nature of trailers can easily get you cornered. Smash-and-grab style looting runs might be the best option.
  • An emergency vehicle can be used to draw zombies out of the trailers and into the many open areas suitable for dispatching hordes.
  • Be cautious if you decide to Molotovs or especially Fire Bombs. The trailers are fairly close together and Extinguisher spawns are practically non-existent.
  • If you're looking to get in and out quickly with the most valuable loot, quickly driving around the park looking for boarded up trailers might be the best option.


Business Type Coordinates
Al's Auto Shop Car repair shop 5436x5950
Diner Restaurant 5425x5907
Gas N More Gas station 5429x5870
U-Store It Self Storage 5568x5914
Lectromax Manufacturing Factory 5540x6055


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