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Fallas Lake, KY
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Isometric view of Fallas Lake
United States of America


Fallas Lake is a small farming town located roughly in the center of Knox Country, south of Riverside and north of Rosewood. Fallas Lake is the smallest named town in the game, and thus has a low zombie population when compared to other towns, making it a relatively safe location to loot. Combined with the large variety of essential loot and the sizable amount of firearms that can be found here, it makes for a great mid-game pit-stop before tackling other towns, and could even make for a good base location. There is also a large amount of rural farmsteads and produce warehouses scattered among the fields surrounding the town.

Fallas Lake is an overall easy difficulty town, with few zombies compared to most other towns and a large supply of weapons, food, skill books, and other valuable loot to be found. Some notable locations include the Police station, Farming & Rural Supply, medical clinic, and The Good Book. Due to it not being possible to spawn here, taking extra supplies for the trip is highly recommended.


Fallas Lake can generally be divided into 2 districts.


While having some houses in the south and the east of the town, the residential buildings are mostly concentrated on the west/northwest side of the town. Besides the 2-story house in the westernmost part of the town, it consists of only 1-story buildings, which are scattered loosely throughout the town. These houses generally have mediocre to low amounts of loot, unless they spawn as boarded up survivor homes. However, even then they will typically only contain one or two containers of weapons and other supplies. The zombie population is relatively low, making the residential areas a great place to safely stock up on food and other household items.

Main street

The main street is where all of the commercial buildings are, and thus where most of the valuable loot is located. It divides the town in two. While the zombie population is slightly higher here, it isn't very noticeable, making this area only marginally more dangerous than the residential areas while offering significantly better loot. Some notable locations in this area are the E.P. Tools franchise and Farming & Rural Supply.


  • The greatest danger in Fallas Lake is being reckless with firearms. Despite the town having a small overall zombie population, it is still a town and thus firearms will still attract large amounts of zombies.
  • Since the town is decently far away from every other town, before going out, the player should ensure they have enough gasoline in their vehicle, and if it's a small vehicle, maybe even bring a spare gas can or two.
  • Due to the fact that the town has a relatively low-moderate zombie population, as well as having an infinite source of water, players might find themselves more relaxed if they choose to make a base here. However, it is essential to remember that unlike other major towns and cities, the town has a smaller amount of food and supplies while also being somewhat far away from everywhere else, which makes running out of resources a real concern. Therefore, players should have moderate levels in the Trapping, farming, fishing, or foraging skills in order to survive here long term.
  • The E.P. Tools, General store, and Farming & Rural Supply are good places to look for melee weapons.
  • The lake can serve as an infinite water source, or as a great place for fishing.

Businesses and landmarks

Food & drink

Business Type Coordinates
Burgers Fast food 7234x8203
Restaurant Restaurant 7293x8296
The Horseshoe Bar 7246x8522


Business Type Coordinates
Lake Lake 7385x8307

Retail & stores

Business Type Coordinates
E.P. Tools Hardware store 7255x8231
Farming & Rural Supply Outdoors equipment store 7252x8321
Food Market Grocery store 7252x8285
General store General store 7296x8253
The Good Book Book store 7256x8431


Business Type Coordinates
Assembly hall Social center 7414x8385
Church Religious building 7386x8352
Medical clinic Medical clinic 7296x8388
Police station Police station 7252x8378
Town hall Government building 7297x8336


Business Type Coordinates
Thunder Gas Gas station 7315x8184
Laundr-o-max Laundromat 7260x8499



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