Fallas Lake

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Fallas Lake, KY
Fallas Lake.png
Isometric view of Fallas Lake
Type Town
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map7276x8332

Fallas Lake is a small farming town in the center of Knox Country. Fallas Lake is located in the fields south of the Ohio River and is equidistant from Riverside and Rosewood. One of the smallest towns in the playable region, Fallas Lake is accessible by road from two directions and has a scattering of warehouse buildings and residential houses.

This area of the map was previously unnamed, and known as Ekron within the community, due to its geographical location in real world Kentucky. The name Fallas Lake was first made public in the Thursdoid, Broadened HorizonZ, and will be recognised as such in-game in Build 42.

Businesses and landmarks

Food & drink

Business Type Coordinates
Bakery Bakery 7251x8294
Burgers Restaurant 7234x8203
Restaurant Restaurant 7293x8296
The Horseshoe Bar 7246x8522


Business Type Coordinates
Lake Lake 7385x8307

Retail & stores

Business Type Coordinates
E.P. Tools Hardware Store 7255x8231
Farming & Rural Supply Outdoors equipment store 7252x8321
Food Market Grocery store 7252x8285
General Store General store 7296x8253
The Good Book Book store 7256x8431


Business Type Coordinates
Assembly Hall Assembly hall 7414x8385
Church Church 7386x8352
Doctor's Office Clinic 7296x8388
Police Station Police Station 7252x8378
Town Hall Town Hall 7297x8336


Business Type Coordinates
Thunder Gas Filling station 7315x8184
Laundr-o-max Laundromat 7260x8499



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