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Police station

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Police station
Police station
Law enforcement

Police stations can be found throughout Knox Country, with almost all settlements possessing at least a small station with one or two cells. Aside from serving as a potential spawn location for Police Officers in some cases, they are also one of the primary sources of firearms.


Location Description Coordinates
Fallas Lake
Small size, located on the main street.
Medium size, located in the southern suburbs.
Louisville pd exterior.png
Louisville Police Department and Detention Services
A large police station and jail located in central Louisville.
Small size, located on the Dixie Highway.
Small size, located on the edge of the business district to the west.
Medium size, located across the street from the Rosewood Fire Department.
West Point
Medium size, located downtown.
Burnt town
Beside the military border and beside burnt Pizza Whirled.


The general layout of each station differs, but the armory can usually be found on the north-eastern side of the building. It will be behind one or two reinforced doors; these doors can only be bypassed with the correct key or by dismantling or destroying them. Police variants of the Chevalier Nyala and Dash Bulldriver can sometimes be found parked outside these stations as well, which can also contain additional weapons, ammunition, and equipment/supplies in the trunk and/or glove box. Keys for the doors and cars might be found on the corpses of police officers.

The desks in the office areas also usually contain large amounts of cigarettes and holsters.

Other useful items that can be found at police stations include nightsticks, bulletproof vests, water dispensers, microwaves, stationery such as pens/pencils/erasers/paper for editing a map, recreational books or skill books, and police-themed clothing items.



  • Build 42 will introduce new law enforcements, including sheriffs, detectives, and SWAT agents.

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