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Animation Overhaul
Animation Overhaul
Update name Animation Overhaul
Stable release Unreleased
IWBUMS release October 16, 2019
Development versions IWBUMS
◄ Build 40
Clothing Mesh Demo from Youtube

Build 41, also known as The Animation Overhaul, has been titled as such due to its major overhaul of the entire animation system. This new system has been made known to the public since mid–late 2015. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties and developer inexperience to create a simple, reliable and easily moddable animation system, meant several new experienced employees were employed to work solely on a highly versatile and easily moddable animation system. Whilst this new system was being developed, the main development team continued to work on new features, with the most notable being vehicles (build 39) and weather (build 40). Whilst the development of the animation system appeared to be slow, this update has been the largest change to the base code in all of Project Zomboid's development, with the second being the addition of vehicles.

Along with the new animation system, the update will also include new player models, weapons and tools (models), skills, clothing, a new/updated combat system, gamepad/controller improvements (moved to build 42 due to technical issues), two new challenge maps, reflective and animated water and dynamic puddles.



IWBUMS Build 41.19

Date: Novenber 11, 11
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.19


  • Re-added sprinter zombies to sandbox.
  • Certain headwear now have a chance to fall when attacking (on zombies and players). Hats now rendered as 3D models in the world.
  • Slot labels now displayed above the hotbar when the mouse hovers that slot. This was to fix labels that are longer than the slot. When no item is in a slot, the faded icon of the item that provides the slot (such as a belt) is displayed instead.
  • New SFX for lower impact car collisions
  • Added new sandbox presets to the sandbox options screen. Updated all the sandbox preset files so they include values for all options.
  • Added star quality to show durability of items in hotbar.
  • Left belt is now first, then right slot, this'll work only if you unequip/reequip the belt.
  • Updated community translations
  • Added ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat which uses lwjgl-debug.jar instead of lwjgl.jar to enable extended error checking. Among other things, this calls glGetError() after every OpenGL call.
  • Sneaking now drains more endurance when walking/jogging than normal walking/jogging.
  • Equipped item/clothing now at the end of the inventory and not at the top.
  • Added some debug info about quit and around saving the game on quit
  • Pressing R can now do multiple thing:
    • If mag is in equipped gun, unequip it, check for a new mag to insert.
    • If no other mag found, check if we can load bullets in one mag, when done auto reload/rack.


  • Changed all open doors to be see-through to help with combat when zombies are on the other side of an open door.
  • If a vehicle is inside a garage, the area of the vehicle now decreases slightly - to help with parking.
  • Balanced firearm stats.
  • Increased chance of finding magazine in guns.
  • Improved M16 and Automatic fire weapons.
  • Adjusted some loot spawns
  • Add carpentry exp when making spears.
  • Zombies have now defense according to clothing
  • Eating frozen food now gives unhappiness/boredom malus.
  • Re-added guns to spawn
  • Lowered gigamart spawn rate.
  • Increased safehouse loot.
  • Changed Builder's food rarity settings from "extremely rare" to "rare"
  • Disabled automatically vaulting over fences when there's no floor on the other side.
  • Added a grace period during which a 'Surprise Bathroom zombie' attack does no damage to avoid unfair instadeath.


  • tweaks to Hunting vest x files and masks so they work better together
  • adjusted wedding jacket to work a bit better with jumpers.
  • adjusted Huntingvest masks so that it works better with clothing

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed the player walking in the wrong direction while aiming with a controller.
  • Fixed hotbar position in splitscreen and after resizing the game window.
  • Fixed missing window icons.
  • Fixed tired moodle not in calcul hit chance for firearm.
  • Fixed exhausted moodle not being in calcul for stomping.
  • Fixed zombies pushing around zombies sat against a wall.
  • Fixed hand axe being on wrong rotation when attached in belt right.
  • Fixed various body location (gask mask could be wear with glasses, some full helmet etc..)
  • Fixed clothing protection could display over 100%.
  • Fixed wrong color scheme for bite/scratch defense color.
  • Fixed not regen endurance if heavy load was > 0.
  • Fixed heavy load moodle level 4 not doing anything to endurance regen.
  • Fixed fitness level 10 make you run faster (now only affect endurance).
  • Fixed missing rip clothing SFX.
  • Fixed stone not being lost when creating a spear from it.
  • Fixed double create spear with screwdriver.
  • Fixed missing adding kitchen knife to spear recipe.
  • Fixed occasional duplicated cars.
  • Fixed zombies teleporting through walls when choosing a place to sit after loading part of the map.
  • Fixed zombies never sitting against south or east walls. IsoGridSquare.getWallType() looked for WallS and WallE properties which don't exist.
  • Fixed lua error looting hotbar items from corpses.
  • Fixed dissassembling not forcing you to stand.
  • Fixed removing a magazine from a firearm also removing 1 bullet from the clip.
  • Fixed some lua errors being printed to console without displaying the red error box.
  • Fixed car battery charger not rendering sometimes.
  • Fixed some blending during vault over.
  • Fixed sudden pause at the end of vaultOverRun
  • Fixed vault over sprint making a snap.
  • Fixed eating and drinking animations stopping in the middle of the action
  • Fixed some zombies walking being really fast or way too slow
  • Fixed Builder preset being initially selected in the sandbox "Saved Presets" combobox when the actual settings were for Survivor.lua aka Apocalypse.
  • Fixed the player's view cone changing direction more quickly than the model is turning.
  • Fixed character-info avatar not updating after washing off blood.
  • Fixed zombies sometimes standing idle when they should be chasing the player.
  • Fixed iso cursor being rendered at twice the size when Double-sized Textures = No.
  • Fixed players not always facing the direction they should when performing actions.
  • Fixed player walking when turning off an alarm that is in their inventory.
  • Fixed house alarms not working.

IWBUMS Build 41.18

Date: October 30, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.18

  • Add "Finished" Sound to Washing Machine/Dryer
  • Not being able to add/remove clothes to washer/dryer while cycle is active
  • Change Moodle "Minor injuries, first aid required"
  • Custom Sandbox Settings Don't Save as a Saved Preset if "/" is in Name
  • Fishing SFX not synced
  • Clothing Ensemble Bug
  • Filling Broken Saucepan Bug
  • Fixed uninitialized uniform index with TallFenceShader.
  • Disabled TerrainRenderTiles_UseShaders in non-debug mode, set default=false.
  • Fixed floor and wall shaders being recreated each time a game is started.
  • Hopefully fixed rain puddle performance issues.
  • Re-enabled the fridehum/window/door/etc ambient sounds. Changed WaterDrip sound to only play on IsoFlagType.waterPiped sprites with water (so they won't drip after the water shuts off, unless connected to a water source). Yuri found that when there are puddles on the ground, there are way too many WaterDrip sounds playing. That was due to IsoObject.hasWater() returning true on squares that have puddles.
  • Save hotbbar position to avoid weirdness at loading game with holster equipped.
  • Adjusted some model position for attached weapons.
  • Added double barrel shotgun. (anim + spawn).
  • Fixed some weirdness with guns.
  • Now reset the loot position when transfering stuff
  • Can now pickup broken glass (warning, if no gloves you might get injured).
  • Increased Soap spawn rate.
  • Decrease soap consumption (*2).
  • Various compatibility changes for future Super Survivors updates.
  • Cleaning liquid can now be used to wash yourself/clothing (NEW cleaning liquid, previous one won't work).
  • Cleaning time now depend on amount of blood/dirt on clothing.
  • Clothing will be soaked after being washed by hands.
  • Fixed exception when washing Socks.
  • Decreased time to wash clothing.
  • Added various recoil anim for guns/firearm, the more aiming level, the faster you'll shoot + less recoil from anim.
  • Added switch Single/Auto for the M16.
  • Fixed hotbar weight taking priority over equipped item weight.
  • Tooltip now show correct weight if weapon is in hotbar.
  • Balanced assault rifle
  • Fixed: Zooming out over water results in black squares instead of water
  • Fixed after-death text being rendered twice for players.
  • Fixed rain-splash rendering bug in splitscreen.
  • Fixed typo with ISBaseObject.type. Capital-T Type is used in several places.
  • Fixed player model being reset when swapping hotbar items.
  • Fixed character-info avatar not updating when swapping hotbar items.
  • Call ISHotbar:refresh() in update(). My previous commit added a call to triggerEvent("OnClothingUpdate") in IsoGameCharacter.setAttachedItem() which might cause refresh() to be called at unexpected times.
  • Moved IsoGameCharacter.attachedModels to ModelSlot.attachedModels.
  • Fixed error in ISAttachedItemsUI.lua when zombies have multiple items attached.
  • Delay resetting a character's equipped and attached models until the next frame.
  • Changed ISHotbar:update() to handle InventoryItem.getAttachedSlot() becoming invalid for some reason.
  • fix text boxes not being destroyed bug
  • Fixed hotbar exception after moving the first of two belts to a container.
  • Fixed previous game's zombie population settings being applied to new games.
  • Fixed Survivor.lua sandbox preset never being loaded.
  • Rebuilt Linux
  • Lowered burnt house spawn rate.
  • Fixed zombies being considered as on back when falling through window.
  • Can now wash yourself without soap, but takes longer.
  • Capped the time needed to wash clothing.
  • Added holster icons.

IWBUMS Build 41.17

Date: October 29, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.17


  • All characters now start with a belt - giving them a "Back" slot & two belt (left/right) belt slots. You can either right click a slot, or drag & drop a weapon to it. Or, alternatively, click a weapon in your inventory to attach it to the hotbar. Weapons will be shown on the player. Pressing a hotkey (from 1 to 5) will auto equip the weapon assigned to each slot. This is a work in progress system that we'd love feedback on!
  • Added holsters
    • Holsters have a chance to spawn on police/policestate zombies (automatic get one if he had a gun)
  • Rebuilt ProjectZomboid.exe as a gui application, no more console window. Should work with Steam remote play together now.
  • Added player Bob_VaultOverToFall animation when climbing over fences.
  • Added zombie Zombie_WalkTrees animation for walktoward and pathfind states.
  • Zombie lunge animations played at 50% speed in trees.


  • Boosted wood axe damage, speed, amount of time you can move during strafe, to make it a viable (but still quite slow) heavy damage weapon
  • Force standing when drinking/filling items from sink.
  • Reduced handgun model size (+ muzzle redone)
  • Added Chipped stone to craft lance recipe.
  • Made tall fences transparent when the player is behind them
  • Disabled Hypochondriac trait until it can be fully reworked
  • Reload XP now given when inserting bullets in clip (small chance) and when reloading (bigger chance).
  • Added spear fishing.
  • Now equip in 2 hands shovel when taking dirt/sands..
  • Added Griddle pan for stir-fry.

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed zombies spawning in buildings long after a player has entered the building.
  • Fixed Double-barrel shotgun issues.
    • Missing inventory icon.
    • Removed chamber, which allowed 3 shells to be loaded.
    • Racking not required.
  • Fixed blob/suitcase Zeds on spawn
  • Fixed FMOD crash on 64-bit.
    • Java_fmod_javafmodJNI_FMOD_1System_1CreateChannelGroup() was casting a pointer to 'long' when it needed to be a 64-bit 'long long'.
    • SoundManager was calling FMOD_Channel_SetPaused() instead of FMOD_ChannelGroup_SetPaused().
  • Fixed zombies getting stuck in the air after climbing through a window.
  • Fixed exception after renaming food to have a dollar-sign character in it.
  • Fixed lua error when taking compost from a composter.
  • Fixed zombified players interacting with doors/windows/etc by left-clicking.
  • Fixed new shovels not being useable for taking dirt/gravel/sand.
  • Fixed hammering animation when pouring dirt/gravel/sand from a bag.
  • Fixed console.txts are limited to all of 2 lines during most crashes
  • Fixed issues pressing Escape while entering or exiting a vehicle, or switching seats.
  • Fixed players going through a wall when run-vaulting over a fence adjacent to the wall.
  • Fixed issue: Unhandled Thread exception by the SQLDB in a non UTF8 environ.
  • Fixed Protection screen not working with a controller.
  • Fixed Info hair/beard buttons not working with a controller.
  • Fixed clothing dryer and washer continuing to play sound after the power goes out.
  • Fixed weather mask not updating when the zoom level changes.
  • Fixed weather mask not rendering for splitscreen players.
  • Fixed zombies get stuck after climbing over a fence with no floor on the other side.
  • Fixed some files being closed via garbage collection.
  • Crouch key only affects player 0 which fixes split-screen shared crouch
  • Fixed "Sit On Ground" context-menu option is available when already sitting.
  • Fixed "Sit On Ground" context-menu option is not available when using a controller.
  • Fixed adding frozen food into recipes.
  • Fixed old Socks still existing.

IWBUMS Build 41.16

Date: October 23, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.16


  • Added options for transparency / visibility of iso cursor for combat.

[Bug Fix]

  • Increased memory allocation for 64bit zomboid that could potentially avoid crashes on some systems loading into game.
  • Fixed shader issues with clothing overlays and holes which affect some GPUs (big source of hangs/crashes on game load / leaving spawn house and probably the same cause of some mac issues reported)
  • Render thread will now throw out better error messages for diagnosing future problems.
  • Fixed zombies playing their death sound sometimes when stabbed (but not jaw-stabbed). This happened when bCloseKill=true but CriticalHit=false.
  • A zombie dies as soon as it is jaw-stabbed, not after falling to the ground. The KnifeDeath animation is played in the falldown state, not the hitreaction state. The KnifeDeath hitreaction doesn't happen now because the zombie is dead before falling.
  • Fixed zombie number issue on Survival
  • Fixed pathfinding failing when moving on the same square when that square is blocked in all directions. This worked before luautils.walkAdj() was changed to not call AdjacentFreeTileFinder.isTileOrAdjacent().

IWBUMS Build 41.15

Date: October 22, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.15


  • Renamed playstyles for clarity and to emphasise dev intent for how they should be played. Brawler becomes Survivor, Survivor becomes Apocalypse.
  • Added anim-less transitions for sneakWalk -> strafe, sneakRun -> strafe, sneakWalkLow -> strafe, and sneakRunLow -> strafe
    • Eliminates the odd turning arc while transitioning to strafe.
  • Removed strafeToWalk animation from strafeSneak -> walk/run/etc.
    • Reduces the amount the character jumps while transitioning from strafeSneak to said states.
  • Implemented SFX for lower impact car collisions
  • Added falling-zombie state.
  • Added context-menu tooltip for opening/closing curtains to display keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
  • Added VERSION=1 to keys.ini. Remap C to L when VERSION is not present or is less than 1.
  • Added state transition from lunge to falling for zombies.
  • Added climb over fence transition to falling (when there's no floor on the other side).
  • Added Height map texture for puddles. This texture should increase performance when drawing puddles.
  • Added Logs/ZombieSpawn.txt to record zombie spawns. Should record zombies spawning inside of buildings, not so much outside.


  • Toned down zombies and zombie spawns a little in Survivor (formerly Brawler)
  • Reduced the delay after climbing through a window or over a fence before the player can move.
  • temporarily disabled body temperature change to help people survive winter
  • Made hit detection on body parts on downed zombies a little tad more generous
  • Bare hands in multi hit can now shove up to 3 zombies *on Survivor mode (formerly Brawler)
  • tweaked several turn anims
  • reversed mccoy van logo

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed shoving the first zombie within range, rather than the closest zombie within range.
  • Fixed incorrect path to Ambient Piano
  • Attempted fix for Mac issues via rebuilt Mac 'lighting' libLighting.dylib
  • Fixed zombification from tree scratches.
  • Fixed RenderThread jobs sometimes being reported as finished before they are invoked.
  • Fixed "Random" button in the Customize Character screen resetting the player's profession.
  • Fixed molotovs and broken weapons not being removed from the player's hands.
  • Fixed item icons on the ground being twice normal size when "Double sized textures" = No.
  • Fixed issues saving the player to the vehicles.db database.
  • Fixed unicode filenames are not suppоrted by animation/model importer.
  • Fixed not being able to open/close windows via the context menu when the player is already standing at the exact center of the square.
  • Stopped zombies dragging down a god-mode player to their death.
  • Lowered outside passenger positions of SportsCar (fixes a camera glitch).
  • Rip Clothing and Craft Sheet Rope work on all selected items (if they're valid).
  • Removed PerformanceSettings.modelsEnabled and PerformanceSettings.suppоrt3D.
  • Lowered the number of asset-loading threads from 4 to 2 on systems with 4 or fewer hardware threads.
    • i.e dual-core with hyperthreading, or quad-core without hyperthreading.
  • Fixed missing trait icons when using the Turkish locale. (Prone to Illness, Illiterate, etc). Anything with a capital I.
  • Double-clicking tutorial and playstyle labels in the new-game screen proceeds to the next screen.
  • Fixed issues attacking while in a vehicle (infinite ammo, can't shove).
  • Try to fix exceptions in ClimbThroughWindowState. Don't store IsoWindow or IsoGridSquare in StateMachineParams since they may become invalid due to map scrolling (for zombies on the edge of the loaded area, not the player)
  • Fixed lua error in DebugChunkStateUI
  • Fixed displaying LMENU as LALT. Display RMENU as RALT.
  • Fixed clearing a keybind displays it with no name instead of NONE.
  • Fixed some weirdness in the fastforward cancel when near zombies.
  • Fixed items floating off the ground when dropped from inside a vehicle.
  • Fixed multiplying generators after using "Equip in both hands".
  • Set generator ConditionMax=100.
  • Set some vehicle part ConditionMax=100.
  • Fixed parenting the player's inventory to a zombie after a knife gets stuck in the zombie's head.
  • Fixed Bare Hands not being counted as a favorite weapon, except when stomping.
  • Fixed "Untie Hair" option being available for already-untied hair after loading a game.
  • Fixed player not dying properly after falling.

IWBUMS Build 41.14

Date: October 18, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.14

[Bug Fix]

  • Now treats aiming/strafing as a zero-momentum state, like idle.
  • Turn180 now uses idleToRun180 instead of runToTurn180 when going from strafe -> run in the opposite direction of travel.
    • Only blends (with animations) to defaultWalk/Run/Sprint if isTurningAround==false
    • Uses animation-less transitions otherwise. This prevents the transition anims from doubling up with the turn180s anims.
    • ZNetFriends continues pinging in singleplayer, possible it's one source of FPS drop
  • Failed to Poll Device spam should be hidden, may be source of FPS drop for those with Blutooth or other wireless hardawre
  • Vehicle will continue moving after its tire is burst
  • Increase quality of Tires on cars to at least 20-30% in Survival mode
  • Fixed missing bob/bob_idle on Turkish systems.
  • Fixed AnimationSet lookup bug with Turkish locale ("Idle" -> "idle").
  • Fixed EmptyStackException in IsoSpriteInstance.get().
  • Fixed player not starting without clothes in AReallyCDDAy.
  • Fixed custom icons for clothing and containers being lost after reloading a game.
  • Fixed exception cleaning blood with a Bath Towel.
  • Fixed exception loading shotguns (or any gun without a magazine).
  • GrabItemAction transfers multiple items at a time similar to InventoryTransferAction.
  • Transferring large stacks of items should no longer lower fps.
  • Fixed losing ammo when creating a sawn-off shotgun.
  • Fixed resize behavior of the Customize Character screen.
  • Fixed combining InventoryTransferActions when the source and destination containers aren't the same.
  • Changed "version 110" to "version 120" in some shaders that use functions in const expressions.
  • Fixes to MainThread/GameThread crash handling.
    • A crash in RenderThread no longer locks-up the game.
    • Uncaught Errors now get absorbed, logged, and an attempt is made to preserve save data.
    • Added uncaught exception handlers to MainThread, GameThread, and any other internal threads I could find.
    • Added default uncaught handler for any external threads.
    • Added custom handler for MainThread, sets bGameThreadExited and signals the RenderThread.
    • Added custom handler for RenderThread, sets m_isCloseRequested, zaps any waiting queues, and waits for MainThread to save and close.
  • DebugOptions
    • Added testThreadCrash mechanism, used to fire a crash on-demand, remotely from AnimZed.
  • Run -> Strafe -> Run now keeps to a straight line of travel. No longer does the strange arc movement during transition
  • Strafe -> Run transitions now only use transition anims if at not turning more than 90 degrees.
  • Strafe -> movement transitions updated to correct targets when isTurning90/Around.
  • Fixes to odd arc turns during transitioning from walk -> strafe
  • Fixed Brawler and Builder playstyle options in menu to stop them launching Survivor by mistake
  • Crash-fix for when getVectorFromDirection is given a null vector.

IWBUMS Build 41.13

Date: October 17, 2019
Forum: no available forum post

[Bug Fix]

  • Rebuilt jassimp64.dll with statically-linked c++ library (removes dependency on msvcp140.dll).
  • Fixed exception in MouseState with 2-button mouse.
  • Fixed lua error with climb-through-window context-menu command.
  • Fixed solidtrans objects next to windowframes-without-windows being solid.
  • Removed 3D-models and 3D-corpses options.
  • Removed which adjusted the number of 3D models based on performance.
  • Fixed exception with "New Roof-Hiding" = No option.
  • Fixed "welcome to build 41" being off-center.
  • Hide "Opening Hours" since it performs poorly.
  • Possibly fixed rainbow-colored bodies on Mac OS.
  • Possibly fixed failure to load bob/bob_idle animation on Windows using the Turkish locale.
  • ModelManager.loadAnimsFromDir() calls ModelManager.loadAnim(ZomboidFileSystem.getAnimName()).
  • ZomboidFileSystem.getAnimName() may no longer be a valid filename after calling toLowerCase().

IWBUMS Build 41.12

Date: October 16, 2019
Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.12


  • New gameplay styles: Builder, Brawler and Survivor
  • More deadly ‘Survivor’ (Survival) gameplay balance – player can be dragged down by horde and feasted upon etc.
  • New survivor abilities: sitting, sneaking, sprinting, jogging, racking, reloading, climbing, fence-jumping, collapsing and much much more.
  • New combat, new weapons, new difficulty balance.
  • New character creation – many, many different new clothing options both on spawn and discoverable in the world as loot or on zombies.
  • New zombie behaviour: feasting on recent corpses, lolling against walls, falling over fences etc.
  • Blood system that progressively bloodies bodies and clothing of survivors and zombies
  • New injury system – movement and combat visibly hampered when injured. Lacerations now possible, an injury state that lies between bites and scratches.
  • Improved gunplay: green/red aiming outline, new guns, improved racking and reloading, increased gun loot spawn.
  • Zombie Death Scenes – zombies discovered in the situations in which people died. Prayer meetings, sports-viewing parties, survivor zeds wearing backpacks etc.
  • Situational zombie type/clothing and inventories – cop zeds in police station, firemen zeds in burnt buildings, Chef zeds in restaurant kitchens, bride and groom zeds at a wedding ceremony in church etc.
  • Clothing protection: different clothing provides different levels of protection from zombie attacks.
  • Visibly ripped and damaged clothing.
  • New Sims-style cutaway vision system.
  • Vehicle handling improvements, resizing and appearance tweaks.
  • Updated, remastered and improved Kentucky-themed soundtrack. Original music still in rotation, and also accessible through game options.
  • New SFX: weaponry, zombie moans etc.
  • New water visuals – including visible flow direction.
  • New puddle system during heavy rain.
  • Broken glass and related injuries.
  • Garage doors may be opened / closed and shake when hit.
  • New Challenge maps: Film Set and Kingsmouth Vacation Island
  • 3D Store Mannequins – can be dressed however you like
  • Working washing machines and driers
  • Server-side saving: MP save system now in a server-side database. Offline SP-side, also means no more lost cars via irl power outages.
  • New game cursor
  • New level-up sound, and tweaked levelling system.
  • Faint isometric aiming cursor that shows where you’re aiming in iso space.
  • New loot balance and loot balance system: houses and stores now have loot in the containers you would expect from real life – and not in a jumble.
  • Two tiers of loot priority – allowing for more realistic ‘filler’ loot amidst the more valuable gameplay items.
  • Many, many general fixes including remedies for: floating cars, farming issues, inaudible house alarms, erosion shrubs blocking vehicles, desensitized survivors being panicked by crawlers and much more.