Build 41

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Build 41
Update name Animations
Stable release Unreleased
IWBUMS release Unreleased
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Clothing Mesh Demo from Youtube

Build 41, also known as The Animation Update, has been titled as such due to its major overhaul of the entire animation system. This new system has been made known to the public since mid–late 2015. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties and developer inexperience to create a simple, reliable and easily moddable animation system, meant several new experienced employees were employed to work solely on a highly versatile and easily moddable animation system. Whilst this new system was being developed, the main development team continued to work on new features, with the most notable being vehicles (build 39) and weather (build 40). Whilst the development of the animation system appeared to be slow, this update has been the largest change to the base code in all of Project Zomboid's development, with the second being the addition of vehicles.

Along with the new animation system, the update will also include new player models, weapons and tools (models), skills, clothing, a new/updated combat system, gamepad/controller improvements, a new challenge map, reflective and animated water and dynamic puddles.



No public builds at the moment